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Essentially, THE LIGHT PARTY a synthesis is of the Democratic ,Republican, Libertarian, and Green parties is a wholistic, proactive, educational, empowerment party.... We have formulated a practical, synergistic 7-point program which addresses and serves to successfully resolve our current socio- economic and ecological challenges... Together, through the power of synergy (networking), we have an unprecedented opportunity now to co-create Health, Peace and Freedom For All

PhenomeNEWS: Tell us a little about how this idea came to manifest for you.

Da Vid: It began many years ago out of my work in the area of wholistic health. As a wholistic physician I started a non-profit educational foundation in 1977 called San Francisco Medical Research Foundation. A few years after that, I wrote a book called "Medicine Today, Healing Tomorrow", which talked about reeducating physicians from the disease paradigm to the wellness paradigm. As a naturopath and an essene physician I was aware that the basis of health is a more conscious lifestyle encompassing dietary change, exercise, and attitude. I began to realize that most of the problems we have in the world are rooted in fear/ignorance and our inability to handle stress. And I realized that what I was talking about on an individual level could be expanded to a political and, ultimately to a global level; hence the Light Party. It's really an expansion of principles which are rooted in common sense. We have an integrated comprehensive seven-point program designed to successfully resolve our current socio-economic and ecological challenges. Our primary focus is on Project Health:The Strength Of Our Nation Is Directly Proportional To The Health Of Our People And The Health Of Our Soil..We are becoming incresingly aware that health is a function of lifestyle (choices),and is intimately connected to the health of our planetary eco-nomic system. It is my belief rooted in necessity that as the business of America becomes the business of health for our people and eco-systems, we shall become a peaceful nation of strong, vital, socially conscious and creative individuals... Through wholistic healthcare practices, eco-agriculture, the labelling of genetically engineered Foods (www.organicconsumers.org ) and the implementation of a comprehensive single- payer wholistic health insurance program for all, we will manifest our inherent birthright for ourselves and all evoling life here on planet Earth..Freedom From Dis-ease!...

PhenomeNEWS: Health is a big topic of discussion these days. Let's talk about that one.

Da Vid: I just completed my latest book entitled The Healing & Regeneration Of America which starts at with the Politics and Economics of Health.This book provides an in-depth substantiation of our axiomatic position that The Strength Of Our Nation Is Directly Proportional To The Health Of Our People. This definitive book truly addresses the need for complete reform of our current health (dis-ease) care system wherein the onus for change rests squarely on us, the consumer. Inherent within this understanding is we are responsible for our health and the health of all our planetary eco-system.The foundation for biological health is rooted in clean water, organic foods and clean air. We are becoming quite aware that via the systemic poisoning of our eco-systems we are threatening the very foundation of biological life here on earth .My book and Our 7 PT. platform addresses this awareness. The vital importance of weaning ourselves on our dependence on fossils fuels cannot be overstated, hence our call for action: Project: Light : All The Power That Ever Was Or Will Be Is Here Now.... We support the conscious use of technology in creating A Sustainable Global Solar Hydrogen/Hemp Based Economy... We propose the creation of The Gaia/Solaris Consortium, an International Corporation, funded in part by Green andTobin taxes which it is estimated will generate over $250 Billion/per year from the global economy.These monies will be used to address and resolve global warming while creating a Sustainable Global Solar Hydrogen/Hemp Based Economy... www.EarthFuture.com/stormyweather, PhoenixProject.net

I'd also say that when we really choose to generate unlimited energy, then there will be unlimited wealth. Buckminster Fuller was speaking about these concepts from a mathematical, philosophical level 20 or 30 years ago when he began to construct a model for humanity, a world that works for everyone.

Everything we're talking about is to align with the laws and power of the universe. Consciousness (God/Goddess/All That Is) is infinite and we always have many more options /possibilities than we believe we have. Consciouness is transforming itself in and through us as us. We're going through a very profound spiritual transformation and the universe is liberating itself(all of us) from a third dimension world into a fifith dimensional consciousness(Christ Consciousness).It is my understanding that the earth herself has already ascended and we are here to align with her and become conscious stewards in the further healing and regeneration of our selves, cells and planetary ecosystem...

PhenomeNEWS: When someone really wants to change their consciousness, what is the first step?

Da Vid: The decision to do so.. One needs to be to be honest with oneself and take inventory..this obviously is an on-going process... a good starting point is "How do I feel?" Most people just accept that disease is inevitable..Not so! The reality is when we learn and apply the laws of health we can truly actualize optimal our health.Our "physical" body, is a construction of mind and is animated by our spirit. It is designed to last indefinitely. Physical immortality is rooted in awareness and is not something that happens in the afterlife, but is actually a reality we can create now,! Leading edge science is confirming that via nutritonal awareness alone the average life span can easily be 120-150 years! On a deeper level, via the full activation of our DNA, we may actually reverse the aging process...Personally, I can honestly say that I have not appreciable aged over the past 8 years.The keys to healing and regeneration and genuine biological longevity resides in the cleanseing and detoxification of our mental/ emotional and physical bodies..The basic cause of disease on a biochemical level is an excess of toxins. A healthy mind creates a healthy body! The science of psycho-neuroimmunology is confirming this ancient intuitive awareness.Negative mental emotional attitudes such as fear, hatred, guilt, shame etc.is debilitating! The keys to biologica/mental-emotional/spiritual health reside in our ability to fully oxygenate cleanse and detoxify ourselves,our cells..Clean water, healthy vital foods and a consistent exercise program are essential for the creation and maintenance of high level wellness. This is the foundation of wholistic,chiropractic/naturopathic medicine. Taking these simply yet powerful steps will yield untold benefits!! If however, you need to go to a physician, find out what kind of physician he/she is, be it an allopath, naturopath or a wholistic physician. Be a partner in your healing and regeneration. Your body will love you for it! Gain self knowledge! Educate yourself! Become your own primary care giver! Create time for yourself ( a major challenge) and choose to go to health! Today,as never before, we really have an unprecedented opportunity to take charge of our life and our destiny!

PhenomeNEWS: How many people are actually involved in the Light Party right now?

Da Vid: My perspective is that everybody has already joined the Light. Who does not support Health Peace and Freedom For All.?! The Light Party is filling an important void in the contemporary political environment by serving as a beacon of light and wisdom ...The Light (and Love) Party is delivering important keys and knowledge as to the nuts and bolts for conscious social political action.We are the only party, albeit unofficial, who has the courage ,insight and intelligence to claim Health Peace and Freedom For All as not only a real possibility for humanity, but as an inevitability.The Light Party is rooted in a powerful spiritual awareness, that awareness being that as we the people become more conscious (spiritual), our values, choices and priorities naturally transform.This is an organic,decentralized and progressive process which is leading us inexorably towards greater Awareness, Freedom, and Compassion,The outcome being an exponential , geometric expansion of creative problem solving which in turn can only lead to a genuine global Renaissance...Health, Peace and Freedom for All..The Good News (really Good News) is the Earth has already evolved into a new and higher dimension in consciousness. The vibratory frequencies of this rapidly evolving Golden Age are here now.Our work now is to align with these remarkable energies,and join together through the power of invocation and synergy to expand this light and love in and through all aspects of evolving life here on earth and beyond! Our work now is to be a blessings to our selves, cells and to all life.It is time to stand up for what we believe and know to be true! Our job is to de-centalize power and be change agents! The best way to do this is by changing our selves and our cells and by aligning with the very source of power! It is time to embrace and implement genuine compassion, forgiveness, awareness and conscious political activism. Our work here in America and abroad is to transform the highly destructive medical-military (fear-based) industrial complex.The Light Party address this full on by presenting a comprehensive inclusive win-win program.Through conscious enlightened capitalism (capitalism with a heart) we have available the most powerful engine for social change available to us for creating a world which is a reflection and manifestation of our highest ideals and noble truths!

All teachings say that the nature of the universe, the cosmos or God, is good. We're all co-creating our own world.Human beings are waking up and becoming conscious. We're coming into an age of enlightenment, the Aquarian age. Truth is simple. From a deep inner level, it cannot be health, peace and freedom for some. It has to be health, peace and freedom for all. Through our alignment to the inner self within, our mighty I Am presence, we reconnect with the infinite Good of the Cosmos, GOD/Goddess All That Is and everything that means... The veils of illusion and seperation are being lifted and in the process, all that is in resistance to freedom, love and ,truth will be dissolved,Tranformed! It is a new time a new day and a new program a new experience for humanity! .The theme of the Aquarian age, a golden age, is spiritual liberation, for in truth we are all artists at heart so let us create a world which is a reflection and manifestation of the infinite artist within! .The time of personal and collective healing and regeneration for ourselves our cells ,each other and Gaia herself is the challenge and opportunity of Now! We, human beings, have free will, and the Light party is encouraging everyone to say YES to Health,YES to Peace, YES to Love and YES to Freedom.YES to Planetary Stewardship YES INDEED! Indeed as never before Now Is The Time To Lighten Up, Enjoy The Music, Simplify Our Lives, Accentuate The Positive, Choose Peace, Choose Freedom, and Choose To Go To Health...

Excerpted from a "phenomeNEWS on the air" interview with Cindy and Gerri

Da Vid is a physician, artist, and write-in candidate for the office of President of The United States of America... Currently, Da Vid resides in The Light House in the Redwoods in Mill Valley, California... He can be contacted at:

THE LIGHT PARTY (415) 381-2357 20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A-156, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Your Feedback is important to us. Our E-mail address is Freedom@lightparty.com

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