History and Evolution of Artainment

Fifty years after its invention, television and global communications have expanded enormously. However, its full potential as a profoundly powerful and positive education medium has yet to be fully realized.

As a wholistic physician, artist, and director of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, I have done extensive research on the healing effects of music and color on the human organism. I am deeply impressed and grateful for the profound healing qualities of the great classics, sacred music from the east and west, the best of the "New Age" music, world fusion music, ambient music, etc.

As great lover of music, I became intrigued with the concept of integrating beautiful music with universal archetypal images which serve to further enhance the listening experience. This experience elicits a powerful emotional, transpersonal, and transcendental meditative experience which demonstrably and consistently "Inspires, Delights, Heals, And Enlightens".

Research has proven that great inspired music, a universal language, induces a meditative state of mind while consistently expressing the eternal verities of Love, Beauty, Grace, Freedom and Joy.

In light of this awareness ,we began to develop the Artainment concept in the early 1980's and have been working closely with some of the finest video artists, musicians and technicians. However, it was not until the advent of digital video effects, mandala generating machines, pristine 3-D computer generated lasers, fractals and high-tech editing suites that we were able to refine Artainment. At this point, my intuitive awareness of Artainment as a genuine healing modality, became fully actualized! We have in fact created a higher octave of Disney's Fantasia which is rated FE...For Everbody!!

Today, through the pioneering work of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation we have stepped into and created an artist's and healer"s paradise - a world of infinite and ever expanding possibilities where one is able to generate an unlimited number of always interesting and intriguing music/video programs which consistently "Inspire, Delight, Heal and Enlighten".

The real beauty of Artainment is that it provides a continuous source of genuine spiritual nutrition for our souls and spirit.


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