Natural Capitalism:
Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

A Conversation with Amory Lovins

November 8, 1999

Linda G. Pratt, City of San Diego sustainability coordinator, welcomed an overflow crowd of about 150 and introduced Carolyn Chase, founder San Diego EarthWorks, who thanked people for coming and invited them to become a part of San Diego's Earth Day 2000, New Energy for a New Era campaign.

Visit their local website at or email

Linda G. Pratt, introduced:

Amory B. Lovins, the Rocky Mountain Institute's Vice President, CFO, and Director of Research, is formerly a consultant experimental physicist. Educated at Harvard and Oxford, he received an Oxford MA by virtue of being a don, and later six U.S. honorary doctorates.

A MacArthur Fellow, he has held a variety of visiting academic chairs, briefed ten heads of state, published 27 books and several hundred papers, lectured and broadcast widely, and served on the U.S. Department of Energy's senior advisory board.

The Wall Street Journal's Centennial Issue named him among 28 people in the world most likely to change the course of business in the 1990s. Car magazine named him the 22nd most powerful person in the car industry.

His work is transforming the car, real estate, electricity, water, semiconductor and several manufacturing sectors toward advanced resource productivity.

Next book, spring 2000, will be Small is Profitable, the hidden benefits of making electrical resources the right size.

His birthday is Nov. 15 when Amory Lovins will be 52.

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