Money Talk$ is a monthly journal devoted to the concerns of the Coalition to Reform Money. Its purposes include:

  • Uniting U.S. citizens and taxpayers to a cohesive whole to bring about constructive change on a wide variety of money-related issues.
  • Educating the public, in plain English, about the operations and function of the United States' monetary system.
  • Illustrating the ways in which current monetary policies undermine U.S. economic health.
  • Demonstrating how un-sound monetary policies affect the daily lives of all citizens and taxpayers.
  • Describing various monetary reform proposals which would alleviate escalating policy-induced problems.
  • Providing a public forum for in-depth discussion of specific aspects of money and reform-related topics.
  • Coordinating voter activism through scheduled letter writing and call-in campaigns to Congressional representatives.
  • Assisting voters who wish to educate their elected representatives about the need for monetary reform with lobbying information packages.
  • Informing voters of Coalition activities, lobbying efforts and progress toward its goal of keeping monetary reform in the minds of all members of Congress.
  • Providing voters with the tools and information to become effective, efficient activists.
  • Enabling voters to learn more about their Congressional candidates and elected representatives who support monetary reform through regular interviews and guest editorials.
  • Providing a historical reference point and context for students of monetary reform through the publication of articles featuring the cultural and legal history of the United States' money system.
  • Offering a variety of means, including tapes, videos and books, by which interested individuals can educate themselves further about the creation and development of the Coalition to Reform Money.
  • Disseminating information about regional and national groups and organizations whose interests include money, taxation and monetary reform in order to encourage solidarity and discussion among the constituency and to cultivate cooperation in mutual goals.
  • Reminding readers of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a republic and encouraging all citizens to actively exercise those rights and demonstrate their responsibility for what happens in the United States.

To receive your one year, 12 issue subscription to "Money Talk$" send $26.00 check or money order to: CRM 7007 Lynmar Lane, Edina, MN 55435

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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