The Socially Responsible Guide to Smart Investing, Samuel Case

Financial Peace: Restoring Hope to You and Your Family, Dave Ramsey

The Morningstar Approach to Investing: Mutual Funds, Andrew Lackey

The Kabbalah of Money: Livelihood & Economic Behavior, Nilton Bonder

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in your 20s & 30s, Beth Kobliner How Good Guys Grow Rich:

Proven Strategies, Adriane Berg and Milton Gralla

Aiming Higher: Sound Management & Social Vision, David Bollier for BET

Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development, Herman Daly

Building a Win-Win World: Beyond Global Economic Warfare, Hazel Henderson

America Needs a Raise: Economic Security & Social Justice, John Sweeney

Financing Change: Money and Sustainable Development, Stephen Schmidheiny

Invested in the Common Good, Susan Meeker-Lowry

Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life, Barbara Brandt

75 Best Business Practices for Socially Responsible Companies, Alan Reder

How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out & Live Prosperously, Jerrold Mundis

Cracking the Corporate Closet, Daniel Baker, Sean Strub & Bill Henning

The Socially Responsive Portfolio, James Melton & Matthew Keehan

The Tao of Money: Principles for Financial Independence, Ivan Hoffman

Investing for Good, Peter Kinder, Steve Lydenberg & Amy Domini

Good Money: Profitable Social Investing in the 90's, Ritchie Lowry

Money and the Meaning of Life, Jacob Needleman

Jews, Money & Social Responsibility, Lawrence Bush

Investing from the Heart: The Guide to SRI, Jack Brill & Alan Reder

The Social Investment Almanac, Peter Kinder, Steve Lydenberg & Amy Domini

Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin


Business Ethics Report, (800) 601-9010

Clean Yield: Principles & Profits Working Together, (802) 533-7178

Co-op America / Social Investment Forum: Connections, (202) 872-5307

Council on Economic Priorities: Research Reports, (800) 729-4237

Cruelty-Free Investment News, (703) 401-5445

Green: Personal Finance for the Unashamed, (800) 477-2968

ICCR's Corporate Examiner, (212) 870-2295

IRRC's Corporate Social Issues Reporter, (202) 833-0700

Dollars & Sense: What's Left in Economics, (617) 628-8411

Franklin Research's Insight: Investing for a Better World, (617) 423-6655

The GreenMoney Journal, (509) 328-1741

More Than Money: Progressive People with Wealth, (541) 343-2420

Morningstar Investor and No-Load Mutual Funds, (800) 735-0700

Natural Business: Financial News on Health Food Industry, (303) 442-8983

Women's World Banking: What's New and MicroLender, (212) 768-8513

GUIDES (New 1996/97 versions):

Co-op America's Responsible Investors Handbook, orders (800) 58-GREEN

Guide to SRI Mutual Funds and Investment Services, orders (212) 870-2295

Social Investment Forum Member Directory, orders (202) 872-5319

Taking Charge of Our Money, Our Values, Our Lives, orders (541) 343-2420

Women Choosing & Managing Financial Professionals, orders (415) 561-6520

Who is my Neighbor? Economics as if Values Matter, orders (800) 714-7474

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