A Revolutionary Laboratory Test To Detect Risk Of Cancer
75% Of Cancers Are Preventable!

The Cancer Protection Panel offered by Immunosciences Lab (ISL) represents the cutting edge of functional health tests, combining sophisticated laboratory analysis with contemporary molecular biology. This test is a prognostic probe into your patient's personal health pattern identifying very early damage to the DNA and assessing the immune function.

It is estimated that some 75% of cancers are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals. The other 25% are hard core cancers that would arise no matter how healthy a lifestyle the individual leads.

The onset of cancer is a gradual, stepwise process that may unfold over decades, rather than a single, fixed event that can be dated in a pathologist's report. At each level of genetic and biochemical change in the cell there is an opportunity for intervention a chance to prevent, slow down or even halt the gradual march of healthy cells toward malignancy.

By measuring the biological markers such as DNA damage, protein adducts, DNA repair systems, gene activation, levels of cell protection including antioxidants and the function of the immune system, your patient's personal risk profile can be compiled. You can then recommend direct, personalized action using effective interventions such as specific nutrients, change in diet, lifestyle, healthcare and exercise to stop the damage, slow it down and possibly reverse it.

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