"The Apollo Project" is a 10-point plan for energy independence proposed by A HISTORIC COALITION of labor unions, environmentalists, and peace advocates. If adopted by our government it would:

* Create three million jobs

* Protect the environment

* Improve public health

* Cost $30 billion/year for 10 years (7% of the Pentagon budget)

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The text of the message we will send to the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES is printed below.

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Yours in good faith and fun,

Ben Cohen
President, TrueMajorityACTION.org
Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream+

+ I am writing this email on my own and not on behalf of Ben & Jerry's, which is not associated with the TrueMajorityACTION campaign.

Here's the letter we'll send to all the Presidential Candidates:

Dear (Name of Candidate):

I am writing to urge you as a Presidential Candidate to take bold steps to confront three serious threats to our national security: the widening technology gap between the U.S. and our competitors, our unwillingness to confront the problem of global warming, and our increasing dependence on foreign oil.

We've known for 30 years that our dependence on imported oil threatens our national security, our environment, and our national economy. Americans have had enough, and the time has come for action. The time has come for a New Apollo Project - one that frees us from our dependence on oil, rebuilds our communities, restarts our economy, and moves America toward a more environmentally sustainable future.

A new Apollo Project that strategically invests $300 billion over 10 years into energy innovation and increased efficiency will create over three million good jobs. By investing in the industries of tomorrow, and rebuilding the infrastructure of our cities today, we can turn the Rust Belt into a global hub for hydrogen and hybrid cars. We can increase the use of mass transit, use energy far more efficiently, and dramatically reduce dependence on foreign oil. Each of these steps would also contribute to a cleaner environment for the 21st Century.

Americans have always pulled together during times of crisis to accomplish great missions. We can do it again - but we need strong public leadership. I call upon you to lead as John Kennedy did, with a bold vision for the future. You can learn more about this initiative at www.apolloalliance.org.

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