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Dear Friends,
I am writing to ask for your urgent action to save one of the world's most threatened whale populations, the Western Pacific Gray Whale, from the dangers posed by a massive oil and gas project off the coast of Sakhalin Island, Russia.

The Western Pacific Gray Whale is a close cousin to the Eastern Gray Whales that migrate up and down the coast of North America. But unlike the Eastern Grays, which have recovered dramatically in recent years, only about 100 Western Pacific Gray Whales remain.

According to a new, independent study, Royal Dutch/Shell's Sakhalin II oil and gas project is endangering the survival of these gentle giants. On February 16th, a panel of scientific experts convened by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) concluded that "existing and planned large-scale offshore oil and gas activities pose potentially catastrophic threats to the population." Despite these findings, Shell plans to proceed with the Sakhalin II project: "The project is going ahead. I want to be unambiguous about that," Shell's John Barry told Reuters.

Some of the world's largest public banks, including the U.S.-taxpayer supported Export-Import Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, are currently considering funding Sakhalin II. Withholding this financing is critical to ensuring that Shell redesigns the project to protect Western Gray Whale habitat.

Please join thousands of other whale lovers around the world in urging these public banks not to bankroll the extinction of the critically endangered Western Gray Whale by clicking here.


The full World Conservation Union report is available at:
Thank you for your support!

David Gordon
Executive Director
Pacific Environment

Da Vid
Founder The Light Party.com

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