Daily Decree

Mighty I Am Presence, Beloved Great Soul Being That I Am, Go Ahead Of Me
This Day And Make The Way Clear, Plain, Safe, Easy And Prosperous.
Establish Thy Perfect Harmony, Thy Perfect Love, Thy Perfect Peace, Thy
Perfect Success, Thy Perfect Timing, And Thy Perfect Knowing In All That I
Desire, In All The Places That I Go, And In All The Things That I Do And Say...
And See To It That This Harmony, Love, Peace, Success, Timing, And Knowing
Is Maintained And Self-Sustaining...


I Now Invoke Through The Spiritual Power Vested In Me, In God's Most Holy Name, "I Am that I Am," Through The Law Of Grace, A Maximum Expansion And Manifestation Of Love... Peace... Light... Freedom... Joy... Abundance... And Compassion... To Manifest In And Through The Vibratory Core Of My Being, And All Beings In All Planes, In All Dimensions, Right Here, Right Now... And Forever More... For The Good Of All... To The Glory of God... I Am... Amen! Selah!! Allelujah!!!

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.