Mary Magdalene , Jeshua & DNA

My Dear Friends, This is a most important message and I believe it is tied into the preparation work that Archangel Michael is planning to do with the energies coming in this March, April, and May. We are approaching important doorways. Take special note of what will happen to the DNA that is contained within people’s bodies who are related to the descents of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Were Mary Magdalene and Jeshua married?

Yes, they were married in the Essene community as the two of them were from that spiritual discipline. Jeshua was considered a Rabbi at the time as he was certainly a teacher even among his own spiritual brothers and sisters. His great knowledge, and more importantly his skills at healing made him a leader of the community.

Even at an early age his healing abilities were vast as he had what would be considered a natural talent for the spiritual, but more importantly he held the designated lineage considered imperative among that group that held records from very ancient times.

Mary of Magdala was honored in her own right as she was from a lineage of royalty herself with connections through the King of Syria, but before that Egypt. Not that Mary was from Egypt, but her lineage could be traced to very ancient times. So her family held sacred records of past glories in both ruling classes, but also in spiritual ability. At a very early age she had raised the kundalini serpent and she recognized Jeshua immediately as the one that she was destined to meet.

Did they have a child?

The couple had more than one child. They actually had three children. Mary had conceived and was pregnant at the time of the crucifixion and had two other children after the crucifixion. The first child was a daughter Sarah and the other two children were male children.

You are indicating that Jesus survived the crucifixion. Why was that hidden from the masses?

There are ancient records that tell you that Jesus survived and actually journeyed to several different parts of the world. Records of his journeys were in Persia which are now destroyed and in Tibet, which are not destroyed and available in monasteries, though these are not of general knowledge. Records have surfaced from what you call the orient, though again are not well known. The story was suppressed as there were those who wished to control the information and in turn the people. There were groups who wished to hold the power. In the beginning it was the Hebrew leaders and teachers, later the Romans and later still the Roman Catholic Church.

There are records that are contained now in the Vatican which have all of these facts, but were confiscated by the Early Romans and then purchased and sometimes stolen by the Church.

So there would have been a blood line which carried Jesus Christ’s DNA. Was this fact protected as publicized by the Priory of Scion?
No, these facts and individuals were not protected by the Priory of Scion, but there is truth in the fact that they were protected by what you know of as Knights Templar. There was an inner group of Templar Knights who directed the manner in which these records would be safeguarded, but that inner group was not known as the Priory of Scion.

Did this inner Group have a name?

No they had no name as even in this there was so much secrecy that no records were written. Everything was conferred to one another by strictly word of mouth. The mission was so sacred to them that it was forbidden to be written.

Please tell me about the DNA of Jesus. Is this contained within a small group of people or a large group?

There is a large group of individuals who hold the DNA of Jeshua though it is diluted presently as there has been much mixing with those who were not of a direct line to the Master. It was intended that the DNA be spread among the people, but not publicized. So this was a hidden fact for a long time, but now the people are more spiritually mature to face that fact.

What is the significance of one holding DNA related to Jeshua in their physical body now in this time and space?

The implications are great as the time will be upon you soon when this DNA will be activated. This was all part of a plan and the Templars understood this to be true. This was why there was so much secrecy necessary so to prevent the mass murder of these people. There is a very small group of individuals who are a direct line of Jeshua bloodline, but they are not aware of this presently, all except one individual.

What happens when the DNA of these descendants become activated?

Jeshua told you that you can duplicate what he did, and even more. Spirals will appear to spring open at a designated time and these spirals from the DNA will connect with energy that will come from the cosmos. The crown chakra will become extremely developed so that there will be a direct link up to the upper dimensions.

However, the physical body must be prepared for this exchange. Jeshua spent many years integrating his spiritual body to his physical body. If this exchange happened without this preparation, the electrical circuits in the physical would seem as if they would be fried and the individual would perish. These energies of which we speak are very high powered. What is on the horizon is that the physical body is preparing itself gradually first by converting the carbon based cells to crystalline. Presently almost all the electrical systems in the physical have been rewired. It will then be necessary to raise kundalini and a closer connection and harmonization between all the chakras is necessary first.

Understand that there is still much more work to be done in the physical as all the past lifetime events that hold negative emotions must also be cleared. This is happening for many, but there are too many who hold these past lifetime memories in their energy body.

This represents a time of great stresses on the physical as new energies come into the planet from outer space and from Source in the center of the cosmos. There will be much struggle emotionally and physically for most of humankind before the real work can be begun of expanding the DNA of which we speak. There are not the spiritual communities available presently to support the kind of work required to activate advanced DNA and it must happen very gradually and it is in process.

Are there artifacts that were secreted away that indicates Jesus’ family lineage?

Yes, and they haven’t been destroyed but rather hidden.

Who were the caretakers of this information?

Originally the Templars, but later the Cathars held the records because of the fortifications that they built and because they lived away from civilization in their hidden communities. They also had a group that lived a reclusive life and a group that taught among the people. It was the reclusive group that became the caretakers of this information.

Did this documentation find its way to Montsequer?

Yes, it did pass that way before it was secreted to Renne LeChateau. A few of the records were buried there and some of the records were placed in Roslyn Chapel and some of the documentations have been moved to another dimension as Renne LeChateau is a doorway to other dimensions. When the time is right, this will be retrieved by the one who is the direct lineage of Jeshua. It was he who in an earlier lifetime saved this information for this generation.

With regards to the documentation of which you speak, did any of it pertain to the cache of information that was discovered by the Templars in King Solomon’s Temple?

Most certainly and that is the information that has been secreted into the next dimension, along with some of the documentation about the marriage and lineage of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Did the Templars find the information buried in Solomon’s Temple?


Can you give me an idea of what this information consisted of?

Some of the information consisted of the science of geometry and the power that could be obtained from the use of geometric forms. Also astrology and the timing of some major cycles for this planetary system that will change and allow humanity to regain their abilities which were lost in Atlantis. Some of the records were from Atlantis and some was transported here from other dimensions. What was transported from other dimensions was a power seat that was used by what you call Hebrews, but in reality was from Egypt as that part of the race was misnamed as Moses was Egyptian.

What was the Egyptian’s name who later was called Moses?

You know him in the history books as Pharaoh Akhenaten.

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