Hi Everyone,

I received this today from a dear friend MaryMa McChrist. She was channeling St. Germain and then when we spoke on the phone today and St. Germain came through again talking to us about how important this is to do these I AM Statements to prevent bloodshed again on US soil. St. Germain requests that this be sent to as many people as possible and stated outloud 1 to 3 times a day for the next six months to avert war on American soil. To help save America we do not want blood shed on this soil again. This is not designed to put anyone in fear mode, only to use our abilities to state the intentions that we want to see happen.


I call to the Supreme Power of the Cosmic IAM that I AM to meet, abdicate and transmute all sense of polarity from the earth plane past, present, future thru infinity right now with full God/Goddess Power. (State this outloud 3 times)

I AM a member of the IAM team of Cosmic Consciousness in form. (State outloud 3 times)

I now join Beloved St. Germain and Portia, Goddess of Justice this day in our assignment of the transmutation of all polarity, separation, consciousness or misaligned truth which has been woven into the life of America. This country in now being called to realign behind a true destiny of America to be an example of Cosmic Perfection, Peace and Freedom.

By Cosmic Might, I call forth the divinity of America right now with Full God/Goddess power. Violet Lightning angels of Mercy, God/Goddess of Mercy, Quan Yin, Peace Angels, Freedom Angels, Safron Angels of Divine Balance, Mother Mary, Jesus, Sananda. Join us now as we propel Our Heart Love forward and create together a great Cosmic I AM Being-----------------formed of the individual I AM PRESENCES of each of us joining together as a mighty IAM PRESENCE of total freedom, wisdom, divine love and power. This ONE is the hope of America. (State outloud 3 times)

We join collectively, yet individually maintaining personal and group sovereignty. Jesus Christ said, "Where three or more are gathered, there I AM." It is in that spiritual attitude that we gather in oneness, in peace and harmony. We commit together as the triune of the Great Cosmic IAM that IAM. In oneness, we align and accomplish any and all miracles required for the cleansing of America, for the upliftment of consciousness for the reestablishment of the freedom flame in the heart of all earth beings and especially those in Beloved America.

So be it. SO mote it be. It is so done.
IAM Sontaus Germainis
The Knight Commander St. Germain

Mary Ma McChrist can be reached at 530-235-4117
and her website is www.mother-matrix.org.

Thanks, Sherry Hill