St. Germain 20-June-06

It may seem quite obvious that you have to desire to lift out of the 3rd dimension, before you can embark on a journey to the higher ones. Yet many cling on to this dimension because of the fear of change. There is comfort in what you know and trust, even if it is not an ideal situation. An example of this arises from the experiences of the people of Iraq, who welcomed the idea of liberation from Saddam. However, on finding they are now worse off than before would happily return to his regime, and do not see beyond it.

It is the acceptance of what is around you that perpetuates its continuing existence. It is sometimes the lack of vision or faith in the existence of people of good intent. Humans have a herd instinct, and feel more comfortable going along with the crowd. When they do have objections they often do not wish to be the ones to voice them, for the fear of being different to the rest.

Having made these points, there are nevertheless souls who have recognized the needs of others. They will usually emerge over one particular issue that is dear to their heart. They have not only found the desire to change things, but more importantly the Will to do so. It is one thing to recognize what is needed, and the energy of thought will eventually manifest it. However, the energy to Will it into being will bring results much quicker.

Some of you are still uncertain as to how you direct yourselves on to the path of Ascension. The answer is very much the same as previously indicated, and you must desire that change that will lift you out of the present level of life. If you are not prepared to move on then clearly you will be unable make progress. The fact is that duality in spite of its down side, is still fulfilling the needs of those who enjoy what it has to offer.

No one from the higher levels would criticize those of you who have not finished with your experiences in duality. However, if you do have those times when you feel that you want to leave it behind, we will be there to help you. We have stressed many times that it is your freewill that is paramount over all else, but you have to learn that it comes with responsibility for your actions.

It is a fact that no matter how drawn you are to any particular activity, there does come a point where you want to move on. Humans are in need of stimulation most of the time, but they do like to shift their experiences from one thing to another. Boredom eventually descends and change is inevitable.

The question is when will you see through duality, and realize that it is never going to be completely fulfilling. When for example, will you aspire to find another level that is more in keeping with your real self? Indeed, when will you realize who you really are and acknowledge your Higher Self. Make no mistake; you all have one even if it has not been acknowledged. You cannot make any headway until you do, and most importantly until you take notice of the guidance you are being given.

You may ask where is your Higher Self, and I tell you it is both within and without. You are linked with it for all time, and you are a part of it that is experiencing what it is like to live in duality. It is your link to the higher dimensions that are your true home. Consciously you may not have awareness of your Higher Self, or may even deny its existence, but try sitting back and “listening” to the advice you get. The problem for many people is that they will argue against it, convinced they know better.

We talk about your Guides who are also with you, and will offer their services if called upon to do so. Yet so many of you forget all of this when confronted with problems. If you are going to run around with a blindfold over your eyes, then you will run into obstacles. That is your choice, but we remind you that this need not be so.

Many will only turn to God when they are in dire trouble, and even then some will berate God for what is happening in their life. Give God a chance to influence your life in a positive way, and pray or meditate according to your preference. Every time you turn to the higher forces be assured your pleas or requests are noted, but do not blame others if you do not get what you want.

When you create circumstances around you they have to be faced by you, and you cannot expect to run away from them. How else would experience be of benefit if you could avoid the consequences of your actions. Not every situation can be fully analyzed and the reasons for it discovered. Karma is sometimes straightforward but most times extremely involved, and any number of people can be affected through a knock on effect.

If you desire to move out of this dimension ask for your experiences to change direction. Look for outlets that fulfill a different approach to life and other people. Some of the finest people are those who in the same life have seen the light, and decided to help others who have not. They are those who have had the depth of experience to know what others are going through. This is love in action, and once you start to put others before self you are lifting up.

You have an expression about “being in it together” and nothing could be truer. You can take each other down or rise up together, and since you are One it is sensible to work together for your evolution. What is lacking is love for your fellow human, and many seem to disregard other peoples problems. Help each other where possible, and this will help hasten the changes that will take you forward.

I am St. Germain, and I look at you with misty eyes, and see the ship sinking as the music plays on. Help the young souls to understand that these are critical times, and perhaps they will yet wake up to the chance to climb out of duality into the Light. Freedom is a gift that some have not yet learnt to handle. Use it wisely for your release from duality, and not to fall into the chasm of negativity.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey