St. Germain 10.08.05

You see now how it takes time for all of the good work that is being done to have an effect. In some ways this has proved useful as more people have found their way to the truth, and the power of those seeking changes has grown immensely. Each day the thoughts are put out that emphasize the call for peace and it is being answered on a number of levels. As your mass consciousness is gauged by us and the growth in Light noted, so we in turn are able to send more Light to Earth. The net result is that the energy is breaking down resistance to it and it transmutes the dark.

As you are noting, the dark use fear, the only weapon they have to continually control you. In circumstances of fear they know that they can go ahead with their plans under the guise of protecting you. However, you are seeing through these deceitful methods they use to hold their power over you. They in turn are realizing that they are becoming less effective, and they resort to actions on a parallel with 9/11. You do not know by any means how many attempts we have prevented that would have caused panic amongst you.

You have experienced what appear to be nature’s way of working, and have seen the hurricanes devastate areas with great loss of life. Yet even in these natural happenings which are regularly occurring, the hand of the dark is involved. It is incomprehensible to many that any group can plot the demise of its own people, but you do not fully comprehend their tunnel vision that focuses on achieving total global domination. Even those countries that support them are unaware that at the right time they will also be brought down. The insidious tentacles of the dark touch the far corners of the Earth and no one is safe from their ambitions.

Fortunately, their activities are fully noted by the Galactic Federation who have the task of keeping matters in control. Other forces direct the work of the Light and it operates like and underground movement. You may not even realize that you are being guided, but you will gravitate towards those people or situations that can be of help to you. The dark are by no means in the pole position, and ever since they made their illegal grab for power they have been monitored and kept within certain boundaries. That may sound odd in view of some of the events that have taken place, but it could have been much more serious but for our intervention.

In spite of the dark and the media attention they get, so much good work is being done that hardly gets a mention. The response and compassion shown after Katrina was tremendous and you have shown how ready you are to help one another. Love for one another is inherent in your make up, but over millennia of time you have continually experienced divisions largely through political and religious reasoning. With this the fear factor has always raised its head, and even on the basis of people looking “different” it has affected your thinking. In modern times through travel, your media and even sporting activities, you see people as they really are and conclude that they are very much like your selves.

This opening up has been expected and is another step towards overcoming bias that has existed for eons of time. Not only do you begin to see how you are one Human Race inextricably linked, but also how your ambitions and search for the truth of your being are so much similar. You have been divided for centuries, and as you now come together you also realize the power that it brings you “the People”.

The loosening of the divides between different countries has enabled people to mix. With modern transportation you have also been able to visit more places than ever before, and a great degree of population movement has occurred over the last century. All of this has helped bring you together, and many of the mysteries about one another have been explained, and more tolerance and understanding is shown. This was foreseen and with the breaking down of religious taboos and differences you are ready for that quantum leap forward.

You have been mislead and lied to so often that you need some means of being able to respect and trust others opinions. This will come to you through the advent of the changes that are upon you now. You will notice that the truth is coming out, and the skeletons in many cupboards are being discovered and dusted down. In future you will not only insist on having the truth at all times, it will be given to you. Once your Space families arrive you will see that they are true to their promises, and you will be directly involved in their work with them. You will understand that there are no ulterior motives involved, and all dealings will be absolutely above board. Politics and religion will be seen in a new context and will correctly reflect each other and the true needs of the people.

Behind all that is happening is a great plan that is much vaster than you are aware. It involves the evolution of all souls, not just here but through all of the Universes. The Creator has a plan that is perfection in its vision, and it cannot but work out accordingly. Outside of Earth you will find so much in harmony and realize that in the ultimate, All continually progress onwards in the everlasting Light of Love. Even those who are experiencing the dark are aware of their true origin, but deny it whilst in the lower vibrations. You will soon appreciate and understand the Oneness of all life, and your growth in being able to understand the Truth will proceed at an exceptional rate. As has often been said, in the future only the truth will be able to exist.

I am St. Germain and I am with you because I have long recognised our bonds in Love and Light. I wish for you what I wish myself and I see us all lifting upwards and onwards into the dimensions of Light. I see a great expansion of your minds and consciousness as you grasp the reality of your great journey as it comes to an end. I also see you acknowledging your true selves and taking your place in the Brotherhood of Light. It will have nothing to with your ego, as you will find that all are accepted for what they are in their true beauty and godliness. I say join us now with your thoughts, as we welcome you back with great feelings of joy and happiness. You are the embodiment of All That Ever Was and Is Now.

Thank you St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey