Mother Earth: Human Beings Where are your true origins?

Where are your true origins? If the answer is not within this question then where is it? Among the many geneticists who came and went one was perhaps more adept than the rest. She was not prone to argument or debate, preferring instead to conduct detailed studies of her own and documenting her findings whenever they proved favorable. She was not well known or well liked but was respected nonetheless.

Eventually, she was ready to proceed

Everything that she had learned about the earth and its bio-availability of genetic material was now represented by a few primordial core DNA atoms. This she combined with the genetic material of a being who had until then existed only in the oceans. Prior searches had been limited to a small geographic radius of prime interest. Because of this the obvious had been missed. The oceans were the most stable and plentiful environment on the planet and contained the greatest variety of biological life.  Her formula began with a primordial source already available upon the surface combined with her oceanographic DNA discovery. To this she added genetic material from beings who made their home elsewhere in this same galaxy. Some of this material came from Venus and Mars. From Venus she brought height and beauty. The Martians were a distinguished people, strong and healthy and apt in many ways one could not help but notice. Martians also required sources of water for sustenance and this formed the basis of her theory and the formula which followed. She considered sharing her findings with her contemporaries but their agendas were steeped in patterns of acquisition and betrayal. Her own agenda was sharply focused on her scientific pursuits and any who attempted to cross her quickly met her sharp tongue and quick wit. She now surrounded herself with all that she had accumulated and poured her confidence into her formula.

The beings who emerged from her laboratory were handsome indeed. Her research and her formula were met with apparent success. Her guarded demeanor prevented her from sharing her successful creation with others whose untrusting minds and hearts she could do without for a while. She allowed the created beings as much freedom as she believed would keep them under her protection. She taught them about themselves and their world. The knowledge she shared with them was not completely accurate, but was certainly more information than had ever been offered before. She came to love her creation and to feel sorry for them at the same time. The original purpose which had brought about their creation was the intent of her people to populate the earth with a working class being whose longevity and procreational habits would ensure the steady and dedicated support of their causes. Individual freedom, manifestation of individual desires or a self -realized being was not an original precept.

When the debacle created by the inferior geneticists threatened the existence of the alien race, the female geneticist who had brought about the birth of these first humans was forced to return to her home planet along with the rest. Based upon what she had already learned, she now became unwilling to share her success for fear that her own research would be questioned, or even worse destroyed. She had also come to feel a motherly responsibility for these innocents and feared that their discovery would also mean their suffering.

Before leaving she offered her one and only prayer to the earth. It was on behalf of these beings that she prayed. She asked me to protect them as my own until she might return to once again take over their guidance and instruction. This is how human beings came to be called children of the earth. I welcomed these beings and all who followed into my heart. My love and devotion for each subsequent generation has never diminished. These first human beings were led into a protected garden-like valley.

These childlike humans remained in this valley for a long time, long enough to create several generations. They did not experience lack and abundance was their natural state. Each generation was told how the original beings came into existence. A place of honor was held for these ancestors among all generations. Each individual came to know that his or her lineage was a part of the stars as much as of the earth. They understood and felt privileged to be a part of All That Is.   

These are humanity's roots, the core essence and history of the human being. These human beings were the original prototypes for the bodies you now occupy. One day in the very near future a new body will emerge. Even now the new matrix within you is expanding and preparing to accommodate a grander being.

The master geneticist who was responsible for the emergence of the human being was praised as well as chastised for her interference and for keeping the event a secret.  She also received the acclaim she so deserved as a scientist and a geneticist. She was also asked to remain with humanity until its survival as a species became assured. She has worked to ensure that your DNA is able to accelerate and parallel the evolutionary progress of the planet. Her energy has been focused upon you for so long that it is difficult to separate her vibration from the earth's or from your own. We are sometimes mistakenly confused as one being by those who would personify the sentience of the earth. She is the one you have called Goddess, Isis, and other appropriate names and titles. She has been your ally and your constant supporter and companion as have I. She will choose another avenue of expression in the near future. The earth will never be without her support and devotion and humanity will never be far from her heart.

What more can be said in conclusion to your question? Human beings were born here long ago. They are your ancestors and their history is your history even if you have each joined in at different historical markers and crossroads in time. The origin and lineage of the human can now be traced from the stars to the earth and back again. You have received the best that this universe has had to offer in spite of the manipulations and interventions that may have lead you to believe the contrary. Your bodies are beautiful expressions of light and are becoming more so each day. There is  everlasting guidance and support surrounding the decisions you make based upon the choices you are offered. Your future has not been written in advance but never has there been more support for the success of a species or a planet. I am well pleased in that which you are and are yet becoming.

Copyright 2000 * Pepper Lewis * The Peaceful Planet * *