Letting Go Into Bliss

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This certainly is one of the most interesting and powerful meditation CDs on the market today. This remarkable program has beautiful, artistic variations of ascending harmonics of the OM. The Om, is the primal universal sound which pervades the entire universe and is the eternal sound emanation of GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS...

Interesting enough,the sound of OM is incorporated in the words Wisdom,Freedom, Home, Kingdom, Shalom among others.Om, which is a Sanskrit word ,translates to I AM, and embodies the energy of PEACE.

"From The Beginning is the Word,and the Word is with God and the Word is God..Om..

In summary, "Letting Go Into Bliss" aligns and attunes the listener, you, to the Supreme Being, That which was, Is, And That which Shall Be and induces an immediate experience of profound Peace, Transcendence and tranquility.

Headphones Are Highly Recommended For Maximum Effects

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Letting Go Into Bliss

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