"Ocean Waves"


This is a live soundtrack of OCEAN WAVES recorded by Karma Moffett at the North Beach, Pt. Reyes National Seashore Marin County, Northern California.

We recommend that you download this deeply relaxing,refreshing and highly meditative energizing offering. We suggest you use headphones while listening to these deeply enriching natural sounds which will serve to induce a deeply meditative state.

In addition, this is like a VIPASSANA MEDITATION which will cleanse your mind of disturbing energies/thoughts and leave you refreshed and clear as a bell. You will connect with the power of the universe and its natural rhythms. This CD when played with headphones with high volume will provide an extraordinary opportunity to deeply connect with reality!

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We are eternally greatful to THE ARTIST, the artists and technicians who
created these musical masterpieces !

InJoy - Da Vid, M.D.,
Founder of The Light Party.


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