A Toolbox for Socially Responsible Business

Vitamins for your Soul:
200 Ways to Nurture Your Spiritual Life
by Traci Mullins and Ann Spangler
When was the last time you took a "Spiritual Vacation"? Are you thinking about "The Care and Feeding of Your Soul"? Amid the rigors of everyday life, you can survive-and thrive-with "vitamins" for your soul. A fun book. $15.95 cloth. BD53

The Art of the Long View:
Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World
by Peter Schwartz
For the first time in book form, techniques developed by Royal Dutch/Shell for building "scenarios" - stories about the future that help us adapt to change. Powerful tools for developing strategic vision. $15.00 paper. BD14. Audio $16.99 BD50

by Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Jalebuff
A book with the same power and impact as Reengineering the Corporation.
Offers a revolutionary approach to business strategy that goes beyond the old rules of competition and cooperation to combine the advantages of both. $24.95 cloth. BD17. Audio $24.95. BD51

Emotional Intelligence:
Why It Can Matter More Than IQ
by Daniel Goleman
"Emotional illiteracy" is a powerful stumbling block, "emotional intelligence" an extraordinary tool. Learn about the neural circuitry of fear...when smart is dumb...why temperament isn't our "two minds" (rational and emotional) shape our destiny. $23.95 cloth. BD52

A Simpler Way
by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers
From the best-selling author of Leadership and the New Science (which explored how complexity and chaos theory relate to management) - a new, simpler, more personal work. Reminders to make work less arduous. Know that life self-organizes. Relax. Play. $27.95 cloth. BK10. Audio $17.95. BK52

1997 Business Ethics Resource Directory
There's a group or publication somewhere you ought to know about. The Ethics Officers Association, the National Center for Employee Ownership, Investor's Circle. Over 130 groups and publications in ethical and socially responsible business and economics. Now includes Web pages and e-mail addresses. Exclusively from Business Ethics. $22.95. BE1

The Business Ethics Set
36 Back Issues, 1989-96
Track activities, trends, theories in socially responsible business over the years. Includes 5th Anniversary Issue on The Future of Free Enterprise in the Coming Century. The Body Shop story. Annual Awards. Peter Senge, Paul Hawken, M. Scott Peck. Get your collection while they last. 36 issues, $169.00, plus $10 shipping/handling. BE7

The Balanced Scorecard
by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton
How to use measures in four categories (financial, customer, internal process, learning) to align company goals. A walk through steps managers can use to build their own Balanced Scorecard. A ground-breaking book. $29.95 cloth. HBR2

Leading Change
by John P. Kotter
What's wrong with total quality, reengineering, restructuring, and turnarounds. A look at efforts of more than 100 companies to remake themselves-showing the most common mistakes. Plus an eight-step process on how to do it right. $24.95 cloth. HBR4

The Inner Path to Leadership
by Joseph Jaworski
From the son of Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski, a compulsively readable intimately personal book. The message: Leadership isn't about charisma or accomplishment. It's about listening to what is trying to emerge in the world, and having the courage to act on it. You'll read it in one sitting. $24.95 cloth. BK50

Say It and Live It:
The 50 Corporate Mission Statements That Hit the Mark.
by Patricia Jones and Larry Kahaner
The first collection of the most intriguing and effective corporate mission statements. No other document reveals more about a company's values and ethics. A corporate mission statement is the most powerful tool for change. A must-have book. $14.95 paper. BD4

The Age of Heretics, Heroes, Outlaws and the
Forerunners of Corporate Change

by Art Kleiner
The story of the sixties revolution for freedom and high ideals - as it was lived out inside business. How radical "corporate heretics" fought for change in Shell Oil, General Foods, P&G, and paved the way for democracy in the Fortune 100. $29.95 cloth. BD12

The Last Word on Power:
Re-Invention for Leaders and Anyone Who Must Make the Impossible Happen.
by Tracy Goss
"Who cares if this book makes me a better leader?" our reviewer wrote. "It brought me the unimaginable: a sense of peace in the face of a life that never works out as it should. The only business book that has changed the fabric of my life." $25.00 cloth. BD13

Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow:
Discovering Your Right Livelihood

by Marsha Sinetar
What do you really want to do with your life? This fun, sensitive, inspiring, hopeful book will help you answer that question. You'll never ask a more important one. Highly recommended. $11.95 paper. BD2

The New Organizational Wealth:
Managing and Measuring Knowledge-Based Assets.

by Karl Erik Sveiby
Microsoft's book value is $7 per share, but its stock trades at $70. The rest represents intangible assets - today the principal source of value for many companies. Sveiby, originator of the "Scandinavian Movement" for managing knowledge-based assets, offers guidance on measuring and leveraging these under-used assets. Vital reading. $11.95 paper. BK51

When Corporations Rule the World
by David C. Korten
Exposes the ethical failings inherent in the corporate form which concentrates wealth as it minimizes responsibility. Shows how this affects haves and have-nots, and explains why human survival depends on community-based alternatives. A path-breaking book. $29.95 cloth. BK1

The Job Seeker's Guide to Socially Responsible Companies.
First-ever guide to 1,000 public and private companies that are socially responsible. Offers company histories, mission statements, contracts, and tips for a successful job search. Indispensable. $59.95 cloth. VI

75 Best Business Practices for Socially Responsible Companies
by Alan Reder for the Social Venture Network
In a reader-friendly manner, this book lists best practices that positively affect employees, communities, and society: including promoting from within (Nordstrom) and compassionate downsizing (S.C. Johnson Wax). Applicable to many companies. $12.95 paper. PUT1

Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life

by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D.
Do you feel so rushed you can't think? Step beyond it, by shifting into time freedom: having all the time you need, feeling relaxed. The key is not time management, but thinking differently about time. This book could change your life. $22.95 cloth. BD14. Available in Audio: $16.99. BD15

Living Without a Goal:
Finding the Freedom to Live a Creative and Innovative Life.

by James Ogilvy
Consultant, philosopher, and former Yale professor James Ogilvy looks at how to achieve creativity and freedom by throwing out calendars, to-do lists and other tyrannical goals, and instead living life as an ongoing work of art. $22.95 cloth. BD10

Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute
by Ken Blanchard, John Carlos, Alan Randolph
Explosive new best-seller from the "The One-Minute Manager" author. Follows a seasoned executive and he tries to create an empowered culture - showing the dilemmas he finds. The goal: a culture that involves people, and holds them accountable. $20.00 cloth. BK4

The Fifth Discipline:
The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

by Peter M. Senge
The bestseller on systems thinking for mangers. By one of the leading management thinkers of the day. How to create the "learning organization," where every part is an intelligent part, and learning takes place continuously. $32.50 cloth. BD8. Condensed Audio Version: $24.00. BD1

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook:
Tools, Techniques and Reflections for Building a Learning Organization

by Peter Senge
A step-by-step guide to building a learning organization in your own company, with exercises for individuals and teams. $29.95 paper. BD9

Buy The Fifth Discipline (book) and the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for just $57.95. Save $4.50 and receive a free copy of the March/April 1993 issue of Business Ethics featuring an Interview with Peter Senge. BD11

Infrastructures for Sustaining Transformational Change
So you've read The Fifth do you create the learning organization? Senge discusses how to build infrastructures for disseminating new knowledge. The role of storytelling in creating meaning. What story is trying to emerge? What is the larger purpose behind our work? Senge is joined by pianist and storyteller Michael Jones, in this deeply moving session. $99.00 video (62 min.) BD16

The Caux Round Table Principles for Business
Exclusively from Business Ethics
An unprecedented global initiative to create an international ethics statement for business. Formulated by top executives from Europe, Japan, and the U.S., and presented at the UN. Gaining widespread approval. This special booklet brings you: The complete text of the Principles, suitable for framing. * A history of the Caux Round Table (created to ease trade friction). * A fascinating interview with the CEO of Canon, who helped create them. Use the Principles to reinforce your company ethics program.

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