All Organic Farmers and Gardeners to discover...the miraculous power of Kelp. The American Kelp Corp. would like to help you to naturize your lawn and garden with the natural organic power of Kelp. Kelp is one of nature's wonders. It contains natural nutrients, hormones, plant steroids and proteins. Department of Agriculture Scientific Research, University Tests, Field Studies and Commercial Organic Farmers demonstrate that Kelp fiber and extracts will help build a better soil base and grow stronger plants.

Kelp slowly releases nutrients, up to two years Kelp improves soil texture, promotes natural flora and worms. Kelp contains large quantities of the natural growth hormones auxins, gibberellin and cytokinin. Kelp promotes faster growth and germination. Kelp promotes the general health of the plant, including drought and frost resistance. Kelp is non-toxic and is an excellent tonic for plants. Kelp is a natural and safe replacement for chemical fertilizers. Kelp will not harm pets or children.

Kelp is environmentally preferred.

Kelp contains all known natural organic minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Kelp will increase the size of the root ball. Kelp will reduce transplant shock.

Kelp will promote stronger stem and leaf growth. Kelp contains Mannitol, which enables plants to better absorb nutrients from the soil. Kelp stimulates beneficial soil bacteria that fix nitrogen and make it available to the plant. Kelp is free of foreign seeds and contamination. Kelp greatly reduces the need for additional fertilizers...up to 90% less. Kelp has algin, which will retain moisture and cut irrigation 20-80%, depending on soil texture. Kelp studies at the Universities of Maryland and Clemson show an increase in plant resistance to fungi, molds, aphids, flea beetles, spider mites, and scabs. Kelp grown fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life. Kelp adds humus to the soil.

Kelp has natural organic antibiotics, bromophenol, tanning, phloroglucinol, and terpenoid, which fend off bacteria and viruses and repel some insects in the garden. Kelp improves soil fertility as nutrients and hormones are directly available to the plant.


"Your Complete Garden Center For Kelp Products" Kelp Meal * Kelp Fiber Soil Amendments * Kelp Extracts * Enhanced Liquid Kelp Lawn Treatment * * Kelp Sod Pretreatment * For scientific information, free samples and consultations, call or write: The American Kelp Corp. P.O. Box 370178 San Diego, CA 92137-0178 (619) 239-KELP

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