Dear Senator Boxer: Enclosed is a response to a recent article in the S.F. Chronicle regarding MTBE...As a profoundly concerned Californian I am asking you to do everything in your power to completely rid our already fouled air of this profoundly dangerous carcinogenic agent. A highly respected chiropractic toxicologist physician friend of mine informed me that MTBE is the most dangerous environmental toxin he has ever tested.MTBE poses an immediate threat to the health and welfare of all Californians..This issue must be addressed now!..I look forward to your immediate response and help in removing this poison out of our air and water supplies. Thank you. Blessings, Mill Valley Director The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation 415-381-4061

-- MTBE -- In March, Gov. Davis ordered the groundwater contaminant MTBE to be removed from all California gasoline by the end of 2002 and in September he acted prudently in refusing to sign legislation until after it was reworded to change the deadline for removing MTBE from California gasoline to ``the earliest possible date'' from Dec. 31, 2002. His end-of-2002 goal for the removal of MTBE has not changed but the governor wants flexibility to protect California consumers rather than a legal deadline that was likely to be achieved by reduced gasoline production and its attendant shortages and skyrocketing prices. He persuaded many major gasoline producers to voluntarily remove MTBE immediately from products in the most sensitive areas, such as Lake Tahoe, and statewide well before the 2002 date. Within weeks, 85 percent of gasoline sold in the Tahoe basin was declared MTBE-free.

Dear Editor:As a wholistic naturopathic physician and california resident I am outraged and profoundly disappointed by the governmental denial regarding the clear and immediate danger of MTBE...This known carcinogenic agent is still polluting our air and water supplies...I pray that their is a major class action suit over this issue..It is totally unconsciousnable that this profound poisoning is allowed to continue...It is outrageous!!!

Da Vid M.D.
Director The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

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