The Light Party
Comprehensive Economic Reform

We encourage Congress to repeal The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, nationalize The Federal Reserve Bank, and RETURN TO THE GOLD STANDARD... These actions will restore economic sovereignty to The United States of America, by establishing a sound currency; which in turn will dissolve our current fraudulent/fractional banking system... We call for an immediate re- structuring of The National Debt... And the elimination of the I.R.S...

Additionally, we propose the implementation of THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE TAX... This 10% FLAT TAX program allows we, a sovereign freedom loving people, to selectively decide to fund various Government programs/projects which we feel serve the common good... Through this participatory democratic process, we the people, will create immediate Government accountability by creating the federal budget... This program will serve to minimize the extraordinary anti-democratic influence of the current special interests groups... i.e.: The Medical/Military Industrial Complex...

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