CEO of the worldwide Hydrogen Association and he is the president of the American Hydrogen Association (AHA)

Mr. McAlister is the CEO of the worldwide Hydrogen Association and he is the president of the American Hydrogen Association (AHA). In addition to his leadership role in AHA, he manages research projects and educational programs. Mr. McAlister also provides engineering services to various aerospace and commercial firms for whom he has developed and patented num-erous energy conversion systems and new materials.Mr. McAlister’s energy-related inventions include the following disclosures:


ELECTROLYZERS and FUEL CELLS; (Numerous pending patents) A family of inventions to provide efficient, long life, and dependable operation for production and utilization of hydrogen in applications ranging from distributed energy systems to transportation.

PRECISION SPARK INJECTOR; (SparkInjector) TECHNOLOGY (See U.S. Patents 5,394,852; 5,343,699; and 6,155,212) These inventions allow virtually any engine to utilize hydrogen to: produce more power, last longer, and clean the air that passes through the engine.

ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM; (See U.S. Patent 6,015,065; numerous pending patents) This family of inventions allow hydrogen to be stored at energy densities comparable to gasoline and provide much greater safety than gasoline storage.

SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION; (See U.S. Patent 5,899,071 and numerous pending patents) These inventions enable much higher annual delivery of power by technology that holds the world’s record for converting solar energy into line-voltage electricity.

Some of Roy McAlister’s other inventions have been private labeled as “Craftsman” tools by Sears. He specializes in the development of renewable energy systems, new engines; systems for reducing pollutive emissions and improving the efficiency and performance of alternative fuels in conventional engines; compact hydrogen storage systems; hydrogen production technology; extraction of hydrogen and carbon from bio-wastes; development of new materials; advanced fuel cells and electrolyzers; water purification systems; and development of tooling for manufacturing processes.

Professor McAlister’s background also includes instruction of engineering subjects at the University of Kansas and at Arizona State University. He has taught classes regarding materials science, electrochemistry and fuel cells, conceptual design, engineering measurements, strength of materials, stress analysis, and electron microscopy. He is often invited to provide lectures regarding renewable resources to economics and sociology classes.

Mr. McAlister is a registered professional engineer and registered land surveyor and holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Metallurgy and Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

PROSPERITY WITHOUT POLLUTION: Mr. McAlister’s philosophy and concepts for the International Renewable Resources Institute and Renewable Energy Parks to facilitate achievement of a sustainable world economy along with in-depth capabilities as an innovator, product developer, manufacturing engineer, and educator resulted in the top engineering award of Environmental Professional Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers at the 1995 World Energy Engineering Congress.Mr. McAlister has traveled extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to provide classes on sustainable energy conversion processes and operation of motor vehicles on renewable fuels. Mr. McAlister is the author of numerous papers and books including: The Solar Hydrogen Civilization, The Star of Life and The Philosopher Mechanic.

Summary of the book called



A new book called “The Solar Hydrogen Civilization” discusses how Civilization flourished when a Grand Plan was established and faltered in the absence of serving a purpose that could continue beyond the lifetime of individual participants. The Egyptians had pyramids, the Greeks had democracy, the Romans had conquest, and the Industrial Revolution is based on conspicuous consumption. When oil production peaks within the next few years it will become increasingly apparent to industrialized nations that it is a strategic mistake to be dependent upon fossil fuels. The Solar Hydrogen Civilization presents the option of a “Grand Plan” for Sustainable Prosperity to overcome present dependence upon burning over one million years’ of fossil accumulations each year. In addition to overcoming this untenable burn rate, the Grand Plan is to overcome the 150-year failure of the fossil fuel economy to meet basic needs of most of the world’s population. The Grand Plan is to unite all segments of Civilization in the honorable mission to achieve sustainable prosperity without pollution and to overcome four looming threats to life on Earth.

Sustainable prosperity can be achieved by virtually endless addition of energy from outer space to make energy-intensive goods and services. “Solar Hydrogen” provides for production, storage, and distribution of energy derived from solar, wind, wave, and biomass resources. More than ten million new jobs at $60,000 per year could be created to produce and distribute renewable hydrogen to replace present U.S.dependence upon imported oil. Similar new job development is needed around the world. The Grand Plan is to provide virtually full employment without inflation by creating durable goods and energy that cleans the air, water, and soils to provide better living conditions for all forms of life on Earth. The Grand Plan is to overcome hardship, starvation, waterborne diseases, and child abuse by enabling each family in 6,500 Self-Help areas that each have about one million persons to earn a honorable living in the Solar Hydrogen Economy.

Selling this book to raise the funds needed (“BookStrapping”) to support advancement of renewable resources by AHA’s International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI) and provide a campus of renewable resources demonstrations is intended.The IRRI will solicit the best, brightest, and most determined persons from each Self-Help area to receive technology transfers to support new venture launches. 

A high priority is creation of essential businesses that facilitate sustainable economic development in each Self-Help District. An example of a high priority business is conversion of biomass wastes (anything that will rot or burn) into hydrogen, soil nutrients, and sequestered carbon. Sequestered carbon in forms that can be stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and provide greater heat conduction than copper will be used to make wind and wave driven generators along with solar dish gensets.

Carbon will be utilized to produce much more compact (and far safer than gasoline) hydrogen storage systems and to reinforce pipelines for hydrogen distribution. Carbon will be used to make much lighter, stronger, and safer transportation components. Carbon will be used to make marine structures that are much more corrosion resistant than steel, aluminum, or stainless steel structures.


Renewable hydrogen and/or methane will be transported from farms and other generation sites to market by “HyWays” that in many instances are national highways and/or roadways with the addition of renewable energy pipelines below them. Industrial parks along these HyWays will process renewable methane into carbon products and hydrogen for energy conversion and transportation applications that clean the air. Service stations will efficiently fill vehicles along HyWays from modular distribution units that offer hydrogen and various blends of hydrogen and methane called Hy-Boost fuels.

The U.S. federal Highway trust fund is designed to advance transportation and can do so by financing the improvement of highways to HyWays for distribution of hydrogen to vehicles that clean the air.This will create market pull for development of jobs to produce sufficient Solar Hydrogen to replace present U.S. dependence upon paying more than a billion dollars every two days for imported oil.

Modular service stations will first be provided in municipalities that have difficult air pollution problems. This will enable existing vehicles to clean the air while achieving much higher fuel efficiency, longer engine life, and greater power when needed and still remain capable of instantly returning to petrol if desired or required because of travel out of the HyWay corridors.

The Grand Plan also provides water conservation, purification and new water production capabilities in which renewable hydrogen will be used in existing engines and fuel cells to produce new water (but with less humidity than now caused by burning fossil fuels).


The Grand Plan provides principles for overcoming terrorism including:

1. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: In order to end oil-wars, every Self-Help area that chooses to participate will be provided with technology transfers through new ventures that facilitate achievement of sustainable energy independence. Energy security is essential for economic development.

2. HOMELAND SECURITY: A related technology transfer provides for the utilization of hydrogen engines that clean the air including conversion of bioterrorism germs, tire particles, diesel soot, peroxyacetylnitrate, and pollen into water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Existing engines can be used to clean the air, particularly with retrofit kits for stratified charge combustion of hydrogen in contaminated air. Converted engines can produce 9 kilograms of purified water per kilogram of hydrogen utilized as fuel.

3. ELIMINATION OF CHILD ABUSE: Children are being forced into wars to control diminishing resources. In many impoverished areas of Africa, Asia, and South America children suffer from malnutrition to the extent that causes dwarfism and mental retardation. Some 8,000 children per day are saved from dreaded diseases by humanitarian efforts to provide immunization inoculations but in order to lead meaningful and satisfying lives these children must have good nutrition and education.Upon reaching maturation these children will need good jobs and the responsible awareness that these jobs are part of the peaceful, healthful, and sustainable economic development that Solar Hydrogen provides. The Grand Plan provides opportunities for full employment everywhere on Earth in the achievement of sustainable prosperity. 


Four formidable threats face human dominion on Earth. Three of these threats, namely collision with a high momentum mass from space, nuclear war, and catastrophic greenhouse gas accumulations that cause mass destruction by severe climate changes. The fourth threat is economic demise and illness due to malnutrition and pollution-compromised immune responses that fail the assault of naturally evolved and/or man-made communicable diseases.  In addition to offering far better alternatives than terrorism for improving local living standards, sustainable wealth creation provided by the Solar Hydrogen Economy will enable Civilization to afford adequate preparations to avoid catastrophic events. Catastrophic climate changes including loss of protective stratospheric ozone, greenhouse warming, and oceanic changes will be remedied by advancement of the Solar Hydrogen Economy.

Localized disasters such as heat waves and hurricanes can be very severe and cause loss of life and devastating property damages.The Solar Hydrogen Economy is envisioned as 6,500 Self Help Districts and will be far more effective in supporting communities in recovery efforts from tornadoes, floods, fires, and earthquakes. Total Energy System Innovation (TESI) units consist of modular engine-generators that utilize hydrogen and/or Hy-Boost fuels that can be produced from disaster debris, sewage, garbage, and other wastes to quickly provide electricity, refrigeration of medicine and food, cooking centers, and potable water.

Modular TESI units can be quickly delivered to restore power and lights and serve as a learning center for transition from disaster conditions to sustainable economic development.

Catastrophic climate changes due to nuclear war must be avoided by logical people in every country who support global disarmament by choosing to embrace the sustainable prosperity revolution. Avoidance of doomsday germs and diseases will be affordable by the Solar Hydrogen Civilization that is advocated. This wealth expansion economy will provide for avoidance of a disastrous collision with a high momentum asteroid and overcome this threat which looms as a greater risk to every living person than being killed in an automobile or airplane crash.

Expediting advancement of the Solar Hydrogen Civilization can avoid economic demise due to continued dependence upon annually burning over one million years’ of fossil accumulations.This is seen as the key to sustainable progress and will enable Civilization to overcome four looming threats of mass destruction.


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