"All The Power That Ever Was Or Will Be Is Here Now"

Fifty years after the birth of the Nuclear Age,
an astonishing source of energy has been discovered...
Theorists can not fully explain it, many reject it,
but there is no doubt it exists. It may be far more potent than
the fusion energy of stars, and it has no known limits.
It will end the world we know... This time, for the better...

The field of cold fusion and new energy is rapidly emerging as one of the most important and environmentally beneficial technologies, beginning in the very near future. Prototype units that use water as fuel are now operating in the range of a kilowatt of thermal energy output. The ability to scale up these immensely powerful, portable power sources is taken for granted by engineers working in the field. Other well-tested devices already produce electricity, have no visible fuel consumption, and are theorized to be tapping Zero Point Energy - an energy source in the very fabric of space-time. This is NOT a violation of the conservation of energy. This is real science and real technology.

For years, no groups of investigators and writers about this astonishing technology has been more dedicated and in the vanguard that Dr. Eugene Mallove and his colleagues at Infinite Energy Magazine (Published by Cold Fusion Technology, Inc., Concord, New Hampshire). The team is a powerhouse of information gathering, evaluation, and dissemination. Infinite Energy is the vital hub of the New Energy revolution.

Realizing that New Energy technology has been held back by government and establishment science politics, Mallove and his associates have proposed forming an investment capital pool for Cold Fusion and New Energy. This pool - tentatively denoted "SuperPower, Inc." - will spread the technical and business risk across a variety of emerging companies within the United States and abroad. Planning of this fund is underway with legal and investment experts who will guide it. Mallove and his associates will provide the technical expertise on what technologies and companies would become investment properties of this venture capital pool.

What is needed right now is a group of qualified investors of good will who will take a dramatic stand for the future of humanity. By indicating their provisional willingness to contribute substantially to this multi-million dollar investment pool, they will enormously accelerate this most critical, millennial development.

The fictional portrayal of the struggle for cold fusion in the current movie The Saint, is a symbolic indication of the very real scientific and economic struggle for the victory of this technology over the corrupt fossil fuel, fission, and hot fusion industries. If ever there were a cause more demanding of your serious investigation and attention, this is it!


Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief
Infinite Energy Magazine - Cold Fusion Technology, Inc.
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Phone: 603/228-4516 * Fax: 603/224-5975

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