Get Connected to ACEEE's New Electronic Network for Citizen Action in Support of Efficiency- Friendly Energy Policies

- You work in the energy business; or - You write about energy policy or products; or - You develop or market energy-saving equipment or services; or - You manage energy consumption at work or at home...

But, do you ever share your expertise and opinions about energy efficiency with legislators or other government officials...people who by action or inaction will determine how far and how fast the nation commits to an energy-efficient economy?

HERE'S HOW - JOIN EfficiencyNet

Write for an application card: ACEEE EfficiencyNet, 1001 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 801, Washington, DC 20036.

Once they get your card, they'll alert you - by fax or by e-mail, your choice - to breaking issues where the voices of informed citizens like you can be especially crucial. No cost to you, and no commercial or fund-raising solicitations.

You know that using energy more efficiently will be key to curbing the greenhouse effect and protecting America's future from the uncertainties of global warming. But others are arguing that reducing fossil fuel consumption and the emissions they generate will be far too costly to undertake any time soon. Whose voice will your public officials hear?

You can make a difference. Get connected to EfficiencyNet today and join thousands of your fellow Americans speaking out for a better, more efficient future.

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