Solar and Wind Energy are Viable Alternatives

Giant wind turbines have already made a massive contribution to Europe's energy independence. Wind energy costs can be as low as three cents a kilowatt hour -- that's a bit cheaper than natural gas, oil or nuclear power plants.

Huge strides are being made in solar photovoltaic research. Bulky, expensive crystalline silicon cells will soon be obsolete. The future belongs to artificial photosynthesis technology, based in thin-film plastics and built with nanotechnology. This is not science fiction, it is a Venture Capital Reality. The European semiconductor giant ST Microelectronics is aggressively pursuing this technology, and in Silicon Valley, the founders of Google are major funding partners of Nanosolar. When these new solar panels are available on the market, solar power will be cheaper than coal.

Electricity on the grid can't be used to power automobiles directly, but it can be used to make hydrogen, and hydrogen can easily be stored as lithium hydride, and burned directly in internal-combustion engines. Critics of the hydrogen technology complain about expensive cryogenic storage, and unreliable fuel-cell technology -- but they don't tell you about these simple alternatives that work.

Unless this technology can be suppressed by the entrenched elitist oil interests of Skull & Bones and the CIA, the "Fossil Fuel" industry will soon live up to its name -- it will be extinct.

The War in Iraq is not about preserving the American Way of Life in an age of scarcity, and the crimes of September 11 (if indeed it was an "inside job") will not in any way contribute to maintaining a high standard of living for the American people. Americans are not silent benefactors or partners in the theft of Iraqi oil. The only beneficiaries are the likes of Halliburton, Dynergy, Carlysle Group and the family fortunes of the Bushes, Cheneys and Bin Ladens.


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