The Light Party
Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has The Light Party been In Existence?
The Light Party was established in 1984 as the Human Ecology Party... Da Vid founder of The Light Party became increasingly aware of the need to bring the looming environmental "crisis'" into the public arena , along with other issues that were not being fully addressed by politicians and the public at large...

How many members does the Light Party have?
The Light Party to date has approximately 1500 members however we believe that everyone in truth is already a member in that everyone in their heart of hearts supports "Health Peace and freedom For All..."

Why A Light Party ?
The Light Party fills an important void in the contemporary political environment in that The Light Party is rooted in a powerful spiritual awareness ... that awareness being that as we the people become more conscious (spiritual) our values, choices and priorities naturally transform... and in this day to day transformation new choices, and solutions become self-evident..The light party truly serves as a beacon of light and wisdom in that we have generated a practical visionary 7 POINT PLATFORM which focuses our attention and serves to address and help to individual and collectively resolve our current socio-economic and ecological issues.. We are an empowerment, pro-active party that acts from the Axiom that once we clarify the issues at hand the solutions and the ability to implement these solutions become self-evident...

What are the Primary Goals Of The Light Party?
Excellent question... First, to build the awareness of our existence and to empower each other to take greater responsibility in improving the quality of life for ourselves,our community, our nation and our world..working together we are confident that we have the inherent ability to succeed...

What are The Light Party's Major Committmets?
Our committments and programs are clearly articulated in our 7-Point platform however the heart of the Light party's message is contained in the SACRED COMMITTMENT and one's grassroot committment to conscious social political action as outlined in our Current Political Action Alerts...

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