What Ever Happened to the Cancell Promise?

Ed Sopcak tells his own story in these answers to our questions, and he tells an even bigger story concerning the politics of cancer. We can only report, and we have to tell our readers that Sopcak seems to have invoked concepts we have only hinted at. Unfortunately, cancer and cure are now government words, much like "organic." Ordinary mortals cannot use such language - it is politically incorrect! And yet words have meaning, even is spoken under the auspices of newspeak. This is a long questions and answer session. We can only tell readers that if they call Vibrational Research Foundation, 313-684-5529, they will be told that a court order is in place, and under its provision, messages cannot be received except by mail: P.O. Box 265, Milford, Michigan 48341.

ACRES U.S.A. We have heard about Cancell, and we understand it is not approved by the FDA. Further we understand you've made some fantastic discoveries in connection with your work. What is this thing, Cancell?

SOPCAK: Cancell is a product first made by James Sheridan of Rosell, Michigan. He called his product Entelev. Jim started out on this in 1936. He came to recognize, or at least theorize, that energy was the way that cancer was going to be cured. By this he meant working on energy levels in the body. Jim Sheridan called his development Entelev. By 1940, he had something he said was about 38% effective, meaning about 38% of the people that took it would end up without cancer. He kept working on it and changing the formulation and finally, by the time 1984 came around, he had been at it for 47 years. The FDA took a swing at him, a pretty violent swing, I guess, and then of course, at about that same time, somebody got a hold of some information they didn't understand, and put a very negative article in the Detroiter Magazine. So Jim just quit.

ACRES U.S.A. Allow us to back up a bit. What is the substance called Cancell? What is the theory behind it? How does it work? How do you make it?

SOPCAK: The new Cancell analyzes as very pure water. That's what it is.

ACRES U.S.A. Just very pure water?

SOPCAK: That's right. It is a programmed crystal. Water is a crystalline substance. If it weren't crystalline, when it changes its physical state from water to a solid, you wouldn't get snowflakes. I have simply erased the memory of the water. People make statements such as, There are no two snowflakes exactly the same. That's because the memory in that crystal is so variable that snowflakes crystalize out just a little differently each time. Before you impress a memory on a crystal, you have to take out the memory that is there. I remove the memory.

ACRES U.S.A. How do you remove the memory? Is this a case of magnetism?

SOPCAK: No, you can't come close to this with anything electrical or magnetic, or with any of the dense material like magnets or minerals. We don't do any of those things. I'd rather not get too deeply into that because I hate to see people become involved in what they don't understand, and then put out something definitely harmful.

ACRES U.S.A. Let's say you have developed a proprietary process for creating a substance or a product that seems to have tremendous curative powers when it comes to cancer. Is that a solid statement?

SOPCAK: That's a solid statement, but it's a little bit inadequate. Suffice it to say the material itself doesn't really cure anything. It simply puts the body into a vibrational balance, enabling it to cure itself. In other words, if I could come close to a definition of Cancell, it would be that it is a vibrational catalyst.

ACRES U.S.A. It selects out the appropriate cycle for knocking out the cancer?

SOPCAK: Cancer, arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, diabetes, and so on.

ACRES U.S.A. How is that different from Lakhovsky's multiple wave oscillator?

SOPCAK: It is just a little bit simpler to do. You don't ever get yourself into the place where you can harm yourself with it, and of course when you get into these devices that plug into walls or utilize magnetism, you can pick up overriding densities, frequencies, and those can become quite harmful.

ACRES U.S.A. Let's just park that to one side for a minute. What is your concept of cancer? Just what is cancer?

SOPCAK: Cancer is a mutation of an anaerobic cell. Cancer is a single disease and it has a single cause. A demand for energy is placed upon the cell structure of the body that is in excess of what the cells are programmed to deliver. The body answers that demand - it must be a chronic demand - by mutating the anaerobic cell. All cancer, regardless of what they call it, is a mutation of an anaerobic cell. It's as simple as that.

ACRES U.S.A. In other words, oxygen is not getting into the cell?

SOPCAK: The anaerobic cell creates energy by fermentation. Once those fermentated cells are sitting there, the body picks up the fact that it is forming a different ratio of APT energy to the body, and when it does that, the body starts to protect itself by laying down various and sundry deposits. All arthritis is caused by anaerobic cells, late onset diabetes is, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis is, you name it, all these weird things are generally caused that way. Aging, the degenerative diseases, all are caused by anaerobic cells. These disease conditions are the body's reaction to the fact that anaerobic cells are present. When you take a product like Cancell, it allows the body to eliminate the anaerobic cell and return itself to the production of aerobic cells. All the malfunctions of the body called diseases are caused by the anaerobic cell. The body simply repairs itself and returns itself to normal, and those so-called diseases are no longer there.

ACRES U.S.A. Buy why do we have the anaerobic cells?

SOPCAK: Most of this is caused by diet, of course. You start with rancid fats and partially hydrogenated oils, and they're loaded with free radicals, and those free radicals will damage the RNA and DNA. They do not kill them, they just damage them, allowing them to reproduce themselves in the damaged state. If you're eating anything that is high in protein, you're dealing with stage digestion. At the end of the first state, you have another material that will actually damage the RNA and DNA, and you don't complete that digestion unless you have an adequate supply of vitamin B-6 in the system. There was a study made in the United States a few years back indicating that by the time people are 50 years of age, 75% are deficient in B-6. Yet B-6 is in everything you can get your hands on. Nature has been good with it, but it is fragile. You can't heat it, you can't freeze it, you can't do a lot of things without destroying it. That probably is the thing you're doing, you're damaging those anaerobic cells until they get to the point where they have a cellular voltage on the negative side. This was done, by the way, by Otto Warbert. He got two Nobel prizes for that work. These are very small bacteria that tends to allow the aerobic cells at that level to become anaerobic. Bacteria helps that transition. Once those anaerobic cells are in there, then you're wide open for all the illnesses or diseases, and really they are vibrational densities. That is what they really turn out to be in the human body.

ACRES U.S.A. They're not viruses?


ACRES U.S.A. The idea of looking for a viral cause for cancer is nonsense as far as you can see?

SOPCAK: Well, you have to consider this. A virus in the system - your AIDS and Karposis syndrome - could put a demand for energy upon the body, but I've probably talked to 40,000 people who have cancer and I'd say that the environmental thing couldn't account for much over 10%. About 90% of all cancer is triggered by stress, which is a mental disease.

ACRES U.S.A. Stress brought on by a lack of protein digestion?

SOPCAK: Well, that starts the anaerobic cell, but once you've got the anaerobic cell, the thing that causes it to mutate is the chronic demand for energy, and that chronic demand for energy usually manifests itself as stress in the body.

ACRES U.S.A. How does oxygen therapy - hydrogen peroxide - for instance, or ozone therapy fit into the picture?

SOPCAK: All these are vibrational. In other words, it's hard to get people to understand this, but if you get more deeply involved in particle wave physics, and some of this stuff, the whole business comes clear. Einstein understood - in his later works - that nothing exists in the universe except electromagnetic vibrational frequency. That's it. There's nothing there. In other words, mass does not exist and only vibrational densities exist even though we look at them as solids.

ACRES U.S.A. That's the plane of observation, of course?

SOPCAK: That's where we're at. There are no particles in the nucleus of an atom. All that is in there is another energy field, a galaxy. That's why we saved 40 billion dollars by canceling this thing in Fort Worth. if you ever read the technical data that has been developed by cyclotrons, it's fantastic that anybody could come up with the assumption that there's a particle or a series of particles in the nucleus. It just isn't there and they don't have any data that even suggests that it is. Once you get to realize that,, then you realize that since the body is totally vibrational, once you get something non-harmonic with the vibrational frequencies of the body, it would show up as a density there. All Cancell or any other medication such as ozone therapy or even the allopathic medicines do is raise the vibrational frequency of those densities and then the body will eliminate them.

ACRES U.S.A. Does chemotherapy raise the vibrational density?

SOPCAK: No, it lowers it. Chemotherapy is a basic cause of cancer.

ACRES U.S.A. Well, People get cancer even if they haven't taken chemotherapy?

SOPCAK: A lot of people do. You've got to look at how the medical profession handles that. For instance, if the prognosis of an individual with cancer is that he will die on January 1, and they could load him with enough chemotherapy that he dies of renal failure on December 1, the medical professional looks at that as a successful treatment of cancer with chemotherapy. The patient didn't die of cancer. He may not be alive, but that's a success story.

ACRES U.S.A. A grammatical fiction?

SOPCAK: It sure is. Another factor now comes in and muddles the waters, the so-called placebo effect. The placebo effect can be as high as 30%. That is also vibrational medicine. The mind via thought patterns creates vibrational frequencies, and if you get those frequencies high enough, your mind can eliminate any disease in your body, and when you get it low enough or dense enough it can cause cancer or any other disease to your body. So you do have the fact that people can take medication that would really be technically non-effective. But because of positive thinking, they raise the frequency of the emanation of the thought pattern of the brain. Those frequencies alone can cure anything, and that's what we call the placebo effect. On the other end of that line, there's a thing called a negative placebo effect and that means that there's someplace between 15 and 20% of the population that you cannot cure with anything, because the power of that frequency of the thought pattern is so strong that it could override anything that the person is taking.

ACRES U.S.A. In other words, this is a negative thought pattern?

SOPCAK: A negative thought pattern, yes! It can be conscious or unconscious. You can always tell this, and I'm sure that you've had this experience when somebody says, Gosh, I'd like to stay alive until my granddaughter graduates from high school, and a week after graduation, they die. Well, that's the negative thought pattern kicking in. A lot of people have demonstrated that.

ACRES U.S.A. You seem to be in disagreement with most of the conventional therapies and possibly with some of the unconventional therapies for cancer. Why don't you tell our readers what's wrong with what they're doing with conventional therapy, and then perhaps we'll examine what some of the unconventional therapies are doing.

SOPCAK: Basically, I get extremely fundamental once I make the statement that nothing exists in the entire universe except electromagnetic vibrational frequencies viewed from that plane of observation, that's it. There's nothing else. Then what you get into is diseases as vibrational densities. The problem is to raise the vibrational frequency of those densities, and then the body will return itself to normal. Diseases no longer exist. Now, when you get into a lot of these other therapies, oxygen therapies, there is no doubt that at times they do work, and at times they do not. They've got to work better that 30% of the time to be sure you're past that positive placebo effect. The other assumption is that all oxygen has the sam vibrational frequency, and that's not necessarily true. The same is true with ozone therapy. That's another form of oxygen therapy, as is hydrogen peroxide. One of my observations about hydrogen peroxide is that it is an unstable molecule, yet everybody says this is H2 O2 and the only way this can go is to H2O plus oxygen. If you look at that, it can go to 20H radicals, and it does many, many times. In fact, this molecule is so unstable that some of the measurements were actually to prove that this thing can change from water to H2O plus oxygen and back to 20H radicals. It can do that as many as 14 times a second. It is that unstable. If people do take it successfully, they should continue to take it obviously, but it may just be the placebo effect, or they may have an oxygen there that has a frequency high enough to raise the frequency of these densities in the body we call diseases, which then can no longer exist.

ACRES U.S.A.: What about Laetrile?

SOPCAK: That would be the same thing. I don't know an awful lot about it, but I have read some of the basic research on it, and it was another one of those things that probably did work. It probably is a successful treatment for cancer, but at the same time, the problem would be to get these fruit pits fresh before they oxidize and lower their density, or the frequency of that material. I think that fresh Laetrile would work. Nothing works 100%. You have to factor in the negative placebo effect.

ACRES U.S.A.: If we have a problem with some of the unconventional approaches to dealing with cancer, how about the ones that have the AMA approval? Let's talk about radiation, chemotherapy and trying to excise the tumor with a knife?

SOPCAK: Of those three, one works, and that is surgical intervention. Surgical intervention will work if they can locate the tumor and it is still encased and has not metasticized. If they remove that successfully and they don't follow with radiation or chemo, that seems to be the most successful conventional approach.

ACRES U.S.A.: As a matter of fact they do follow with radiation and chemo most of the time?

SOPCAK: Usually what happens when they do that, the person comes down with either bone cancer or liver cancer, or both within six months to three years after the operation. That's usually what happens. these cancer forms are triggered by the chemo or by the radiation or by the combination.

ACRES U.S.A.: Doesn't the Communicable Disease Center know this? doesn't the profession know this?

SOPCAK: Yes. But you have to realize that cancer has its economic consideration. If you take the government's own figures, not my figures, but theirs, the medical profession during 1993 will have taken in an average of $1.16 billion every day treating cancer problems. they really don't want to disturb that very much.

ACRES U.S.A.: In other words, you have a cash cow in cancer?

SOPCAK: You certainly do. So you have people going through the motion of looking for an answer to cancer, but they're not really going to find it. When you get into chemotherapy, that's an interesting thing. General chemotherapy has never been approved by the FDA as a therapy for cancer. Chemotherapy is being used under what they call the rule of probable cause because the side effects of chemotherapy are so drastic you couldn't get it past their normal double-blind studies.

ACRES U.S.A.: How is it that the healing profession is allowed to use it then, and how is it that they're allowed to execute people routinely that way, not in just ones or twos, but in great numbers, whereas at the same time anyone who pretends to use some kind of an herb or vitamin therapy, and has maybe lost a patient once a decade, is proscribed and sent to jail?

SOPCAK: Well, what you get into is the fact that the medical profession is a monopoly, or a cartel, and they're in control. They're to the point that if they don't approve something, then their enforcement arm, the FDA, swings into action. If you don't endure the routine it takes to get FDA approval, then of course, you're out. And the healing arts are going to continue using allopathic medicines to treat cancer. It's common knowledge, and it has been published in many studies by universities, that more people in the United States die of chemotherapy than die of cancer. They sit back and tell you, We've got half a million deaths a year from cancer, but they don't tell you that there are more than that from chemotherapy.

ACRES U.S.A.: They don't count the ones who expire because of chemotherapy?

SOPCAK: Well, they do, but they don't tell you about them. They usually call it renal failure, or heart attack, or many other things that come about from chemotherapy. There are a myriad of studies out there to support what I'm saying. Let me go back to the rule of probable cause. What that rule states is that the medical profession can use experimental drugs as long as the side effects are no worse that the end effect of the disease. Now if anybody came up with even a partial cure for cancer, they could never again use chemotherapy under the rule of probable cause. That's why anybody who couples the word cure with cancer, like saying "a cancer cure," will have the wrath of the entire medical profession to deal with. They don't like that. If you go into any medical office, and talk to any doctor or hospital staffer, you'll find that every bottle of chemotherapy has stamped right across the face of it, FOR EXPERIMENTAL USE ONLY. They've been using chemotherapy in the United States since 1911.

ACRES U.S.A.: We're still experimenting?

SOPCAK: Still experimenting, and it still doesn't work. And of course, about 1972, Kettering et al were charged with controlling cancer research in the entire United States - Which means most of the world now. they made a conscious decision at that time that they would do research on nothing except chemotherapy.

ACRES U.S.A.: Well, of course, we've never had double-blind studies on open-heart surgery either?

SOPCAK: No, you sure haven't.

ACRES U.S.A.: We lose about 10% of those who go on the cutting board, don't we?

SOPCAK: That's right. Perhaps more.

ACRES U.S.A.: And at the same time, there are alternate therapies that hold out greater promise and seem to allow more patients to walk away, such as EDTA chelation.

SOPCAK: Yes. by the way, Cancell also chelates. In fact, it does it quite gently. It digests the plaque within the vascular system. this is then eliminated as a slimy liquid that looks like egg whites. that material will be picked up and purified as the blood goes through the liver and the kidneys, then it comes out via the urine or in the feces. It looks like foamy or slimy stuff when it is excreted with the normal body waste materials.

ACRES U.S.A.: It has a short residence time?

SOPCAK: Yes. It's another of the things that happens with this product. the medical profession, of course, is probably the most controlled profession in the world. Practitioners have state medical boards and the FDA to deal with, therefore they can't do anything unless the powers above approve.

ACRES U.S.A.: Well, we've had everything in the world come along, and it seems to get shot down regardless of whether it's good, bad or indifferent. When it comes to cancer, it's out. Whatever happened to Krebiozen?

SOPCAK: Well, of course it probably worked. At that time I wasn't doing any research on cancer, but I was aware of what was going on. Andrew Ivy, the doctor who promoted Krebiozen, was head of a university chemistry department and had credentials. It probably worked well enough to raise the ire of the medical profession. They decided they had to get rid of not only Krebiozen but Andy Ivy as well. They did everything they could to discredit him as a human being. there is definitely a politics of cancer. And this politics can't be satisfied by having anyone upset the well-entrenched cancer research bureaucracy. If anybody comes up with anything that cures cancer, and I'm sure many people have, the authorities simply knock it down purely on the basis that it would tend to upset the status quo. I'm sure there are many things out there that would be effective against cancer and many other diseases. These simply will not be allowed on the basis that the status quo is to be preferred. When Clinton got to Washington, coming out of a good old town of 160,000 people, Little rock, Arkansas, he found that there were 80,000 registered lobbyists in Washington. Between 10,000 or 15,000 to influence 550 people, they have a lot of influence.

ACRES U.S.A.: Okay, now that we have this background, why don't we start again. You were telling us about Sheridan and his research in the 1930s.

SOPCAK: Jim Sheridan was working for Dow Chemical at that time, and he decided he could cure cancer or at lease affect cancer by changing the energy levels that were interfering with the cell structure. He started out with his theories of what he was doing and what he was looking for. He was looking for blockers and shunters, chemicals that would block the transmission of energy. Once you block it, in order to complete the respiratory cycle, you have to be able to shunt the energy around and dump it into a terminal receptor, which is oxygen. Jim finally found a material that actually would block outside cytochrome A and B. He put a block in between cytochrome B and C in the respiratory cycle, and then he put a shunt in from cytochrome C to bypass A and B for a trip right to the terminal receptor. That was sufficient to change the production of energy in the body to the point where, by 1947, he could allow that material to cure about 38% of the cases. Then, Jim kept changing formulations and improving his approach. After he left Dow, he worked at the Michigan Cancer Foundation. He got to the point where everybody at Michigan Cancer Foundation agreed that is was ready for clinical testing. They had agreed to fund the final clinical test. Michigan Cancer Foundation had its own budget. If funds were deficient, the American Cancer Society made up the deficiency at the end of every year. Because of this, Michigan Cancer Foundation felt obligated to inform the American Cancer Society that this research was going into clinical testing. They were a little excited about it, at least they said they were, and they asked Jim Sheridan to be put on their payroll. This was at the end of a year, and there was a little bit of a rush-rush to get the finding assigned to the Michigan Cancer Foundation. The minute Jim Sheridan got into the American Cancer Society's payroll, they fired him and everything stopped.

ACRES U.S.A.: So they got him transferred over to American Cancer Society for the purpose of firing him?

SOPCAK: Precisely. Jim kept up with his research. He as a patent attorney in addition to being a chemist. He went to work for Batelle in Columbus, Ohio. Dick Davidson was number three in charge of Batelle at the time. It took them two segments, ten weeks each, to even start to understand what Jim was talking about. After they went through two of these ten week periods, they published a letter saying that this was the single most promising treatment for cancer that existed in the world at the time, and they needed one more ten week funding to the tune of about $240,000 to complete the study. At that particular point, all funding was cut off, and Jim was let go. That was in 1962.

ACRES U.S.A.: So, what did he do after that?

SOPCAK: He started working on his own. He still worked as a patent attorney and made a living that way. He put his three kids through college and on the side kept changing formulations, and giving this to a few people at a time. Between 1947 and 1984, Jim gave away - to his best calculation - about 2,000 bottles of the material in various formulations. He came under a lot of pressure in 1984 and just quit. At that time I got into it because a friend of mine was given the prognosis of six weeks to live. Instead of dying on schedule, he took a bottle of Entelev and in six weeks he was declared cancer-free by St. Joseph's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jim had quit making it by that time, and this gentlemen came to me. He'd written six technical books, and was competent to understand science, and asked me if I would make it for him because he felt he needed a security blanket. He wanted to have his hands wrapped around a bottle of that for the rest of his life. So, I said, Sure, get me a formulation, I'll make it. Well he got the formulation for me and I took one look and said, Gee, this happens to be a vibrational compound. So I changed the formulation slightly, and then I also changed the delivery system so that it would be given on a cyclical basis rather than on a non-cyclical basis. Then, as I worked with it, every time I noticed that there was a change that needed to be made, or a change in the frequency of the planet - because this universe is changing, as you could tell from the change in weather patterns, in volcanos and also earthquakes - I recognized that it changed the human race. If you think back after August 1988, when we had a major galactic change in this frequency, people under dictatorial governments throughout the entire world almost uniformly rose up and threw off the dictators. "that had to do with the vibrational frequency primarily coming into this planet from the Sun. At that time, the weather patterns started to change, and of course, they're going to continue to change quite dramatically.

ACRES U.S.A.: In other words, people rise up and throw off their chains when they get the right impulses from the Sun, is that what you're saying?

SOPCAK: That's right, they became more aware. The awareness level goes up. They are mentally more active and mentally more aware. We're getting that in this country because of our dictatorial government. You're hearing from all the politicians and all the lobbyists that they have never seen the general public get as involved as they did in this NAFTA thing, and also in the so-called health care plans.

ACRES U.S.A.: Would you say revolt is in the Air?

SOPCAK: Yes, it sure is.

ACRES U.S.A.: Is that the meaning of some ten million people refusing to file their income taxes, according to IRS?

SOPCAK: That's part of the same thing, exactly.

ACRES U.S.A.: Is that the meaning of several, not one, but dozens of so-called third or minor parties starting up?

SOPCAK: It certainly is. All these things merely state that people are aware.

ACRES U.S.A.: Basically, you read the pulse of the planet, and adjust your Cancell accordingly?

SOPCAK: Yes. You can almost feel the changes. All allopathic medicines work vibrationally. They do not work chemically. And that's why, all of a sudden you're hearing them tell you we now have all these drug-resisting diseases. Well, they're drug-resistant because the diseases are different now than they were before. They're all of different frequencies and the pharmaceutical companies think they work chemically, which they do not, and therefore they can't understand why all of a sudden something doesn't work.

ACRES U.S.A.: Is this one of the reasons we have this strange behavior of people? Four hundred murders in Washington D.C., drive-by shootings?

SOPCAK: Yes, people are frustrated. Something is going on. they're changing, but they can't correlate to the change. Consequently their frustration causes them to lash out at anything and everything. That's basically what's happening. It's the fact that they are being affected by these changes, changes occurring in the universe and on the planet, and they don't understand what's going on.

ACRES U.S.A.: So, what's happened since you've taken over the Cancell business?

SOPCAK: Well, I've made about four or five changes in it. When I took over, I started establishing frequencies in the solution by the manipulation of organic rings. I started out with a six station ring, and then by manipulating it to three and five station rings, I established a frequency that was desirable, a frequency that I wanted. Slowly, as the frequency of the planet changed, I had to face the fact that if a material isn't obsolete now, it's going to be obsolete very shortly. Around 1991 I started to change from the dark materials, which were the residual chemicals from the manipulation of organic rings and used water crystals influenced by other means to raise frequencies. And, of course, these frequencies are high enough and subtle enough to be non-measurable with available instrumentation. I know, I've been working with one of the scientists from Dow Chemical. It took them about a year and a half, and they finally admitted they'd used the most sophisticated equipment they could find, and they were unable to measure the frequencies. There again, it goes back to the understanding that everything that exists on the face of this earth is a vibrational frequency.

ACRES U.S.A.: Will radionics measure it?

SOPCAK: No, I don't think you could measure it, but you could copy it with radionics, I think. I'm not too sure, but I think you could if you know what you were doing.

ACRES U.S.A.: So you did make this material, you did give it to people. What kind of results did you find? Let's talk about the results abroad first?

SOPCAK: We did put it into Africa and did some double-blind studies over there. I have in my possession a letter from an American oncologist who did the first studies. In a double-blind study under World Health Protocol Organization, using FDA protocol, and my protocol, there was a 98% cure rate in 21 days, and that cure rate indicated that the virus was no longer in the blood. We actually selected these people and took blood samples and put those samples on a fluorescent microscope, and read the virus. We were sure the virus was there, and then after 21 days on Cancell, we again took blood samples, put them back on the microscope, and in 98 out of 100 people they were no longer there. We're talking AIDS.

ACRES U.S.A.: Have you used it for cancer?

SOPCAK: Yes, all over the world. I've given away well over 30,000 treatments of this, and of course, some people would get it from me because it was free. I charged no one, and I even send back all donations, so there was never any money involved. So a lot of people would get it and then talk to their doctor and decide not to use it. We have on file approximately 10,000 testimonial letters from people saying that they used this material successfully. Judge Friedman, who put the injunction in place in the U.S. District Court in Detroit, has about 1,000 letters that people have sent directly to him telling him the material works, and he admitted on the record - in a so-called hearing - that he has a very extensive letter file that indicates this material cures many different diseases.

ACRES U.S.A.: But still this hasn't pleased the FDA or the National Cancer Institute?

SOPCAK: No. All it does is cause them to be more adamant about not allowing the use of Cancell in this country. They're doing anything and everything they can to block it. My elimation would erase a threat to the medical establishment..

ACRES U.S.A.: Is there a threat. The medical establishment would not listen to you if you could walk on water?

SOPCAK: That's true. But it's a threat to them because toward the end of the so-called hearing, something between 5 and 10% of the people who were calling us to get Cancell for their cancers told me that they were getting my name and phone number from their oncologist.

ACRES U.S.A.: So that brought the dogs to your door?

SOPCAK: It sure as hell did, in a hurry!

ACRES U.S.A.: So what has happened now?

SOPCAK: Well, the injunction is still in place and of course I am still fighting, trying to see if they will follow the law.

ACRES U.S.A.: Well, are you going to be like a friend of ours who decided he had to go to some grinding dictatorship to get a little bit of freedom?

SOPCAK: I have offers from four different nations at the present time, to go there and get this out of the United States. I would prefer not to name these countries because the FDA would use their power to stop it. But, I'm negotiating with them at this present time, but I just ask for one thing to happen in this country, and that is the United States courts and the FDA follow the law. Of course they're not doing that. They've broken the law every time they've turned around. They went to trial with this thing without a harmed party. There was no plaintiff in the case. I have the right to face my accuser. Since there was no accuser, there was never a hearing. So after Friedman put the injunction in place, I put in a motion to set it aside while I appealed it, and he denied the motion on the basis that it didn't do me any harm. That was based on the fact that I was giving the material away. But, then, he added that the only people it harmed were those people who were benefitting by taking Cancell. So, he did this with malice. Then when I went to the appeals court in Cincinnati, they told me I couldn't appeal unless I had a transcript. Of course, there was no transcript because there was no hearing. They contacted Judge Friedman's court, and they answered that there was a hearing, but the transcripts was misplaced, lost, and they put out little bits of misinformation like that for six months. If I don't prosecute the appeal within six months, why then it's set aside, and cannot be appealed again. They waited six months, and then they admitted that there was no transcript.

ACRES U.S.A.: Let's say that we know somebody who was making Cancell, and he said, Look, you've got bone cancer. I'm going to give you this and hope that it helps you, or at least if you're going to die, maybe you'll die more comfortably. What is this patient going to get in this hypothetical situation? Are we looking at a milk bottle full of juice?

SOPCAK: Usually, it's a six ounce bottle of Cancell and I've thrown a series of frequencies in another bottle to facilitate immune system response.

ACRES U.S.A.: How does he take this stuff?

SOPCAK: You would have one six ounce bottle and one three ounce bottle. Now the six ounce bottle would be the Cancell formulation and you would take a half cc and place it under the tongue every 12 hours, and then you would take another half cc and place it on a cotton pad, and you would tape that on the body where you could feel a pulse, and you would change the pad and the location of the pad every 12 hours. Every 12 hours you would take a half cc of the G formulation, which is the one that enhances the immune system. And that's all there is to it. Now the truth of the matter is that the patch works better than taking it internally because all you have to do is get the frequencies of this material into the aura of the body, preferably within the blue corona, and that allows the body to reharmonize its vibrational frequency, and it eliminates the densities and you no longer have any of the diseases that are caused by these densities.

ACRES U.S.A.: This material you referred to, it's not just pure water is it?

SOPCAK: It's pure water in which the water crystals have been programmed with 34 energy clusters.

ACRES U.S.A.: These energy clusters are vibrational frequencies, very specifically chosen frequencies? How are they delivered?

SOPCAK: They're put into the water simply by association. I create them in one place and then transfer them to the water. They're transferable.

ACRES U.S.A.: How do you transfer them to the water?

SOPCAK: Almost on a homeopathic scale, but not quite. As a matter of fact, homeopathy would work a lot better than allopathic remedies, and one of the reasons it hasn't been a glowing success right straight across the board is because the practitioners forget that they have to cancel the memory that's in the water crystal before they put a new memory into it. They really have no idea what they're coming out with, unless they erase the memory first.

ACRES U.S.A.: What you're describing here sounds innocuous enough. Why, in the world, would the FDA trouble itself to bring you to court to stop you? You weren't selling it to anybody, nobody was being defrauded, and nobody was being hurt. Even if what you say is fruitcake stuff, why this vengeance?

SOPCAK: I'm not sure. Everyone in the legal profession and the criminal profession tells me that when you can't understand anything, trace the money. And of course, if I take the United States government's published figures, and do a little bit of math on them, the medical profession will be taking in on the average $1.16 billion every day for 1993-1994 treating cancer patients. Loss of that revenue would take a big chunk out of the take and a lot of doctors and hospitals and nurses and pharmaceutical companies would not be necessary if something like Cancell got loose.

ACRES U.S.A.: Is the government trying to bury people to death in order to salvage the Social Security system?

SOPCAK: Oh, I'm sure that's true. I think the same attitude might be as high up as the World Health Organization, the Club of Rome. They perceive they have to get rid of at least 25% of the population of the world. I think that might have something to do with the health plan, because Hillary has already come up twice with speeches in which she said there would be a commission or a board that would determine whether a patients' life was worth saving, ad if this commission decided it wasn't, then medication would be withheld.

ACRES U.S.A.: They may be going people a favor with some of the medications being used?

SOPCAK: Yes, some of it, I guess. Anyhow, that's part of this thing, I'm sure, that they're looking at the fact that - just as in Great Britain - if you're 65 years of age or older, and you became ill in Great Britain, you're not going to be treated. A lot of that fits Canada also. That's why so many people come to Detroit for treatment.

ACRES U.S.A.: Why do they not want us to treat ourselves if the profession can't handle it?

SOPCAK: If you treat yourself successfully, then people would tend to stay away from the medical profession.

ACRES U.S.A.: Okay, so right now, Cancell is a controversy because the Food and Drug Administration has chosen to make it a controversy, and you are out of business because the legal profession won't let you remain in business, and so there's really nothing left for you is there, except to take it to a foreign clime?

SOPCAK: People have responded by taking their information and data, and contacting their congressmen and senators.

ACRES U.S.A.: But these talking heads in the House and in the Senate have all been bought and paid for of necessity. They have to be in order to get the job?

SOPCAK: That's true, but at the same time, the awareness level has risen quite a bit.

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