Argentina's Medical Miracle

HANSI is the name Argentinean botanist Juan Hirschmann gave to his family of homeopathic treatments for a wide range of diseases, including cancer, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, asthma, and hepatitis. Early experiments in the 1970's taught Hirschmann how to manipulate plant growth. This let to successful treatments for animal cancers. In July of 1990, he opened his first clinic in Buenos Aires and began treating human cancer patients with HANSI.

HANSI proved so effective that his first clinic was mobbed by cancer patients, alarming the government and requiring police for crowd control. Hirschmann and his team of physicians have now treated nearly 100,000 Argentineans in three Buenos Aires clinics, and they state that HANSI has produced successes with every kind of cancer treated. Although the medical evidence from Argentina is largely derived from retrospective chart reviews and testimonials, it is massive, more than enough to justify trials in the US.

HANSI International, Ltd., is a Bahamian company with production and worldwide distribution rights to all of Juan Hirschmann's homeopathics. It maintains its production facility in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, and imports its product under the FDA's personal use exemption rule. HANSI International, Ltd. has kept a relatively low profile while it completes requisite studies, but currently provides treatment for about 200 US citizens. We are now making HANSI treatment and information more widely available to physicians and patients open to alternative approaches.

HANSI's credibility is growing. Studies in Argentina and the US have shown: Tests over the past six months by an eminent researcher at a major university have demonstrated that HANSI greatly increased the Natural Killer Cell activity in the blood of both AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome patients. The results have now been confirmed in mice. Increased activity of anti-tumor immune system responses as demonstrated histologically by the increase in tumor necrosis with a marked increase in the population of inflammatory mononuclear cells in biopsied tumors.

There are also increases in macrophage and T-lymphocytes in the margins of tumors. A greater tolerance for traditional oncologic treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, demonstrated by subjective changes in patients and by laboratory examinations. Patients given HANSI showed a more rapid return to normal hematology values and general improvement in state of health. Objective reduction in the size of tumors in imaging studies of patients treated with HANSI therapy alone or in association with classical therapies. Extension of the life expectancy of patients diagnosed as terminal.

This extension in all cases exceeded the initial prognosis by several months, and in some cases a cure was achieved. A study of 87 Argentinean patients wits advanced pancreatic cancer was conducted in 1992. Pancreatic cancer is generally fatal within three to six months. Patients were given HANSI treatment and followed for one year. They were studied on the basis of weight loss, gastro-intestinal toxicity, abdominal pain, physical activity, and emotional state. Sixty of the patients remained alive at the end of the study period of one year. As of mid-1994, more than 50% of the patients were alive and well. In vivo studies by Dr. Carlos Botelli of Argentina and in the US have found HANSI to be without toxicity in mice.

Both in vitro and in vivo murine studies have been completed on the immuno-modulatory effect of HANSI. The remedy was very effective in stimulating cellular immune function in both studies. Many more studies have been proposed by institutions in England, Hungary, Russia, and the US. Encouraged by preliminary results, studies are pushing ahead on several fronts. HANSI International, Ltd. has been approached recently by a private foundation proposing to fund cancer research, and talks are ongoing.

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(Reprint, Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, October 1996 Edition)

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