The Healing Power of Light

Photoluminescence: UV Lght Irradiation in the Laboratory

by E.W: McDonagh, D.O.

In his 318-page book entitled Into The Light, William C. Douglass, M.D., outlines the tremendous powers of light. He delves into the many varied functions, properties and unique abilities of the color spectrum.

Each color has its wavelength that accounts for its activity. The medical use of ultraviolet (UV) in particular is demonstrated by published scientific studies, and patient case histories to have great curative ability in a wide range of disease entities.

Conventional medicine treats patients after the establishment of disease. Early detection and prevention is ignored. Usually irreversible structural change follows functional change that has been in progress for months or years. When "modern medicine" states "nothing abnormal found" but the patient has obvious complaints, the sufferer must wait until he can exhibit sufficient, unmistakable morbidity to be eligible for treatment. At this point the system cranks up to do battle with a vast array of expensive drugs, specialist physicians, surgeries, and hospitalization time. Advanced degenerative diseases are rarely reversed or cured, but controlled so long as the patient continues under the care of his or her physician.


Ultraviolet light as a medical treatment has been used since the beginning of the century. The technique is merely using UV light to stimulate the immune system and various enzyme systems. It is a tested and proven therapy that has accomplished incredibly miraculous cures with absolutely no side effects, and yet until recently it has been suppressed and ignored by American medicine.

UV light has been used in disinfection for many years, and it is still used for that purpose. It requires little sophisticated equipment, no complicated drugs, and it cures by stimulating the body's own immune response and various enzyme systems.

A small quantity of blood is treated with UV light (photoluminescence) and amazing things happen upon re-injection into the bloodstream. The body's defenses are rapidly organized to destroy all invading organisms whether viral, bacterial or fungal.

The author cites two cases, husband and wife, who both had the flu. One treatment completely reversed the system in both patients within two hours.

In the case of serious infections, marked reduction in toxic symptoms is observed in 12 to 48 hours.


Less UV exposure is required to kill bacteria in the human body than is necessary in the laboratory. When a small part of the infected bloodstream is exposed to UV light for less time than is required to kill bacteria in the laboratory, the pathogenic bacteria in the body are usually completely destroyed. In fact, many organisms are destroyed by an amount of irradiation that merely stimulates normal body cells.

Blood cells are huge compared to bacteria and are stimulated, while the same UV dosage kills the bacteria.

"UV light therapy (photoluminescence) has the remarkable ability to allow the ill body to make rapid readjustments back to normal biological selfregulation."

Also, certain significant amounts of two photo-sensitive amino acids -- phenylalanine and tyrosine -- that are absent in most body cells. These amino acids absorb additional UV energy that kills the bacteria.

There is also reason to believe that by destroying the bacteria in the treated sample of blood, an "autogenous vaccine" is produced that aids in rapid destruction of bloodstream bacteria.

The first article on the benefit of phototherapy was published in June 1934 by Hancock and Knott. By June 1942, 6,520 patients had been treated with UV therapy. The treatment was successful nearly every time. There was complete absence of any harmful effect.

Other effects of UV irradiation of the blood include increased effficiency of oxygen exchange, dilation of coronary arteries, rapid reversal of paralytic ileus (paralyzed gut following surgery), prevention and reversal of thrombophlebitis, restoration of normal autonomic nervous system balance, and dramatic relief in 80 percent of asthma patients.

Ultraviolet irradiation typically causes the body to eliminate uric acid more rapidly, suggesting usefulness as a treatment for gout, gouty arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints.

Researchers also have found that blood sugar is temporarily diminished in diabetic patients by UV irradiation. This is probably due to an increase in insulin sensitivity.

The pineal gland, located at the epithalamus of the brain, secretes the vital hormone melatonin. It is the body's chief photoreceptor -- a receiver of photons from the eyes, and thus protects the body from light deficiency.

Calcification of the pineal glad occurs in a large percentage of people over 60 years of age. It is not a natural part of the aging process because it doesn't happen in everyone, but it is very common. "If a method could be devised," says the author, "to decalcify the pineal gland, I believe wondrous health benefits would ensue." Some of the benefits of chelation therapy using EDTA and/or UV therapy may be due to decalcification of the pineal gland.

It has been our experience that all organ function and glandular function improves as a result of EDTA chelation therapy, but I never considered its beneficial effect on the pineal gland before, I just assumed it should be enhanced as are all other tissues.


Botulism, a deadly form of food poisoning, causes extreme toxicity and carries a bigh mortality rate. Photoluminescence is very effective within 24 to 72 hours after treatment.

Miley, writing in Archives of Physical Therapy, Volume 25, June 1944, reports a case of a patient near death from classic botulism neurotoxin. He was unable to swallow, or see. The patient was treated with photoluminescence and within 48 hours was able both to swallow and see, and was completely clear mentally.

As Miley said, "There is, to my knowledge, no record in medical science or of any other therapy that can produce such an effect on a patient in the last stages of botulism."

Patients with advanced pneumonia, acute gangrenous appendicitis, multiple pelvic abscesses, and peritonitis have made hard to believe reversal of the problems in 24 to 72 hours.


Necessity is the mother of invention. It would seem to me that the Creator has mixed some good into every catastrophe. Most of us, however, can't find it; maybe we get sidetracked because of the tragedy.

Russia, with its long history of conmunist suppression and severe financil constraint could not encourage the organized development of high-tech medical hspitals, drugs, and hardware to reverse serious illness in their populace.

Physicians and researchers turned to more natural, more effective, less expensive methods. They have developed photoluminescence to a very effective degree and have published much on the subject for 20 years.

In the field of surgery alone, doctors of the former USSR have used UV therapy in over 100,000 patients. Surgeons Kutushev and Chalenko in St. Petersburg reported that UV therapy cut by 50 percent the number of complications and the necessity of using antibiotics in severe trauma cases. In the past ten years, these two surgeons have successfully treated over 3,000 patients with severe trauma using UV blood irradiation. Cases ranged from crushed kidneys to extensive bleeding into chest or abdominal cavities.

Extensive third degree burns also respond to photoluminescence.

Bacterial endocarditis, an infection of the heats valves, one of the most dreaded infections seen in medical practice, carries a high mortality rate. Dr. Krishtof and associates treated 250 cases that all had undergone prolonged therapy with antibiotics and cortisone with little effect. The patients were given two to three treatments per day.

UV light therapy was so successful that 43 of the patients were able to avoid surgical repair of their heart valves -- a remarkable achievement. Those who had surgical repair fared better posts-op than would be expected from such serious surgery, and their hospital stay was significantly shortened.

The Russians have successfully treated 128 comatose patients who have been poisoned by organophosphate or had psychotropic drug intoxication.

Twenty-two patients with cancer of the colon and rectum were treated with UV photoluminescence four times daily beginning with the first post-op day. A report from the Krasnoyarsk Cancer Center found:

1. Narcotics often were not necessary, or they could be discontinued on the second day.

2. There were no cases of adynamic ileus, the paralysis of the intestines so often seen following abdominal surgery.

3. Post-op infections were seen in only 10 percent of the patients compared with 30 percent in those patients not receiving light therapy.

A group of St. Petersburg physicians studied the effect of photoluminescence on 145 patients with severe blockage of the coronary atteries, who had suffered a previous heats attack. The doctors chose only patients who had not responded well to conventional drug therapy.

Significant improvement was registered in 137 of the 145 patients treated, as compared to control patients who did not receive UV light therapy. Pain was qickly relieved and analgesics were often discontinued. The dosage of heart medications, such as beta-blocking agents, were reduced in most patients and the attacks of angina were less frequent than the controls.

The authors attributed the good results to a dilation of the coronary arteries, and improvements of oxygen uptake in tissues.

I believe the combination of photoluminescence and intravenous EDTA therapy given simultaneously would produce even more outstanding results.

A. Levin and his associates studied the effect of UV blood irradiation on blockage of the arteries of the legs, a common problem in diabetics and heavy smokers. They reported positive results in eight of 11 cases with significant relief of pain, less dependence on pain killers, better sleep, better appetites and quick healing of ulcerations caused by poor circulation.

Dutkevich and associates reported that 10.3 percent of surgical cases in their series developed some degree of thrombophlebitis or thrombosis following surgery if not treated with UV light therapy. Not a single case developed these venous complications if they had been treated with UV light therapy prior to or after surgery.

The Wistar Institute made public a report in 1993 that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is believed to affect 10 million Americans, is caused by HTLV-II, a viral organism that causes hairy cell leukemia.

Remember, there is no cure for any virus and no cure for any form of leukemia. What will America's doctors do if 10 million young middle class citizens suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome come down with hairy cell leukemia?

On the front page of USA Today, August 22, 1997, there is an article by Steve Steinberg entitled, "U.S. Wary of Germ that Resists Drugs." A deadly microbe that has developed resistance to the last of the antibiotics readily capable of killing it has turned up in a Michigan man, health officials warned. His case marks the first time the microbe, known as Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, has shown up in the United States.

Our reliance on the present treatmenl modalities is obsolete. Many more pathogens will be immune to antibiotics in the future.


UV light therapy (photoluminescence) has the remarkable ability to allow the ill body to make rapid readjustments back to normal biological self-regulation. The self-regulatory abilities of the body are really responsible for the many healings of medical science. No drug can cure an illness -- unless the body's own mechanisms are functioning correctly.

UV light irradiation of the patient's blood can save untold billions of dollars by reduced need for our medical system of hospitalization, drug usage and surgical procedures. For this reason, it will be fiercely suppressed in this country. Any treatment that threatens the status quo, no matter if it is ineffective and outrageously expensive, is always opposed by the old guard.

I wish all my patients and readers of this column sustained, permanent good health and a long, happy life. That is why I try to bring information from the cutting edge of alternative research; information you might not get otherwise. Read Into The Light, by W.C. Douglass, M.D., available from Second Opinion Publishing, Inc., Suite 100, 1350 Center Drive, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338, phone 1-800-728-2288.

I have barely scratched the surface of the practical uses of UV light in medical and non-medical areas. Your body has the remarkable ability to keep you well, and to get you well again if you happen to become ill. I am convinced the most effective treatments will be the most natural. The miraculous effects of UV therapy seem to show a higher power than that possessed by organized medicine.

As I have told many a patient, God does the cure, but I take the credit!

Dr. McDonagh is a Kansas City-area physician who utilizes nutrition, conventional and alternative therapies to treat degenerative disease. He is a world authority on the use of chelation therapy.

His clinic is located at 2800-A Kendallwood Parkway, Gladstone, Missouri 64119, phone (816) 453-5940.

Visit the clinic on the internet at http:/

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