Conscious Childbirth
A Wholistic Perspective
Da Vid, MD, Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
(Reprint of Coastal Post, January 1, 1995)

Each child in essence a recapitalization of the entire story of the history and development of life here on Earth. Each childbirth, from conception to delivery, is in fact a re-enactment of the nativity scene as depicted in the Bible. Each child, boy or girl, is a Christ child. Each mother is in reality one with “Mary,” the Universal mother, Goddess, each father, “Joseph,” is one with the Universal Father - God. The child, the son or daughter, a living soul, is in essence one with the Christos, the son - the central ego of humanity who is eternally one with the father/mother/God. Infinite creative life intelligence working through its creative expressions, you and I, brings forth new life, so as to evolve and experience its understanding of itself.

Each new incarnating soul has the power and potential inherent within itself, within the DNA coding of its cells to fully manifest the indwelling creative principle of life . . . to be fully creative here on Earth. Such is the inheritance and potential of every newborn child. It is within the context of this understanding that we need to examine very closely current birthing practices. What I am proposing here is an enlightened approach to New Age birthing practices based upon the following:
The awareness that the incarnating soul, chooses its parent to be the vehicle for its new Earth experience. Parents do not own or possess their children, but through inner, subconscious agreements, sacrificial love and the desire for conscious growth have accepted the responsibility to provide to the best of their ability an environment and an education which fosters the evolving soul’s journey in consciousness.

The psycho/physiological status of the mother is of crucial importance in the formation of the body of the incarnating spirit. It is highly recommended that the mother be supported and nurtured during this time of inner growth. Her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and nutritional status help create the form of the body of the individualizing ego, as well as being a determining factor in the psychological make-up of the indwelling spirit. She is creating through the genetic inheritance of the father, along with her psychological attitude, the body of the newborn.

Through profoundly complex spiritually engineered and directed subconscious process, the body of the new child is being created within her. Her mental/emotional attitude has a direct and profound effect on these organic subconscious processes. Through awareness, her conscious attitude and actions can either facilitate or detract from the subconscious growth of the embryo within her womb. It is at this time that the mother is in full blessedness and radiance as nature proceeds inexorably in her Great Work. Through sensitivity, common sense, applied knowledge, and aesthetics each and every parent is given the opportunity of providing an environmental milieu which will truly enhance the development of the child. Through education, the expectant parents prepare themselves for childbirth. Childbirth is a natural process which does not necessarily have to be difficult and/or painful. Childbirth is a supremely natural event — and it is encumbent upon us to educate ourselves into this realization. Creative Childbirth - Birth Without Violence

Leading obstetricians and educators such as Frederick LeBoyer, Joseph Clinton Pierce, and Maurice Odent, M.D. have been educating their fellow colleagues over the past decade into a new awareness regarding a more sensitive approach to childbirth. Today, a re/evolutionary birthing practice is being simultaneously pioneered in France and in Russia. This profoundly simple wholistic birthing technique is revolutionary in its simplicity and in its ramifications. In essence, it is a water birth - the newborn is born into water - a water baby.

The fetus for nine months has been living in a celestial consciousness, a world of peace and quiet - fully supported in a protective aquatic environment developing and growing moment-by-moment - preparing for the emergence into a new life - it is about to make a dramatic transition into a totally new environment - a new world - from a water celestial environment into an air-breathing terrestrial environment.

The physiological and psychological adaptation into this new environment is profound. Being born is the premier event in everybody’s life. Our initial experience upon entering into our new world, our new environment is indelibly impressed into our subconscious minds. The memory trace of these first moments are recorded and impressed into the newborn child’s nervous system. The child’s nervous system is an open template inordinately receptive to visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile experience.

It only makes good common sense to provide the new being with a totally positive experience. The psycho/physiological consequences of a positive life enhancing introduction into this new world cannot be over-emphasized. This initial impression is carried through the terrestrial experience of the child. I believe as do others that our relative success or inability to successfully adapt to this world can be traced in part to the initial birthing experience.

Upon delivery into this world we are an open book - let us create for this new Christ child a positive greeting, a life-enhancing experience which supports and mirrors the inherent inner awareness and experience of the newborn child. The newborn child, as stated, is living in a heavenly world, a world of profound beauty and peace, a magical, musical world, in communion with reality.

The divine plan for humanity is Heaven on Earth. Heaven is a state of consciousness, a frequency, a resonance that is peaceful and harmonious. Heaven on Earth shall be realized and expanded by the succeeding generations of water babies who have not been shocked out of higher consciousness. Mind you, this is not to say that because many of us have suffered traumatic and unconscious births, that there has been irreparable damage. Fortunately, the Mind has the means to heal itself, however, it makes good sense not to inflict any unnecessary pain or discomfort upon the newborn child. In light of current psychological knowledge and our remembering of nature’s implicit simplicity, we will move away from unnecessary drugs, harsh lights, rushed deliveries, and antiseptic, sterile environments. I am not advocating a complete dismissal of technology, what I am advocating is awareness to the subtleties and inherent intelligence of nature acting through woman to return us to a state of awareness and respect for the sacred divinity of emerging life.

As conscious sentient beings who have the unique ability of begetting life, it is time to apply our intelligence to all facets of our life. And what could be more important than ecological childbirths? The answer is there — Water Baby births.

The Process
The players are the mother, the father, the attending midwife, and/or attending physician. The mother is placed in an aesthetically pleasing environment, soft lighting with incense “frankincense and myrrh,” with or without beautiful meditative or celestial music. The mother is placed in a tub of warm water which approximates in temperature and osmolarity of the amniotic fluid as found in her womb, 98.6 degrees F. This serves two very important function:
The warm water, soft lighting, beautiful music, and delightful aromas relax the mother, thereby facilitating and assisting in a natural and smooth childbirth.

By being born into water, the child’s transition from the womb (Heaven) to Earth is hardly noticeable to the child. The child is given the opportunity of making a gradual, smooth, and subtle adjustment to the new environment. It is recommended that the umbilical not be cut immediately. The emphasis here is on allowing the delivery to unfold in its own time. There is no rushing of the process.

The next step is of profound importance and concerns itself with the concept of bonding of the newborn child with his or her mother and father. The initial loving contact (bonding) with the father and the mother is a necessary ingredient for ensuring and enhancing the psychological integration of the newborn child. Current progressive psychological research is strongly alluding to the realization that much of the psychopathogy and alienation as seen in our culture and in our world is in part due to our current birthing practices. Unless there is a medical emergency which requires immediate technological intervention, the newly born child should in no way be taken away and isolated from its parent.

The initial love, caring, compassion, and concern on the part of the delivery team has a profound impact upon the developing and emerging psyche of the newborn child. The process of bonding is simple. The child is initially held and makes first identification with the father’ from this moment the child is given over to the mother for nurturance and sustenance.

The breast feeding process is begun. Breast milk, besides being of the highest quality nutrition available to the child, is rich in antibodies and is essential for establishing and maintaining the integrity of the developing immunological system, i.e., the thymus gland. In summation, the water baby in conjunction with breast feeding is the manifestation of wisdom and understanding. It is truly wholistic. It is a safe, simple, and natural process. The future will bear out the truth that this re/evolutionary technique may well bee an initiating seed for bringing the Earth spirits who in their humanness remain consciously aware of themselves and their inherent Godliness.

Da Vid, MD Medical Director The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A-156 Mill Valley, CA 94941

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