Cosmic Principles
We Believe In

COSMIC PERFECTION. The awareness that Reality is a process, moving with direction and purpose, and within this movement each moment is connected by the process with the goal, and so is perfect.

COSMIC LAW. The awareness that there are no exceptions to the natural laws which govern the Cosmos, and that these laws are completely objective, operating as an interconnected unity, the highest law being the Totality of Reality itself.

COSMIC ORIGIN. The awareness that all individuals are born as the result of natural laws; that these laws continue to operate within their bodies during lives; and that because all laws are interconnected, each individual has the intimate, physical connection with the Totality of Reality, the Cosmos.

COSMIC OMNISCIENCE. The awareness that because every individual is intimately connected to the entire Cosmos by the operation of objective laws within their own bodies, there is no separateness or alienation except as a mental hallucination. Because the cosmic laws govern every aspect of ourselves, there is no possibility of hiding from the Cosmos, or avoiding the results of natural processes.

COSMIC FAITH. The awareness that the Cosmos is a self-regulating mechanism existing in a state of balance, and that as long as the objective laws which govern this balance are respected, an individual can exist in a state of harmony with Reality, moving towards his own personal fulfillment.

COSMIC WORK. The awareness that reality is best experienced as a succession of moments, each experience only as “the present” and that it is only by existing in the present that the constant unfolding of the Cosmos can be experienced. Only by working in the present can real work be done and real results achieved.

COSMIC TRUTH. The awareness that the Cosmos objectively exists now: That this existence is its own definition and continues whether an individual understands it or not; and that the individual experiences the truth of Reality most completely when he views each moment fresh, without preconceptions about what “should” be happening.

COSMIC LOVE. The awareness that though the laws which govern Reality are objective, they are not cold, because these cosmic laws inevitably lead to the creation of organic life, and that life itself, like all natural phenomena, fulfills a cosmic purpose.

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