The Good News

There is a profound spiritual awakening occuring here in America as evidenced by a growing committment to deep ecology ,peace, and wholistic health...Today, via the printed word and the miracle of the internet tens of millions of health conscious individuals have access to invaluable information regarding programs, products , information and ideas which serve to actualize genuine health... To summarize , in response to our current self-induced Environmental/Ecological /Health “Crisis”, we Americans are becomming progressively aware of the importance of:

• Common Sense
• Adequate Sunlight
• Proper Nutrition and the Underconsumption of Food
• Pure Water
• Fresh Air
• Meaningful Work and Relationships
• Adequate Rest
• Healthy Mental/Emotional Attitudes
• Moderate Exercise
• Spiritual Awareness

Comprehensive Health Care Reform

In light of a developing awareness, as documented in the preceding pages, it is self evident that now is the time to initiate comprehensive health care reforms in America... The good news is that this process of comprehensive health care reform is in motion now.

Our Fundamental Thesis

As we become aware that health is a function of lifestyle and as the business of America becomes the business of health for our people, we shall become a peaceful nation of strong, vital socially conscious and creative individuals... Through eco-agriculture, environmental awareness, wholistic health education, and comprehensive wholistic health insurance for all, we will manifest individually and collectively our inherent birthright..Freedom From Dis-ease...

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