The Healing

“The Strength Of Our Nation Is Directly
Proportional To The Health Of Our People.”


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“The Healing and Regeneration Of America” takes a deep look at contemporary America and our current state of health and our current health care system..To fully appreciate the relevance of this document one must understand the current operating paradigm(s) which are operating today..The primary paradigm, being the wholesale adoption of the allopathic medical model.This medical and I might add, economic model,emphasises symptomatic treatment while ignoring and or disregarding the efficacy of “alternative “ medicine...

In 1976, I authored a book entitled “Medicine Today Healing Tommorow” (Celestial Arts)...This book was seen to be way ahead of its time in that I mainntained that we must redirect our focus in medicine and begin to explore the concept of wholistic preventative medicine.Wholistic preventative medicine is rooted in a deeper awareness of the extraordinary healing power of nature, the vital importance of nutrtion, along with realizing the profound effect that our mental/emotional attitudes and spiritual development have in sustaining and maintaing our well being... Indeed I made the case then as I do now that health and wellness is our inherent natural state of being... and that utimately our individual and collective state of health is predicated on the infinite series of choices that were making moment-by-moment...

Thus, our health is a matter of choice, and is a reflection of our state of education and/or level of consciousness ... This being the case we can begin to fully apprieciate the fundamental role education has in the alleviation of human pain and suffering... Indeed,ultimately the curing of disease lies in its prevention...”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”... This fundamental understandng is scientifically substantiated throughout this document... Concurrently , we also offer detailed scientific reseach for the effective , safe and inexpensive treatment of many of the major medical conditions which afflict tens of millions of Americans... thus offering renewed hope in resolving and/or dramatically mitigating human suffering.We are moving away from the disease model of health to a wellness/preventative model..The economic and health benfits of embracing this new paradigm are truly astounding and essential in that we are becoming increasingly aware that todays approach to “health”(disease) care is in need of fundamental reform...

As a wholistic health educator and director of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation and as one who has been actively involved in this arena, I am deeply impressed by the extraordinary strides that are being made in the health sciences...Indeded we are rapidly moving into a new paradigm where the wholistic paradigm of spirit, mind and body is becoming acknowledged as a true beacon of wisdom... This new wholistic ecological model which has its roots in the Ancient and Eternal Wisdom is indeed coming of age . This emerging paradigm has its foundations in modern quantum physics and the laws of nature and reflects the application of the great spiritual /healing traditions which have been bequethed to humanity over eons of time..

We are becoming increasingly aware that both “time” and “death” are illusions... that life itself, our life, is a process of progressive evolution...This evolution in consciousness and understanding is the foundation of this wholistic/ecological age where we are fully conscious that “the stenght of our nation is directly proportional to the health of our people and the health of our people is intimitely connected to the quality of our air, food and water”...

Thus, as we become increasingly health conscious and aware that health is a function of lifestyle (choices), and as the business of America becomes the business of health for our people, we shall become a peaceful nation of strong, vital, socially conscious and creative individuals... Through wholistic healthcare practices, eco-agriculture, and the implementation of wholistic health insurance programs for all, we will manifest our inherent birthright: Freedom From Dis-ease!...

Da Vid, MD
Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
Founder, The Light Party – (


To the great men and women of science and art whose work and dedication to truth have brought us all to a greater realization and understanding of ourselves, our cells and to the infinite healing and regenerative power of Nature ...

Special thanks to family, friends and associates, whose patience, love and encouragement helped make this book possible.

Table Of Contents


The Politics & Economics of Health
The Politics & Economics of Health 9
What’s Wrong With America’s Healthcare System? 10
Death By Medicine 16
Concerning Health Care Costs 22
The Gulf War Syndrome 32
Restoring Care to Health Care 37
Health Care: A Look Beyond 44
An Intergral Solution To Resolving Today’s Health Care “Crisis” 47
Cancer 50
The Politics of Cancer 54
The “Cure for Cancer” 57
Radiation Poisoning 66
Environmental Toxicity 68
Heart Disease 73
Chelation Therapy 74
AIDS: A Wholistic Perspective 78
HIV and AIDS: Myths vs. Medicine 81

On Drugs & Drug Addiction
On Drugs, Violence and Vegetarianism 95
The War On Drugs 100
Nail Them And Jail Them 101
The Past, Present and Future Uses of Psychoactive Agents 103

What about Mercury? Getting Thimerosal Out of Vaccines 117
Vaccine Websites 127
Auto-Intoxication 128
Candidiasis 131
What Is Detoxification? 134
Obesity 135
Arthritis 136
Depression 136

Preventive Care vs. Disease Care 144
Radionics: The Science Of The Future 157
Conscious Childbirth 160
The Healing Power of Light 165
Sound And Light: Partners in Healing and Transformation 170


A Sacred Commitment 174
5 Golden Rules For Life Enhancement 177
The Meaning and Power of Forgiveness 178
On Evolution 182
The Global Brain Awakens 184
The Rise of the Cultural Creatives 189
Manifesting (Y)Our Destiny 193
On Prophesy: The Future is Happening Now 197

The Good News/Summery
Comprehensive Health Care Reform 201
Economic/Ecologic Recovery Plan 202
Ecological Eco-nomics 204
Eco-Agriculture 206
The Health Of The Earth & Its People 207
Corporate Control of Food, Farming and Health 213
Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops 215
Campaigning For Food Safety 236
Thirteen Myths Of Genetic Engineering 243
Organic Agriculture Worldwide: A Fast-Growing Reality 252
The Re-Mineralization of the Soil 256
Restorative Framing and the Real Green Revolution 260
The Truth About Hemp 261

Wholistic Health Education/Human Ecology
Wholistic Health Universities 274
The Wholistic Health Human Ecology Education Channel 275
Visions For Prisons 277
Comprehensive Wholistic Health Insurance For All 278
Health Care Bureaucracy Wastes Billions 279

The Kucinich Plan 282

Appendix 285

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