On Evolution

Our bodies, the vehicle, the temple in which we live, move and experience our life, the one life, evolved from the mineral kingdom billions of years ago. On up through the plant and animal kingdom to our present experience here on Earth... Now. This body, this vehicle, the product of profoundly powerful subconscious processes is sustained, maintained, and animated by superconsciousness itself-the Universal Life Intelligence — God.

In summarizing our awareness of ourselves, we may now acknowledge ourselves as psycho/physiological beings animated and sustained by Life itself. Through a consciously directed will, self-understanding and the application of knowledge we have the opportunity here and now to partake and further our own evolution and development. This evolution is not only occurring spiritually and psychologically, but physiologically as well. Our bodies, the corporeal intelligence, may be improved, perfected in this life so that we human beings may experience ever increasing degrees of health and freedom.

Through intuition, applied knowledge, and understanding of nature’s laws we may begin to create a youthful, healthy body which will afford us greater freedom to fulfill our life’s work and purpose. Clues and intimations regarding the evolution and ultimate perfection by man in accordance and unison with nature of the physical vehicle can be deduced by studying the evolutionary development of the automobile.

The first mass produced automobile was the Model T Ford. It’s gone with the wind - many of us, for whatever reasons, are moving about in Model T Fords, however, many of us are not. This indicates an evolutionary precedent, a trend, a design in nature, and future possibility that a new wo/man is in the making, a regenerated humanity. Men, woman, and children will and are appearing here on Earth with fully developed faculties of mind and bodies which far exceed anything from the past.

These new beings, born and/or reborn in the light of spiritual understanding, love and power, shall create a new world order, a quantum leap from the past, a new life for ourselves (cells), a life which reflects and fulfills our deepest desires. The desire for true peace, health, happiness, and freedom will be experientially realized. And life shall reflect the truth of our own inner awareness.

The keys to our future, is contained within our own genetic code, our nervous system, our brain. Through the art of receptivity (guidance), conscious thinking (the actualization of the frontal lobe of the brain), and creative imagination - the future which is being created now is as limitless and as vast as space. We are part and parcel of polytantric, multidimensional mind whose experience of itself is ecstatic. We are programmed for bliss. We shall come to know that our limits are limitless as the light of pure reason shines within and without dissolving and evaporating the shadows and the illusions of our collective “past,” leading us onward and upward into heretofore unimagined realms of pure experience.

We are awakening to our true selves — as sons and daughters of the most high, as children of the light, empowered by this light to live a life of freedom, love, and joy, consciously co-creating and manifesting a life here on Earth which fully reflects the wisdom, love, and intelligence of our Creator. Through the agency of love, the spirit of guidance and education, we, the collective and individualized embodiment of the one reality, partake of reality, this sacred divinity, and create through vision, a resurrected humanity...the keys to our collective liberation is awareness, faith, applied knowledge, along with the determination and forbearance to follow our intuitions. This is a creative process and shall lead us into the Golden Age of Humanity — a New Epoch...a new world of freedom, a world of creativity, an interdimensional world wherein life is actualizing itself in love and infinite beauty. The past is is now to reclaim our “lost” heritage and creatively revision our present life in wisdom, love, understanding, unity and freedom.

Da Vid

The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
20 Sunnyside Avenue, A-156
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