Preventing Vaccine Side Effects
F. Fuller Royal, MD., H.M.D

There’s a way of determining in advance how likely a child is to react to certain vaccines. This technique is also used to neutralize many vaccine side effects and to remove residuals (such as live viruses).

The technique is electrodermal screening (EDS) combined with homeopathy. EDS is also known as computerized EDS, or CEDS, and is sometimes referred to by an older name, electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV). It uses a noninvasive probe placed at acupuncture points along the body’s energy meridians to read minute electrical signals from these points. The signals are then compared with signals from substances in test reference vials. In the hands of skilled health practitioners, EDS conveys key information for diagnosis. Different acupuncture points as well as organs can be tested to determine a person’s response to many substances and then to guide the preparation of the appropriate homeopathic remedies.

“If we are going to vaccinate, we should do it without creating all the side effects.” says Harold Whitcomb, M.D., a retired internist in Aspen, Colorado, who specialized in environmental and preventive medicine. Dr. Whitcomb tells the story of a child who had a strong adverse reaction to his second and third DPT shots.

For two years afterwards, the child didn’t thrive or grow. Dr. Whitcomb tested him using EDS and prepared a homeopathic antidote to neutralize the vaccine damage. The computerized EDS system can draw on a large database of test substances, all stored as energy signals, which are used to identify a remedy that will reverse or neutralize a particular reaction. “This allowed me to make a remedy that neutralized the pertussis,” says Dr. Whitcomb. “The boy recovered and started to grow again.”

Perhaps even more important is the ability to prevent certain vaccine side effects by EDS testing. Before giving a DPT vaccine, for example, EDS could be used to assess how a child’s system might react–especially to the pertussis component, which should be avoided for high-risk children.

Depending on test results, the pertussis component could be avoided entirely, or the dosage adjusted. (See “Step One in Preventing Illness,” by Burton Goldberg, Alternative Medicine, No. 32, November 1999. Also see “Reversing Autism with Nutrition,” by Patricia Kane, Ph.D., Alternative Medicine, No. 19, September, 1997).

F. Fuller Royal, M.D., H.M.D., medical director of the Nevada Clinic and Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners.

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