The Plan
The Remineralization of the Soil

$100 Billion Dollars
$50 Billion From The Federal Government
$50 Billion From The States

If we choose to acknowledge the seriousness of this problem in regards to the overall health and productivity of the american people then we need to implement a proactive program which addresses and resolves this fundamental issue..

We need to recruit millions of people who are willing to help America reclaim our farmlands and start planting hundreds of millions of organic fruit bearing trees !


Today we have an alleged illegal immigration problem...As we are well aware we have millions of “illegal Aliens “ here in the USA doing the work which many Americans will not do..The fact is that these immigrants are natural farmers and have worked the land for aeons of time..descendents of the Maya and Aztec nations...They have a deep connection to the land..In light of this awareness,lets create guest worker permits and gainfully employ these guest workers in helping us achieve greater eco-agricultural sustainability...Also let us create an internal Conservation Corp. modeled on the Peace Corp. and enlist our young people for a minimium of 2 months voluntary service working in the community creating community gardens .planting trees and beautifying America... In addition let us employ inner city youth to participate and employ non-violent drug offenders to work side by side with other American youth and guest workers...

We envision a highly motivated and idealistic army of young people going out into the countryside and/or interacting with inner city kids to help build sustainable communities..These programs can be funded at the local state and federal levels...The economic, ecological and social benefits of these programs will be extraordinary!!!...Our young people are intelligent, idealistic and will be more then willing to lend their hands and ingenuity in helping to create a new and greener America...We envision an army of Bioneers numbering in the tens of millions...In addition we can hire the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and professions because of Globilization..It is important to remember that the health and wealth of America is rooted in our soil and in community... I cannot think of a more empowering use of human resources..

The Survival of Civilization
John Hamaker

The book The Survival of Civilization by John Hamaker and Don Weaver is regarded by a growing movement worldwide as a blueprint for the survival of the Earth, restoring ecological balance, and perhaps even recreating Eden.

The remineralization of forests, farms, orchards, and gardens with glacial gravel and rock dust is nature’s way to regenerate and fertilize soils. During an Ice Age, as glaciers grind rock to a fine dust over millennia, a fertile soil is created. Adding finely ground gravel dust to soils is a tremendous boost to organic agriculture and can make it truly viable by adding up to a hundred elements and trace minerals needed by all life. Rock dust also nourishes the microorganisms in the soil, whose protoplasm is the basis of all living things.

There is evidence to suggest that as forests begin to die off worldwide, giving off carbon dioxide, the climate of the Earth is altered, triggering the transition from the warm interglacial to an Ice Age. We are hastening this process with the burning of fossil fuels. Undertaking the task of remineralization is urgent to restore our agricultural soils, to save the dying forests in the temperate latitudes, and to stabilize our climate.

Remineralization revitalizes soils by imitating natural processes and using materials that are a result of glaciation, volcanic eruptions, and alluvial deposits.

Benefits of Remineralization:
• Provides slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals...
• Increases the nutrient intake of plants Increases yields and gives higher brix reading...
• Rebalances soil pH Increases the growth of microorganisms and earthworm activity ...
• Builds humus complex...
• Prevents soil erosion...
• Increases the storage capacity of the soil...
• Increases resistance to insects, disease, frost, and drought...
• Produces more nutritious crops...
• Enhances flavor in crops...
• Decreases dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides...


All Organic Farmers and Gardeners to discover...the miraculous power of Kelp. The American Kelp Corp. would like to help you to naturize your lawn and garden with the natural organic power of Kelp. Kelp is one of nature’s wonders. It contains natural nutrients, hormones, plant steroids and proteins. Department of Agriculture Scientific Research, University Tests, Field Studies and Commercial Organic Farmers demonstrate that Kelp fiber and extracts will help build a better soil base and grow stronger plants. Kelp slowly releases nutrients, up to two years Kelp improves soil texture, promotes natural flora and worms. Kelp contains large quantities of the natural growth hormones auxins, gibberellin and cytokinin. Kelp promotes faster growth and germination. Kelp promotes the general health of the plant, including drought and frost resistance. Kelp is non-toxic and is an excellent tonic for plants. Kelp is a natural and safe replacement for chemical fertilizers. Kelp will not harm pets or children. Kelp is environmentally preferred. Kelp contains all known natural organic minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Kelp will increase the size of the root ball. Kelp will reduce transplant shock. Kelp will promote stronger stem and leaf growth. Kelp contains Mannitol, which enables plants to better absorb nutrients from the soil. Kelp stimulates beneficial soil bacteria that fix nitrogen and make it available to the plant. Kelp is free of foreign seeds and contamination. Kelp greatly reduces the need for additional fertilizers...up to 90% less. Kelp has algin, which will retain moisture and cut irrigation 20-80%, depending on soil texture.

Kelp studies at the Universities of Maryland and Clemson show an increase in plant resistance to fungi, molds, aphids, flea beetles, spider mites, and scabs. Kelp grown fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life. Kelp adds humus to the soil. Kelp has natural organic antibiotics, bromophenol, tanning, phloroglucinol, and terpenoid, which fend off bacteria and viruses and repel some insects in the garden. Kelp improves soil fertility as nutrients and hormones are directly available to the plant.

THE AMERICAN KELP CORP. “Your Complete Garden Center For Kelp Products” Kelp Meal • Kelp Fiber Soil Amendments • Kelp Extracts • Enhanced Liquid Kelp Lawn Treatment • • Kelp Sod Pretreatment •

For scientific information, free samples and consultations, call or write: The American Kelp Corp. P.O. Box 370178 San Diego, CA 92137-0178 (619) 239-KELP

Restorative Farming &
The Real Green revolution

Kenny Ausubel

Agriculture as it is practiced by “agribusiness” today is the single most destructive human activity against the environment. If we do not redirect agriculture, we can forget preserving the earth. In addition, by the year 2000, just one percent of farms will grow fifty percent of our food. This centralization of agribusiness undermines global food security and national sovereignty. What do we do?

What would a positive scenario of global agriculture look like? The practices for ecological agriculture are already present. Systems such as permaculture, bio-intensive, biodynamic and many indigenous methods are capable of producing yields comparable or actually higher then chemical agriculture while restoring the soil, water and land. These systems are knowledge-intensive rather than technology-intensive, meaning that they also create jobs. Creating jobs is an essential component of any healthy future economy, and food is the biggest business in the world. In just the last ten years, over 2,000 farmers markets have sprung up across the U.S. They indicate the desire of the public to have direct access to fresh health food, as well as a direct connection to farmers and the soil.

Similarly, Community-Supported Agriculture projects (CSA’s) are already spreading rapidly as citizens come together to contract with a farmer for fresh produce over a season. These budding community institutions underscore the need to decentralize agriculture and produce much more food locally for community food self- reliance. While access to markets and a cash economy are important as well, community food security is equally important. We will also be reexamining what crops we grow, both from the point of view of nutrition and the health of the soil. As current trends indicate, people are enthusiastic about “new” varieties of foods, which are mainly the rich heritage of heirloom vegetables and fruits that people have cultivated and passed down through countless generations.

Most of these also contain a higher nutritional value as well as delicious flavors that are now inspiring respected chefs to highlight them in great recipes and meals. Meanwhile, brilliant farmers and gardeners have been documenting which crops are more or less impactful on the soil, and we will increasingly see these ecological and nutritional considerations in our future farming. Human beings face one of the greatest challenges ever. How do we learn to feed ourselves while living lightly on the land? The future, already in the making today, is a restorative agriculture which restores the soil, water, nutrition, community, jobs and economy. Restorative farming also restores the human spirit in harmony with the natural world. What a great adventure we are undertaking.

Kenny Ausubel, is the author of Seeds of Change - The Living Treasure: The Passionate Story of the Growing Movement to Restore Biodiversity and Revolutionize the Way We Think About Food (Harper San Francisco, 1994).

His next book on the Bioneers will be out in Spring, 1997. (Reprint, The GreenMoney Journal, West 608 Glass Avenue, Spokane, WA 99205. (509) 328- 1741. Summer, 1996 edition)

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