Ten Reasons Why Farmers Should Think Twice
Before Growing GE Crops

E. Ann Clark, Plant Agriculture,

University of Guelph(

The tide appears to be turning against GE crops, but if what you read in the farm press is any indication, farmers will be the last ones to know it. The future of agricultural biotechnology is in serious jeopardy, as consumers, grain buyers, processors, and supermarket chains line up around the world refusing to buy GE products.The Deutsch Bank, largest bank in Europe, has gone public with its concerns, advising thousands of institutional investors across the world to sell GE. And so they have, affecting not just stock prices but encouraging major life science companies to consider spinning off their GE divisions - if anyone will buy them. Don’t believe it?

Have a look at a revealing report entitled Ag Biotech: Thanks, But No Thanks?

( which was published in July 1999 by the Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Europe. They stated that “Thirty days ago, the investment community accorded only positive GMO corn and soybean...Today, the term GMO has become a liability. We predict that GMOs, once perceived as the driver of the bull case for this sector will now be perceived as a pariah.”

This highly influential report was sent to thousands of the world’s largest institutional investors. It concluded by down-rating Pioneer Hi-Bred from HOLD to SELL, coupled with a broad negative recommendation for the seed sector in general .


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