Superconscious Mind, You Are Only Responsive To Suggestions Created By Me, Which Are In Complete Harmony With My Innermost Self...Through The Magic And The Miraculous Power Of The Light, You Will Align And Attune Me To The Harmonious Self That I Am...As I Am Now In Harmony With My True Self, I Will And I Am, Experiencing Ever Increasing Degrees Of Health, Peace And Freedom In My Life... I Thank Thee, Law Of Life, For The Priceless Gift Of Self-Awareness,
And An Ever Expanding, Infinitely Loving, Compassionate And Creative Consciousness...Ah-Om...

The Health Affirmation and Declaration is a direct command to our super-subconscious mind. You are instructing yourself to align with the Universal Will to Good. When you attune yourself with your highest good, you begin to dissolve your limited negative belief systems You are "Born Again." You experience your "new" true Self. Your "new" true Self, your inner Self, the child within, is spontaneous, creative, loving, happy and free.

The Health Affirmation and Declaration activates our power of discrimination. By activating our power of discrimination, we become empowered to make intelligent choices that express a greater wisdom. The Health Affirmation and Declaration formula activates this power.
Through the power of discrimination (wisdom), you will move from complexity to simplicity. Attaining freedom is a process of simplification.

The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

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