This is the story of an unfolding miracle, or so it would seem. We, Utopia Silver , started selling colloidal silver as a mineral supplement in 1998. Though we knew of its healing properties, we continue to be surprised and pleased by the reports we are getting from our customers. We didn't know it was effective against hep C until we got this letter from a lady named Karen in Texas.

We included her testimonial in the email news letter we send out to those who are interested in colloidal silver. It is called "Silver Nuggets." We began to get orders from hep C sufferers who wanted to try Karen's "cure." In a few weeks, we began to get testimonials of seeming success against this dread, "incurable" disease. We were encouraged but cautious.

The frequency and excitement of the reports has gradually increased until now we are getting almost daily reports of good and sometimes miraculous results using this harmless, natural mineral supplement to control Hepatitis-C. Some of the reports are listed here. Read them for yourselves. As one of the news networks is fond of saying, "We report, you decide

Karen's Story

Three years ago I went to see my doctor because I believed I must have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had only three or four good hours of energy everyday & then I had to go to bed again. It seemed as if I lived my life in bed with my illness. I was an invalid. The blood tests for my liver enzymes revealed the hepatitis C. The doctor told me this is the incurable form of hepatitis. I was crushed by that information, but what was just as bad was the heartless and demeaning way that he told me; so unfeeling and cold, with the attitude that somehow I was to blame for this. I was shocked and disgusted with his questions. He asked many of them the way it would be in confession and he was the priest. Apparently there is the attitude about this disease that " you deserve it, you probably brought it on yourself." Yes, I do admit my alcohol consumption was overboard for many years. I also know the disease can be gotten many other ways. It was virtually unknown until the 1970's so blood transfusions often were infected. They called it "nonspecific hepatitis" before the 1970's. Whatever the form of contact, it should not be the business of my doctor to moralize or judge my „imagined‰ sins or me. I was so angry with him for the things he told the booklet and me he handed to me. It was a pamphlet with skull and crossbones on the cover, and it was like a formal death sentence he was handing me. He said that I should wait until I'm in the advanced stages of the disease before I should seek the interferon treatment, and it will probably make me feel sicker than the disease itself. My whole world collapsed in on me; that was the darkest day of my whole life of forty-three years.

Then came the blessing. I must have had some good karma stored up, because it came my way in the form of my dear husband.

He could not bear to see me so tortured by this any longer and he said, "don't worry, I'll get you through this." I guess it was about a week later when he told me he remembered an article he'd read 20 years ago, in one of those popular mechanics - The subject was colloidal silver. He said the details were foggy, but he knew he was onto something so he researched it on the Internet - a month later I was making up batches of C.S. for my cure. I decided it was time to take control of my health and my destiny. Everything was in the balance. I did go overboard taking the C.S. three times a day for 3 months and once a day thereafter, and I took twice as much as is recommended, but I was fighting mad and determined to stick with it. Those doctors put me up to a challenge and I was ready to fight the "good fight."

I did experience the commonly known "healing crisis" for about a week, when I was very tired, but not sickish. The C.S. was killing off a tremendous amount of toxins in my liver and that took extra energy on my part, so I was eating extra healthy food at that time.

I don't know if I was cured in the first three days or if I was cured in the first three months, because my first liver enzyme test was six months after I began the C.S. I was absolutely sure that I was cured. My energy was over the top & I could stay awake 16 hours a day & I began living life happy & free. Sure enough my complete liver panel came back negative for any traces of hep C. This blood panel has been negative now for 3 years, it's as if I never had hep c, but I did and I suffered long enough with it.

This is more - a lot more than a success story about my health - It is a spiritual healing too. This experience has given me a true purpose in life. I'm not a religious person, but I am deeply spiritual - I know his has got to be way I found out my purpose in life is to help others with hepatitis - C by giving them encouragement and hope. It is only fair to share this good news with those who still suffer. The social and medical stigma attached to hep c is caused from pure ignorance and fear. Let's all overcome that unfortunate attitude and lean on each other to get through - Knowledge is power and the shroud of misinformation can be lifted if we all take control of our own destinies.

My first opportunity to reach out to others came to me when my uncle called me. He said, "I have a friend who has hepatitis C. Would you be willing to talk to him on the phone about your experience?" That was the beginning of my "calling in life"- I simply told him about my success with C.S. and he decided to get a generator to make his own. But he didn't really do much at first, because he was always sick in bed, so I started sending him the C.S. in the hopes that he would in short order, get out of bed & have the energy to help himself. This was three months ago and today he is feeling good everyday. The first week after he was taking C.S. he jumped out of bed and went to buy a bicycle. He's been riding five miles a day, and still does a full-time job - This is the best part of all. Just knowing that by simply telling him about my cure, he was able to come to the conclusion that C.S. was his hope for a new life too.

I'm sooooo glad I didn't buy-into the stigma attached to this illness. I'm fortunate enough to have the energy and good-health to go help others who still suffer, and for this I am MOST grateful.

With Much Gratitude,
Karen Karen update 10/15/01

Dearest Bill,

I has been about a year since I posted my hepatitis-c testimonial on your website, and I was astounded to see all the action going on about the cure. Most of all your update letter and the testimonies from others successes with c.s. is overwhelming! This has made me as happy as I could ever be! I am still doing great and have so much thankfullness in my heart for discovering c.s. I cured me. I have continued to study and research this amazing thing we all know is a true lifesaver. The first thing I discovered was the actual name and publication that Jace [my husband] read twenty years ago. We found it....!!!! It's an obscure little article tucked away in: SCIENCE DIGEST dated MARCH 1978. Whew.....he had to REALLY be impressed with it in order to remember that from 20 years ago. The name of the article: OUR MIGHTIEST GERM FIGHTER. Well that little article would ultimately save my life. What are the odds that I would marry a man [we had only been married one year at the time] that would have read that article, and remembered reading it in order that I may live???? Life is a mystery, but not. Thank you for being so helpful and may you continue to do your good works for a long long long time. Very Truly Yours, Karen [the one from Texas]

P.S. Message to Dr. Polland: [see below]
Hi, the markers for once having had hep c can remain in the blood for life, while the person is in actuality free of the disease...the thing to look at are the counts and not the actual blood test per se. Please refer to The Microsilver Bullet for the doctors explanation. This is just my understanding of it. Dr. Farber talks at length regarding this and I feel you could benefit from it. Thanks and Good Luck....You are doing a great thing for your patients!
With Much Respect, Karen

Since Karen's story was written, there have been great strides made in the technology of colloidal silver production. We are blessed to have been included in the distribution of a new type of colloidal silver which has been developed through this research. This new product is called
Advanced Colloidal Silver for very good reasons. Its extremely small silver particles in a very strong concentration can penetrate to the smallest capillaries of the bloodstream and expose the most entrenched viruses to its killing power. We believe this product will become known as the "Silver Bullet" against Hep-C and other viral infections. Click here to learn more about this advanced product and buy it on line or by mail.


Dear Bill

My name is Mark and for the past year or so, I had not been feeling very well. I felt like I had a cold all the time but did not have the runny nose and congestion. I was also plagued by terrific itching and tan colored stools. I decided to go to the doctors this past April. I described my symptoms to him and he felt that he should draw some blood for a liver function test. My liver function test came back abnormal so he then drew some more blood to check for Hepatitis A, B and C. I was considered at risk for I work in the health care field and I have been exposed to patients' blood. On June 20, 2001, I received a call from my doctor's nurse that I tested positive for hep C. and that he wanted me to come back in a month and draw some more blood and discuss treatment options. I was devastated when I found out. I felt like walking disease and just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I started doing research on the Internet and came across information on colloidal silver. I was inspired by the testimonies about people recovering >from hep C when taking colloidal silver. I purchased Utopia Silver's 20 PPM solution and started taking it on June 25, 2001. I had spoken to my doctor about it but he advised me against it but did not provide a reason. On the fourth day of taking colloidal silver, I noticed that the night sweats had stopped and that I did not have to take a nap when I got home from work. On July 11, 2001, I went to the doctor to have more blood drawn and to discuss treatment options. I explained to the doctor that I had been feeling really good since I started taking the colloidal silver and that I really did not feel sick anymore. He did not say much and said that I would be placed in a study group that is experimenting with a new drug. On July 26, 2001, I received a letter from my doctor that I did not have any signs of the virus in my blood and that my liver function test came back normal. He provided two possible explanations, neither of which was colloidal silver. I honestly feel that colloidal silver was what saved my life. I consumed 4 tablespoons of the colloidal silver daily with no ill side effects except for a little diarrhea. I urge everyone that is faced with this terrible disease to try colloidal silver for up to at least six months. My virus count was very low and that is why it took such a short period. I continue to take a tablespoon a day and continue to feel great. I have included copies of the letters from the doctors. I wish everyone who tries this miracle cure the same outcome that I have experienced.

Thank you Bill !!!

Here are those letters in order by date. Copies of them are on file here, but they would not scan well and therefore we have typed them for legibility purposes.

June 26, 2001

Dear Mark,

I am writing this letter concerning the blood work that was obtained from an outside laboratory on may 24, 2001. As was discussed with my office nurse, this blood work does indicate that you are positive for the hepatitis C virus. Your hepatitis C count is less than 600 particles of virus per cc of blood. This is indeed encouraging, as this is an extremely low viral load. Based on this, I would ask that you keep your follow-up appointment in our office with Mr. Askey on July 11, 2001 for discussion of treatment of hepatitis c.

I hope that this correspondence finds you well. If you have any questions regarding this information, or if any problems arise, please do not hesitate to give me a call at xxx xxxx. I will make every attempt to return your call as expediently as possible.


Michael J Georgetson, MD
Section of Gastroenterology

July 26, 2001
Dear Mark,

It was a pleasure seeing you during your visit to the Department of Gastroenterology at the Guthrie Clinic on July 11, 2001. I have received the results of the blood work that was drawn following your visit.

I am very pleased to report that your hepatitis C test was negative. There was no indication of current infection. Your hepatitis C RNA by PCR qualitative test, which tells us whether there is virus present, was negative. Your quantitative test, which tells us how much virus is present, failed to detect the virus. This suggests that you are not infected with hepatitis C. This brings up two possibilities. You could have been infected with the virus and cleared it on your own. Up to 15% of the population is able to do this. The second possibility is that the original hepatitis C test was falsely positive. At any rate, there is no indication of virus at this time, and after discussing the results with Dr. Georgetson, he does not believe there is any reason to treat it at this time.

Your Liver function tests are normal at this time as are your blood mineral levels and kidney function tests. Your blood sugar was minimally elevated at 130 (normal 65-110). If you had eaten prior to this test, this is a fairly common finding. Your complete blood count was normal. There was no indication of any inflamation or anemia. Your blood clotting studies were normal indicating that your liver is producing enzymes necessary for blood clotting.

Based on this information, Dr. Georgetson has suggested that you follow up in the office in 6 months at which time we will recheck your hepatitis C test as well as your liver function tests. I have placed you on a reminder list for this.

The blood work does not explain the fatigue that you had been experiencing or the abdominal discomfort. If the fatigue persists, I would ask that you follow up with your primary care provider for further workup. If your abdominal discomfort persists, I would ask that you call our office for further care.

I hope that this correspondence finds you well. If you have any questions regarding this information, or if any problems arise, please do not hesitate to give me a call at xxx xxxx. I will make every attempt to return your call as expediently as possible.


Bruce D Askey, MS, CRNP
Section of Gastroenterology
Dear Bill,

We started one of our clinic patients on colloidal silver two months ago. He has hepatitis C with a very high virus count...over 3 million. After 2 months, it is down to 2.5 million. I wish I knew how high Steve's count was before going on the CS. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, if anyone has had good results treating either ALS or MS, please have them contact me.

Leslie Polland, M.D.

Testimonial 2

My Husband who has hep c hardly ever got out of bed. Except for going to work which takes everything he has to get out of bed to go but he does. then when he is at home all he wants to do is sleep, until three weeks ago when I ordered collidal silver and he began taking it three times a day.
Within a week he started to get out of bed and not having to drag himself out of bed. and now on the weekends we spend time together instead of him sleeping and feeling sick all the time. It is amazing.

Thank you very much,
P.A in Alabama

Testimonial 3

Interesting emails re HCV. I was diagnosed two years ago, and was told by the gastro guy that my liver is 80% shot. I was feeling very, very poorly. About 6 months later I ran across CS on the net, thought what the heck, and have been drinking a mouthful of about 15 PPM CS daily ever since. Not only has my chronic tooth deterioration come to a schreeching halt, but my LFTs (Liver Function Tests) always come back absolutely normal. Albumen, protein levels, the whole bit. I haven't had a viral-load test in over a year, but will soon and you can bet it'll be less than the 3 million/10 ML results I originally got. Also, CS seems to really helped with the attendant fatigue problems associated with HCV. Many friends have asked me if I'm still sick, as they see little difference between me and any other "healthy" individual.

But make it yourselves people, it's almost free.

EDITOR"S NOTE: You can find the equipment to make it here.

Testimonial 4

I am 46 and tested positive for hep c in dec. 2000. I feel contracted the virus in the early 70's and was in the hospital twice for hep. They called it non a-b hep. I took 8 oz colloidal silver twice daily along with 4 thymuplex, two 60mg coq10, two milk thistle and two alpha lipoic acid. Four months later my hcv pcr by rna test showed zero virus count.


Testimonial 5
Dear utopia,

About three months ago my wife, lynn, was diagnosed with hepatitis c after visiting her doctor for a routine physical exam. like karen in your testimonial (almost exactly like) she was stunned and perplexed and quite vulnerable. you can imagine her pain when the local specialist whom she was referred to (exactly like karen) displayed the attitude of an evangelistic moralist, strongly implying that she had undoubtedly engaged in "some sort" of aberrant activity to bring on the condition. I had visited your website previous to the visit and brought up the possibility of colloidal silver as a treatment alternative to the interferon that he was proposing. whereupon he totally belittled the entire concept saying that there not only was there no evidence of such a procedure having produced results, but that colloidal silver was potentially harmful to the human body etc. going on to point out that this was a procedure primarily used by misguided practitioners in third world countries. that is the moment that our minds were made up and I called you to order our generator.

after promptly receiving it, I started producing cs in concentrations of 15 ppm which lynn consumed 3 oz of twice daily without fail. she did not experience the "healing crisis" referred to in some of your testimonials, nor did she develop high energy levels referred to by karen so we really did not have a point of reference to judge her progress by. well, we returned to her primary provider, an internist, who had initially diagnosed her and told him of our alternative treatment. we were amazed when he told us that "off the record", he thought we were on the right track and that if someone in his own family had the virus, he would use cs rather than interferon. he drew a blood sample and sent it off to a lab phoning us with the results yesterday, october 15th. the virus count was UNDETECTABLE!!!!

We can not thank you enough for maintaining your website with current testimonials. we thank Karen and all of the others who shared their experiences with us thru your site. not only did it provide us with the basic information on cs, but most importantly gave us the resolve to proceed with this fabulous alternative treatment!

I have one more question for you though. Now that the virus has been brought under control (undetectable), should she continue with maintenance doses. I know that you can not recommend, but could you mention what others do after bringing the virus count down? [most continue to take a maintenance dose]

With heartfelt thanks,
George and lynn burton

Testimonial 6

I was diagnosed with Hep C in Dec. 2000. My viral count was 770, 935. Even though this is relatively low as compared to some, I was experiencing debilitating fatigue, mental confusion, night sweats, insomnia, depression, and hair loss. In May I discovered your product, Colloidal Silver, on the Internet. I ordered it and started taking it on May 30, 2001, along with herbs I also read that were good for the liver and the disease. Three days after taking 1 tbsp. in the morning and 1 tbsp at night on an empty stomach I started noticing a significant increase in my energy level. Instead of going home from work and getting on the couch until bedtime, I actually started getting back out in my yard and swimming pool. Other symptom began to gradually improve. I had blood work drawn June 14, 2001. My viral count was down to 350,000. Liver enzymes were normal. I feel great! I go back for blood work in Sept. and can't wait to get the good results. Now for my pet dog, Spirit. Her name described her usual temperament, until she started exhibiting signs of heart worms. She started coughing and became less active. I decided to give her some colloidal silver. I gave her 1 tbsp. a day for a week. She stopped coughing and started greeting me again when I got home from work. It became such a chore to give it to her and I was wasting a lot out of the dropper that, since she was better I stopped giving it to her. The end of June she starting foaming at the month, coughing again, her eyes got really dark, and she got very lethargic. I was really scared and knew I didn't want to take her to the Vet as her mother died from the heart worm treatment. I decided just to fight her and started giving her 2 tbsp. of colloidal silver a day. It was a struggle, and we wasted some, but I knew I was going to lose her if I didn't do something. She started showing immediate signs of improvement. It took a while to relieve all the symptoms, but today 8/16/01, you can hardly keep her still. She is active, no coughing or foaming, her eyes are bright, and her coat is back to its soft silky feel. I am so grateful for this product. Bless you for sharing this with me and others. Spirit thanks you too. Oh, also I no longer have the toe fungus I couldn't get rid of with conventional treatments. I highly recommend this product for anyone with an ailment.

Keep up the good work.

Testimonial 7

Hello. I was diagonse w/ hep c 1 1/2 years ago. I 've been taking vitamins but just started colloidal silver 1 week ago. I think I can feel the difference. I couldn't get out of bed all last week. Now I have so much energy that I can't even lie down to take a nap. It's really kind of spooky.
Before, I had to lay down everyday and nap. Now I can't even force myself to lay down. I feel absolutely great.....

Testimonial 8

I am so thankful that my wife found you and your product on the web. I had got down so low dealing with doctors, and the idea that i would have to feel this way for the rest of my life. you see, I have CRONIC HEP, and I work in construction as an ELECTRICIAN. My job asks a hole lot of me, and for many years I always wondered why I had to force myself to do anything., energy wise. And now I have been taking colloidol silver for two weeks and my mental and energy level has changed radically.
I remember days of laying in bed and not having the energy to get up. Thank you for your product, and


Testimonial 9

Several years ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis c, I tried all kinds of different herbs and nothing seemed to help. I had no energy and that made it very difficult for me to make a living. A couple of years ago my brother told me about colloidal silver and he made me a batch. I almost immediately started to feel better. But then after running out of it I discontinued using it and started to feel down again. And then just recently I was diagnosed with a gallbladder infection and ordered the rods from you. I made my first batch and started to take it as soon as it was finished. But first I must tell you that before taking it I had a very serious case of diarrhea, making it even difficult to sleep because it was uncontrollable. This is a hard thing to talk about, but the good news is that it has stopped completely and I am now able to work without worrying about having any problems, Oh ya and the stomach aches are gone also. I no longer worry about going to work and I am once again able to sleep like a baby without having to worry. I am also taking the gold now. Both great products, Thanks and God bless. Oh ya Thanks for the prayer also

James Christianson

Testimonial 10

I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis c a couple of years back. I went for the "treatment" about 18 months back, that consisted of daily doses of Ribavirin and interferon. In all of my adult life, I have never been so sick from side effects of the medications. After three months on these harsh medications my quality of life was so poor that I decided to remove my self from the "treatment". I stopped all medications, waited six months and started CS one ounce in the am and one ounce in the pm. I have NEVER NEVER felt better in my whole live. I can now do 16 hour days if I want to and still not tired. I will be going in soon for a viral load test and will let you know the results. For the last 10 years I have had chronic foot problems with fungus. Since CS that too has totally vanished. Absolutely no one is paying me for this testimony. I just hope that others out there have the same positive results with CS that I have had.

Thanks a million, Bill.
New Braunfels, Texas

Testimonial 11
Dear Utopia!,

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in July 2000. I immediately ruled out conventional treatments as a "cure being worse than the disease". Herbal remedies followed, with some success. In March/April of 2001 I discovered Colloidal Silver. In the first -4- days I felt as the C.S. had given me the flu. Then, I started to feel better. I continued to monitor my blood/hepatic function tests and noted some fluctuation with the enzyme levels. Continuing to feel better. Sept. 2001 - Complete Hepatic Panel to include RIBA/Hepatitis Activity for both B and C strains, report: negative.!

Needless to say, I am a staunch believer in Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver was the core element in health supplements that proved to be the significant turning point/catalyst in this dreaded disease. C.S. will remain a staple in my health program.

Thanks! Lee

Testimonial 12

Hi Bill. After 2 months on the advanced cs my ALT has gone from 128 to 53. This is no bull folks! Check it out for yourselves. Don't let those conscienceless docs feed you that toxic Garbage. I have tried allot of
different expensive stuff but the cs has had the BEST results for the least money. I'll keep you posted Bill on any further results. Thanks Bill and remember GOD created more superior meds than man ever will. Cheers and wish everybody all the very best. Let's all look to GOD more for health and healing. P.S. you can use this also Bill in your testimonial page

Testimonial 13

I had a virus count of some 3-4 million in late August. [Raymond has hepatitis c]. I have not been back to the doctor having no insurance or any other benefits of any kind. But if the way I feel is any indicator, I am cured!

Thank you!

To give you a brief idea of how "bad" I was. I was not merely "tired;" I was so exhausted I was beginning to hallucinate. I thought I was fine, of course. I was even irritated when family members "caught" me talking to invisible people. I saw my daughters turn into table lamps, my brother-in-law an easy chair, a house plant was a nest of snakes, etc. I sure wasn't lonely. This was on top of pain in the area of my liver, nausea, and the worst sort of "poisoned feeling" I find difficult to describe.

From the very first dose of CS I imagined I felt "different." I was still sick and would continue to be for about 5-6 weeks but the worst feeling had been replaced by this [I apologize for my inadequacy] "difference." It has now been a full ten weeks and although I am still a little shaky; I am planning on returning to work full time again soon. And, to be on the safe
side, plan on taking 30 ml a day forever.

Raymond Hildebrand
Come back here from time to time as we add more testimonials.

Testimonial 1 4

I swear by your product and recommend it to everyone I know for everything. I was in stage II of Hep C and getting seriously ill on the interferon therapy. Since taking CS all that has changed. My liver enzymes are back down and I am feeling much better after only two months. It works on everything. My gums and teeth were bad from the chemo and are now healing and I can once again eat. I use it on rashes, including the mystery rashes and it has never failed me yet. Thank you and thank God for CS. CS has literally saved my life and changed everything about my life because I am feeling healthy once again. I can even enjoy driving my race car once again!

Debbi Simpson.

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