"The Strength Of Our Nation Is Directly Proportional To The Health Of Our People"...

Despite the fact that we as a nation spend over $900 billion on health care each year, we are facing an unprecedented "health crisis." The modern medical establishment with its reliance on technology, dangerous drugs, unnecessary surgery, and exorbitant escalating hospital costs has failed in its mission to deliver safe, effective and inexpensive medical care. Modern medicine does well with infectious diseases and works miracles with traumatic injuries, yet it has virtually no effect on the major stress-related degenerative diseases of our time...


Cancer researchers, John Bailar and Elaine Smith, published in the May 1986 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, that the "war" on cancer is being lost. They cited data from the National Center for Health Statistics indicating that from 1962 to 1982, deaths from cancer increased by 8.7%.

Perhaps equally important when focusing on causation is the statistic that from 1973 to 1981 the age-adjusted incidence rate of the disease increased by 8.5%. Their colleague at the Harvard School of Public Health, cancer expert John Cairns, put it more forcefully. In Science Magazine, the publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Cairns was quoted as saying that "there has been no significant gains in survival from any of the major cancers since the 1950's and that "the cancer data are so discouraging that it is difficult to discuss them in public."

Given these trends, Bailar and Smith write "the major conclusion we draw is that some thirty-five years of intense effort focused largely on improving treatments must be judged a qualified failure." They renew a call for a "shift in emphasis from research on treatment to research on prevention, essential if substantial progress against cancer is to be forthcoming."

These findings substantiate a prophetic statement I made in 1976 in the book I authored entitled Medicine Today, Healing Tomorrow, "In time we will come to recognize that the cure for cancer lies in its prevention."


Heart disease... our nation's #1 health problem. The cost of cardiovascular disease, of which coronary artery disease constitutes 60%, is estimated to be $108.9 billion per year.
CAUSE: Unaccommodated stress, improper diet and lack of exercise.
SOLUTION: Prevention through education and the implementation of programmed life-style changes which support health as outlined in The Human Ecology Program. Currently billions of dollars are being spent on coronary artery bypass surgery as an attempt to reconstitute the arterial integrity of the heart.

This extraordinarily expensive ($40-60,000 per operation), painful and dangerous procedure is now being questioned regarding its efficacy. It is estimated that approximately 300,000 Americans will undergo this questionable procedure (bypass surgery) in 1995.

For those with advanced arteriosclerotic heart disease we highly recommend chelation therapy, a safe, non-invasive, inexpensive technique, which dramatically reduces atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries.


This endemic global health "crisis," which is being fed by fear and misinformation (as substantiated in Dr. Willner's book, DEADLY DECEPTION) has a silver lining contained within it. The AIDS Syndrome provides us with the opportunity to gain greater self- knowledge. The wholistic perspective views dis-ease as a signal or message from nature to take corrective action.

AIDS is an open door for gaining greater conscious spiritual, psychological and biological knowledge of ourselves as human beings.

There are key points which need to be immediately brought to public awareness.

  • HIV/AIDS hypothesis is false.

  • HIV/AIDS is not a sexually transmitted dis- ease.

  • Advanced scientific research suggests that AIDS is a multi-factorial, auto-immune dis-ease.

  • AZT, the current orthodox treatment of choice, is profoundly cytotoxic.

  • AIDS is not a death sentence, as many people who have been diagnosed as HIV positive, are enjoying healthy and productive lives. The solution to AIDS lies in an enlightened educational process along with broad-based support and implementation of safe, effective and inexpensive wholistic technologies as clearly outlined in "The Human Ecology Program: A Comprehensive Health Maintenance and Rejuvenation Process."


It seems these days just about everyone is addicted to something, be it alcohol, sugar, nicotine, caffeine, barbiturates, cocaine, heroine, and/or marijuana. Drugs, legal or illegal, is big business. The economic and psychological costs of rampant drug abuse is staggering. Being drug free is a priceless gift to oneself. The Human Ecology Program assists the individual in eliminating toxic drugs from the body. It is a synergistic, wholistic program which naturally relieves the symptoms normally associated with drug withdrawal and detoxification and eliminates the need for "substitute" drugs. This program empowers and enables an individual to safely dissolve their chemical dependency by activating the will, building self-esteem, and restoring the biochemical integrity of the blood..


Over 30 million Americans suffer from this painful debilitating condition.
THE SOLUTION for arthritis lies in A) dietary change; B) detoxification of the blood, lymph, and colon; C) enhancing the immune system; D) moderate exercise. Thousands of people here in America and especially abroad have been significantly helped through the naturopathic approach as outlined in The Human Ecology Program.


Depression, "the common cold of mental health," is reaching endemic proportions in all age groups. Depression and other thought dis-orders (such as schizophrenia) are being successfully treated by orthomolecular (nutritional) physicians. We know that our state of mind is intimately related to our biochemical status. Prozac, a widely used, controversial, anti-depressant drug, raises the brains serotonin levels, thereby alleviating the symptoms of depression. Better results (no side effects) are obtained through nutritional awareness, exercise and stress reduction techniques.


Over 30 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep dis-order. Insomnia is the result of free floating anxiety - unresolved stress. It is vitally important that we have deep restful sleep since it is in the dream state that we resolve many of our day-to-day problems.
SOLUTION: through the use of herbs, natural biochemical substances and psycho-cybernetic tapes we have a non-addictive technology which promotes deep restful sleep.


In response to our current self-induced "Health Crisis," we Americans are becomming progressively aware of the importance of:

  • common sense
  • adequate sunlight
  • proper nutrition and the underconsumption of food
  • clean water
  • meaningful, work and relationships
  • adequate rest
  • a healthy mental/emotional attitude
  • moderate exercise


Alas, the creation of "The Human Ecology Program: A Comprehensive Health Maintenance and Rejuvenation Process"... This wholistic/synergistic health insurance program teaches you how to simultaneously and effortlessly de-stress yourself, your cells, and the planetary eco-system... Endorsed by many leading health professionals, The Human Ecology Program is a practical integration and synthesis of knowledge in the fields of philosophy, biochemistry, homeopathy, naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, aerobics, and psycho-cybernetics...

Through years of pioneering work by the scientific community and The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, we have created a practical, effective and economical self-help program wherein one experiences a safe and gentle cleansing of the body as well as:

- Stress reduction and relaxation - Increased vitality - Optimal cellular nutrition - Restoration of normal body weight - Clarity of thought - Activation of creativity - Decrease of appetite - Improved vision - Heightened awareness - A renewed sense of love and appreciation of life -

The Human Ecology Program is of vital importance today to all Americans. The health of every man, woman and child in America is the foundational strength of our great nation. Let us individually and collectively choose to go to health!

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