To work creatively with The Law, it is helpful to understand the nature and function of our super-subconscious mind, and the nature of Reality.

It is through the power of the Light, The Law working through the agency of our super- subconscious mind, that our goals are achieved.

The super-subconscious mind is the creative, intuitive, mental, image-making faculty within ourselves.

It is through this super-intelligent, creative power that all forms of life have come into manifestation. The super-subconscious has been likened to a beautiful woman...receptive, open and mysterious. This concept was beautifully captured in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. think of your super-subconscious as your own Mona Lisa - open, receptive, all-knowing, loving and ready and able to give you what you want.

Our super-subconscious mind is a Yes mind. It is always open to suggestions.

By understanding that the mind (our creative mental image-making faculty) operates through the law of suggestion, we become capable of creating meaningful improvements in our life through the transformation of our feelings and attitudes.

In becoming guardians of our minds and masters of suggestion, we can direct a conscious transformation within our cells by creating a new self-image.

Together we are learning to re-educate and re-direct ourselves. This is our personal responsibility. We are learning how to be a true friend to ourselves, to love, to accept and acknowledge ourselves as we are, and through this process, to begin to cultivate a compassionate attitude based upon the awareness of the operating principles of Life...The Law...which is in truth

The Law of Love and Freedom.

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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