As many of you are probably aware that this is but another "False Flag" operation designed to create panic/fear so we like lemmings go running to the authorities to protect us from the latest "malicious", in all probability, man made virus..Oh My God I Am Going to Die!!

Great for the Big Pharma ,Protective masks,and I might add The Colloidal Silver Industry (ARGENTYN 23 a valuable agent for denaturing so called pathogenic agents)..

However before I expand on the three alternative actions one may take to avert a personal catastrophe or unwarranted expenses let us get clear about virus.

Virus are not alive; they have no nucleus, respiratory or digestive systems. Virus are protein wastes in solvent solutions. They are as contagious as Tide soap. It is impossible for one animal tissue in solvent solution to appear in another animal because those tissues are not part of another animal's cellular structures.

Have they been distributing the old swine flu vaccine as other medication in pockets in Mexico because they know it causes swine flu residues in people?

The stories about it appearing in other countries are fictitious stories because we have not been able to get any laboratory confirmation.
Were those stories planted by US government and the pharmaceutical house that vaults the vaccine? Do the laboratory and government want to resell the vaccine and get rid of it for profit. The government is still paying for it to be vaulted and that is very expensive. Why didn't they dump it? Speaking of this strain, it did not come on naturally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this particular strain has never before been seen in pigs or people.

And according to Reuters, the strain is a 'genetic mix' of swine, avian and human flu. Was it created in a lab? Ft Detrick, MD bio-weapons lab, just happened to have a 'missing' batch of this 'cocktail'. Yeah, the same lab from which HIV 'emerged'...and the Avian flu...and anthrax. But that is coincidence, right?


For the same reason they did not dump AZT when it was discovered by independent observers in 1969 that AZT was too toxic for chemotherapy? But when the government in all probability created the AIDS epidemic by contaminating Hepatitis B Vaccines and, in Africa the Smallpox Vaccines, they brought AZT out of the vaults and claimed it was good to treat AIDS. They treated AIDS patients with it and it killed most of them and they made a big profit as well as taking over 27 African countries resources.

With the 'human-bird-pig' flu, they are creating an imaginary "pandemic" and viola, people will flock to take the swine flu vaccine. With the Geneva Convention articles, they cannot force vaccine on anyone but they may be able to quarantine people for a few days.

Remember that no vaccine has proved to be effective, including polio. Many such diseases have cycles and polio was down to less than 1% the year before the polio vaccine was issued in 1958. All vaccines are issue after the diseases have diminished and big pharma takes credit for riding the planet of the diseases. If polio were a problem, why isn't it an epidemic amongst third world people who cannot afford and do not take polio vaccines? Why is polio non-existent in Amish and Mennonite communities where they don't take vaccines?

So in light of this provocative/disturbing revelations What is one to do!!??

I, for one, is genuinely thanking that in all probability, the hapless Swine Flu virus for reminding me that the sure way to succumb to this perpetration is to believe that I am indeed vulnerable..

From here one can make some take some reasonable courses of action:

A. Get Extremely upset that we are being manipulated once again..Curse out the bad guys ,vent and yell..Damn It To hell! I am not going to take this anymore!!


B. Take some really deep breaths , get a hold of yourself and give thanks for this great teaching moment to move into greater awareness and self mastery by affirming to yourself the truth about oneself..Invoke the power of the Light , in love, and detachment to transmute any all all fear(s) that you may have in regard to your personal well being...

C. If you feel/believe that this is indeed a real health threat take the necessary actions to enhance your immune system by maintaining equanimity of mind, and give your body those elements which have proven to be quite effective for maintaining a healthy immune system..I.E. Colloidal Silver, Medicinal Mushrooms, large doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, Aloe vera Juice etc.etc..

D. Take great delight in watching this potential Pandemic fizzle as individual and collectively we all choose to go to health and Most importantly Thank the "dark" side for empowering us to further awaken ourselves to the infinite power of our MIGHT "I AM " Presence...


Jeshua Comments On The Swine Flu Virus

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