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This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid as it lays on the snow at the magnetic North Pole. You can charge this grid with Reiki thus increasing the healing energy it sends out to the world. Just draw the Usui distant symbol and begin sending Reiki to the picture. Many have reported healing energy coming back to them from the picture when they do this. Click your mouse on the picture to make it bigger.


World Peace Crystal Grid

Placed at the North Pole

A cold wind whipped across the gravel runway as I walked from the plane to the small airport terminal at Resolute in Canada's Northwest Territory. It had taken two days to get here after teaching a Karuna class in New York City, yet I still had over 8 hours of flight time left before I would get to my destination - the North Pole, where I planned to place a specially created crystal grid dedicated to world peace. The terminal was filled with activity. A women's relay team, which was cross country skiing to the Pole, was exchanging team members - one team arriving and one leaving. As I spoke to our organizer, I noticed that although I did not feel weak and my mind was clear, my vision and hearing were phasing in and out going from normal to almost black then back to normal. I realized that my system was attempting to adjust to the unusually high vibration of the area. At this latitude and time of year, the sun is always up and simply circles around a little above the horizon 24 hours a day. This combined with clear skies most of the time, blazing white snow and it's proximity to the North Pole, created an environment filled with intensity.

The temperature ranged from 10 degrees above to 10 degrees below zero F. which is not that cold, but with the wind chill, it can get much colder. The remainder of the journey would be in a "Twin Otter," a very rugged and powerful plane known as the "workhorse of the Arctic. " It is equipped with retractable skis so it can land on both gravel runways (which is all they can have up here because of the permafrost) and snow or ice. Because good weather is important in order to land on the ice at the Pole, our departure time could change at a moment's notice. My ride up to the North Pole was possible because of an extra seat on the plane that would pick up a dog sled and cross country ski team that was going there. Although we were scheduled to leave the next afternoon, a sudden change in weather put us on the plane in the early morning. We left and stopped at the Eureka weather station on Ellesmere Island to refuel, then had to stay overnight as the weather changed again. We continued on the next day and landing on the Arctic ice, picked up the dog sled team - loading the dog sled, and dogs onto the plane along with the team members and proceeded on. The team had not made it to the Pole, so we were going to fly the remainder of the distance and land there. However, when we got over the Pole, it was covered with fog and the pilot could not see the ice clearly enough to land, so we circled and came back.

Not having placed the "Grid" at the Pole, I was disappointed and not sure what to do. So I made a call to the Center asking people to send Reiki energy to help the project, then I talked to the flight dispatcher to see if I could get on another flight.

There are actually two North Poles, one is geographic and one is magnetic. I chose the geographic pole simply because this was the pole I was offered a ride to, but then we were unable to land. I did not know there were flights to the magnetic pole even though I knew this would be the best place for the `Grid.' After Reiki had been sent, the situation changed.
The flight dispatcher, being sympathetic to our cause, convinced the people going to pick up a Frenchman who was walking to the magnetic North Pole to allow me to go along on the flight. The magnetic North Pole is near Ellef Ringnes Island.

After landing, I walked out away from the plane on sea ice. There I dedicated the World Peace Crystal Grid and gave it a final charging of Reiki. A picture was taken as it lay on the snow at the magnetic North Pole, copies of which are now available. A video tape was also made. Then it was buried under the snow. When the sea ice melts in July, it will sink to the bottom of the ocean where it will remain forever. The dedication was as follows; "I dedicate this World Peace Grid to create peace among all people on Earth. May all people realize that they come from the same source and because of this, may the members of all nations and all nationalities and the members of all religions and all spiritual paths and the members of all groups value and respect each other and work together to create peace among all people on Earth. May the founders of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth. May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth. May all those who view this World Peace Grid be deeply healed and may they be empowered to create peace among all people on earth. I now place this World Peace Grid at the North Pole to remain forever creating and maintaining peace among all people on earth.

Religious and Spiritual Symbols on the World Peace Crystal Grid

The World Peace Crystal Grid is made of solid copper in the shape of the heart chakra, 12 inches in diameter and plated with 24 carat gold. A 12 sided quartz pyramid is at the center under which are inscribed the Usui power symbol and the Karuna peace symbol. Double terminated quartz crystals are on each petal. Inscribed around the center are symbols for all the world's religions and the words: "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth."

The World Peace Crystal Grid is in a tremendously powerful location. All the magnetic energy of the earth flows through this area and continues to circulate all around the earth. This is perhaps the strongest power spot in the world! When you send healing energy to the Grid through the picture, your healing energies are sent out to circulate around the planet in a greatly amplified way. Because the purpose of the Grid is to create peace among all people on earth, and you are one of those people, it will also send healing directly back to you.

After receiving a copy of the glossy photo, try sending Reiki to it using the Usui distant symbol or try pointing a crystal at the central crystal in the picture and send healing in this way. Also, meditating on the picture or having it in your healing room will have a valuable healing effect on you or those in the room. Place it under your Reiki table or carry it with you and charge it whenever you have some free time. Also try giving the World Peace Grid a Reiki attunement. As more people send healing to the World Peace Crystal Grid, more healing will be going out to maintain peace in the world. As you meditate with the Grid, you may be guided in new ways to use the Grid - try them.

If you would like a free color photo of the Grid, taken at the magnetic North Pole, just let us know. The first copy is free. Additional copies are $1.00 each, 8" x 10" is $10.00, and 20" x 30" is $50.00. Also being considered is a Karuna Reiki® Master workshop at Resolute with a flight to the magnetic North Pole for one of the attunements. If this happens, it would probably be in May of 1998. Class size would be limited, and plans are not yet complete, but if you are interested, please notify the Center so your name can be placed on a list.

When the World Peace Crystal Grid was made for the North Pole, one was also planned for the South Pole and two 12 sided crystals were cut from the same tabular crystal for use at the center of each grid. Because the central crystals are cut from the same piece of quartz, the grids for both Poles will be naturally attuned to each other. Plans for the South Pole are forming, but it is likely not to take place for another year or so.

If we are to create peace on Earth, it will be important for us to take the time to really understand and appreciate all groups of people. This includes other nationalities, other religious and spiritual groups and groups of every kind. If you are a Reiki practitioner, remember it is important that there be harmony between all Reiki people regardless of organization or lineage. The Grid can be used for this purpose as well. The better all Reiki practitioners and masters work together in harmony to heal each other and the planet, the more successful we will be. We are at such a critical time in the history of the earth that if the human population is to survive and also to prosper, we need to truly value and respect each other. Every person and every group of people on earth has something of value to contribute and until we realize this and really respect all groups of people, we will not be able to be at peace within ourselves or to create peace in the world. As harmony grows between some groups, it will be easier for others until the process is complete. Once there is peace among all people on earth, a tremendous time of prosperity and well being will ensue not only for people, but for all living things.

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