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The Persian Gulf "Crisis"

The Awakening of

Global Consciousness

In response to the current Persian Gulf "Crisis' (opportunity), we are offering a comprehensive analysis, a call to sanity, along with a wholistic program which we feel will be successfully resolve the current situation in the Gulf.

War is not the solution. It never has been. It is the manifestation of severe dysfuntionality and is spiritually abhorrent to the soul. War represents a massive failure of your institutions along with a dysfunctional value system. War is the violent catharsis of repressed fear, rage and hatred...the ultimate pornography...the expression of the unregenerated ego personality that has lost touch with nature, higher sensibilities and with life itself...War is the personification of evil (ignorance). Let's not kid ourselves---our continued desensitization to violence is coming back to haunt us.

Last year it was estimated that over 30,000 fictitious murders were committed on television programs in the United States. We as a nation continue to expose ourselves daily through our mass media to unmitigated violence and negativity. We can no longer separate illusion from reality. This generates a tremendous amount of uncertainty and fear which leads to the further degeneration of values and dis- ease within our people. In light of our current fascination with violence and our unrelenting commitment to spending our national treasure on weapons of mass destruction, it is not surprising that we find ourselves at war again.

This nation, by choosing to spend an inordinate amount of energy for the preparation of war, is not a superpower at all, but rather a stupid power, destined for socioeconomic and ecological collapse.

The Persian Gulf War demonstrates a complete disregard for the spiritual principles on which the United States was founded...the principles of Peace, Brotherhood and the Sanctity of all life...These Hermetic principles, the foundation for the Judeo-Christian tradition, are clearly encoded on the back of the U.S. $1 bill. It is essential that we, as a great nation remember these sacred and simple teachings bequeathed to us by an infinitely creative and benevolent mind.

Let us no longer "pray on Saturday and Sunday, and continue to make weapons of mass destruction on Monday." Let us consciously use our sophisticated technology for the advancement of human civilization and our global communication networks to Inspire, Delight, Heal, and Enlighten."

We, as a people and nation, currently express our righteous indignation at Iraq's chemical weapons and potential nuclear weapons capabilities, yet at this moment:

A. We create 3 hydrogen bombs per day;

B. We have systematically poisoned the ecosystem (our water, earth, and air) with toxic chemical pollutants, seemingly unaware "that the real strength of our nation is directly proportional to the health of our people.. The health of the people is directly proportional to the health of our soil...the source of our national wealth; C. We have refused to signe The Nuclar Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which, in reality, will lead to the demilitarization of our planet Earth. By signing this important treaty we will take a historic step Psychologically, this will generate an unprecedented amount of goodwill as well as establishing a Global Peace Economy - A New World Order, with the express purpose of creatively resolving in a humanitarian fashion our current socioeconomic and ecological problems.


Through a lack of self control and immaturity which is a reflection of our level of development and understanding, we are jeopardizing the successful outcome of billions of year of evolution. We are in the time of The Armageddon. This is it. The Spiritual concept of Armageddon refers to the transformation of the collective unconscious of humanity (the Race Mind) into unitive awareness with the simultaneous realization that Death, a function of Time, does not exist. Now is the only time that has ever been or will be. "Now is the time and the time is Now."

This realization is poignantly expressed in Handel's Messiah wherein it is rhetorically stated "Oh Death, Oh Death, where is thy sting?" In addition, this alchemical musical masterpiece heralds and creates the stage for the collective awakening of humanity to our own divinity, in promising that "that which is corruptible shall become incorruptible." This means that we are, and will be liberated from, ignorance- the belief in time/death and separation from the primal supremely subtle process, we realize a new relationship with our infinite creative Self. This spiritual Self, is infinitely good and intelligent, providing us moment by moment with guidance, inspiration, creativity, and most importantly, clarity and discrimination--the keys to freedom.

We, humankind, have now come to a turning point in our revolution. We are witnessing, participating in, and experiencing the disintegration and reintegration of the social, political, economic, and philosophical matrix of this planet. In our rebirth, we are being guided by a new consciousness, a consciousness based on the consciousness of Oneness. We are returning to ourselves and in returning, we shall discover our essential nature and find it rooted experientially in Beauty and Harmony. From this realization we will reclaim our Freedom. We will know once again the infinite richness, love, and compassion which govern this universe of light. We will look upon creation with new eyes of compassionate understanding, cleansed forever of lust, hatred, fear and selfishness. We will acknowledge ourselves, our universal brother/sisterhood and thereby fulfill the prophecies of all the ages.

The Persian Gulf Crisis is a "spiritual crisis," an opportunity of the first magnitude. We have an opportunity to graduate into higher consciousness. On a very practical level, this means becoming fully responsible for our own energy, our own consciousness. Through the process of detachment and awareness we can take a stand and demonstrate that Peace through Understanding is a real and viable option for all of us now. However, each of us must individually choose to be peaceful if peace is to occur.

It is my understanding that we are all spiritual beings, created in the image and likeness of All That Is, here to realize our divinity and act accordingly moment by moment in awareness, love, brother/sisterhood, compassion and freedom.

As we as a nation, individually and collectively, look deeply within ourselves, accept and acknowledge our humanity, and choose peace as the path for life, then peace will surely manifest. War will cease because the cause of war (ignorance and fear) will dissolve in the light of pure reason...

This is the vision for humanity, the promise which is before us now--A New World Order, an unprecedented Global Renaissance, The New Age (The New Heaven and The New Earth)... "Health and Freedom for All". We have a golden opportunity of realizing this by accepting and acknowledging the intelligence and the goodness which is inherent within all life...All the great world religions teach brotherhood, tolerance, cooperation and a profound respect for the sanctity of all life. All the world religions are based on one common idea: unity. All agree that there is but one God, the ultimate mystery, yet undeniable reality, and that this one universal God, the Supreme Being, that which was, is , and shall be, the mighty I AM presence dwells as Love, Wisdom, and Power in the heart of all creation. Indeed, we are all God Incarnate...


Back to the Here and Now

Politically, Saddam Hussein has served us well evidenced by his being nominated by a solar energy group in Florida as "Solar Energy Man of the Year."

In no uncertain terms the message is clear. It is time to move away from fossil fuels and move as rapidly as possible to a hydrogen based economy. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, burns cleanly. it is the ultimate ecological fuel. By turning to the sun and consciously using our technology to harness Nature's abundant and beneficent energy, we will take the high road of Health Peace and Freedom for All.

Unbeknownst to most of our fellow Americans is the fact that there is virtually an unlimited amount of accessible free hydrogen lying beneath the earth's surface here in North America. All the power that ever was or will be is here now. It is time for a New Manhattan Project with a refocusing from fission to fusion. Psychologically, this represents the movement from separation (fission) into unity (fusion). In light of our awareness, and as an integral part of The Light Party's six-point program, we are proposing the creation of a supranational GAIA/Solaris Consortium to fully develop our energy resources with the expressed purpose to liberate The Global Family (all of us) from our fossil fuel addiction and dependency...Additionally, we have generated an in-depth wholistic nine-point program which will successfully resolve the current Persian Gulf Crisis.


The Light Party Proposes

Solutions for Peace in the Middle East...

I. We empower the American People and the President of the United States of America to sponsor A United Nation's Resolution declaring Jerusalem "An International City of Peace"...

II. We encourage the Global Community of Nations to demilitarize The Middle East through the reduction of arms sales to this region...

III. We urge The Middle Eastern Community to turn to the sun and transform the current fossil fuel/military industrial economy into a Sustainable Solar Hydrogen Economy...


Let's Unify In Our Hearts, Visualize Peace And Fulfill The Prophecy Of The Ages Now...


To summarize, it is wake-up time, a global cooperation, reconciliation and healing...Let us dissolve and release blame, shame, anger and awaken to our divinity, our oneness, and use of our creative energies to further the cause of Good...The path and the goal is the same: Health and Freedom for All.

Immediate Suggestions

The most powerful action we can take now is to turn off "the news", turn on the music, acknowledge ourselves, pray for sanity, simplify our lives, accentuate the positive and choose to Go to Health and Freedom.

Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated

In Health, Peace, and Freedom.

DaVid, M.D.

Medical Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

Founder, The Light Party

20 Sunnyside Avenue A-156

Mill Valley, CA 94941


Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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