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You are invited to be among the One Million Voices for Peace on Saturday, August 21, 1999 as a powerful prayer for world peace is webcast live on the Internet from the World Peace Festival in Amenia, New York.

In a spectacular World Peace Prayer Ceremony from 2-4 pm, New York time, the flag of every nation will be raised as everyone joins in the multinational call "May Peace Prevail on Earth." This event will be a profound experience of unity at an unprecedented level of global participation.

Each one of the 10,000 people attending the Festival, plus hundreds of thousands participating on line or in spirit, will add an important voice in building a worldwide vision of peace and harmony for all humankind. Let us know we can count on you!

Date: August 21, 1999

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm, New York time

Place: The World Peace Festival, in Amenia, NY or or

wherever you are!

Musical Note: To set the stage for the World Peace Prayer Ceremony, we will be treated to a glorious solo performance by composer/musician Paul Winter. The Ceremony will close with an impassioned drum circle led by master drummer Babatunde Olatunji.
You are welcome to join in this global heartbeat for peace.

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May Peace Prevail on Earth!

In love and light,


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