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A Draft Resolution for a Nuclear Weapons Free World*

Whereas, nuclear weapons, so long as they exist, pose a threat of massive destruction to life and property and even to civilization itself;

Whereas, cities have been the targets of nuclear weapons throughout the Nuclear Age and remain vulnerable to the catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons;

Whereas, the development and maintenance of nuclear weapons systems is extraordinarily costly, with current expenditures of some $30 billion annually in the United States alone;

Whereas, the money spent on nuclear weapons systems could be better utilized for improving the health, safety, and education of our citizens, rebuilding the infrastructure of our cities, and protecting and enhancing the quality of our environment;

Whereas, the nuclear-weapons-states promised at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review and Extension Conference held at the United Nations in April/May 1995 to pursue "systematic and progressive efforts to reduce nuclear weapons globally, with the ultimate goal of eliminating these weapons"; and

Whereas, a world free of nuclear weapons would be a gift to children everywhere and to the future,

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that we urge the President of the United States to immediately call for negotiations among all nuclear-weapons-states for the step-by-step elimination of all nuclear weapons; and

Be It Further Resolved that said negotiations be completed by the year 2000 so that we can enter the 21st century with an international treaty in place for the permanent elimination of all nuclear weapons.

*Prepared by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for the World Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. For more information, contact the Foundation at 1187 Coast Village Road, Suite 123, Santa Barbara, CA 93108-2794
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