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            The Simons Foundation, in collaboration with the production expertise of the International Media Corporation, is pleased to announce the production of 4, one-hour television programs.  The producers have brought some of the most compelling issues of our times to the screen.  You will see and hear from some of the foremost experts from around the world speak on the development and dissemination of increasingly more lethal armaments in our modern world.    

            The Simons Foundation located in Vancouver BC, Canada, is dedicated to promoting beneficial change in the world primarily through education in peace and global cooperation, sustainable development, human rights, social justice and environmental issues.  The primary focus of the Foundation funding over the last nine years has been on peace and peace-building programs and projects. The television programs deal with the threat to human security and well-being posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, the proliferation of small arms and the still unfinished business of the abolition of land mines.  And moreover, we learn more of the peace movement and the steps that are being taken to abate the proliferation of weaponry in our societies. The specifics are:

Countdown to Hope    Length: 56 minutes

Looks at the threat posed by nuclear weapons in the post Cold War era.  The program goes behind the scenes to see the belligerent arm-flexing of nuclear states and their disregard of the safety of the human race.  We hear from General Lee Butler a retired general of the Strategic Air Command; Sir Michael Alexander an advisor to Margaret Thatcher; Gov Igor Sutyagin from the Russian military; Brahma Challeny, a senior consultant in India on their position on nuclear weapons, and Michael Douglas, actor and Messenger for Peace for the United Nations. A world issue with world-class participants.

Cost: $69 (US) + $10 (US) shipping

Random Terror            Length: 57 minutes

Explores the senseless waste of human life die to the hazards caused by landmines.  The program takes us right to where the action is on the ground where de-miners risk their own lives in order to clear countless miles of sporadically mined countryside.  Comments and interviews with Mr. Lloyd Axworthy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations; Jodi Williams, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; and Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan.   This is a comprehensive look at landmines from the de-mining process, to the legalities and to what action needs to be taken in the future.

Cost: $69 (US) + $10 (US) shipping



Ruled by a Bullet         Length: 53 minutes

Ruled by a Bullet looks at what it is like to live life at the end of a barrel of a gun.  The program investigates the ease with which governments and political factions buy small arms ranging from assault rifles to shoulder-mounted missile launchers.  It then brings us face-to-face with the destructive path left by these deadly weapons and how individuals are trying

to cope and live their lives with guns in their midst.  The program also explores the work now being done by the Canadian Government to build awareness of these powerful weapons of war and to try and limit their availability.

Cost: $69 (US) + $10 (US) shipping


The Peacemakers        Length: 59 minutes

The Peacemakers documentary examines the positive and powerful new voices of

those who are devoted to making the world a safer place.  The program talks

to individuals ranging from ordinary citizens to celebrities to former

military personnel who are striving to stop the senseless destruction of war.

 In a scene involving the Peace Boat from Japan, an interview is conducted

with one of the survivors of the bomb that struck Hiroshima and also an

interview with one of the scientists who developed the bomb at Los Alamos. This program takes us to the grassroots of the peace movement where upbeat compelling speakers use words of hope in the face of aggression translating world conflict into global change.

Cost: $69 (US) + $10 (US) shipping

The programs have been made as stand-alones as individual documentaries or they may be combined together as a series for a thorough analysis of these major subjects. If you would like to purchase the entire set of documentaries, we are pleased to offer a 25% discount. Set of four = $207 (US) + $17 (US) shipping.

With recent terrorist attacks and the realities of war, this series is timely and highly relevant.  It is a must-see for any Foundation, student group, NGO or citizen concerned with living in a world in which all humans have the right to the peaceable pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


We hope that this series will be a welcomed addition to the understanding of these issues and it is guaranteed to provide anyone who views the documentaries with a distinct and unique Canadian perspective.

For information on this series or any individual program, please contact:

Gail Shepherd

International Media Corporation    

#406, 6540 East Hastings Street    

Vancouver BC V5B 4Z5

Tel: (604) 831-0658

Fax: (604) 460-1172


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