What should President Obama be doing in Afghanistan?

President Obama consistently states that the United States will not tolerate other governments or nonstate entities that violate human rights or invade, attack and occupy other countries, and yet he justifies similar U.S. behavior by saying we must take these actions to protect ourselves. Obama could level with the public and explain that expenditures on the so-called “war on terror” have primarily secured corporate interests in the defense industry, rather than bamboozle the public into thinking that the United States is in Afghanistan to eradicate and dismantle the al-Qaeda network. He should admit that the United States wants to protect the oil pipeline to Asia and thereby have greater influence over the flow of energy resources available to China.

He should acknowledge that the most recent presidential election in Afghanistan was fraudulent and that the United States has been supporting a government in which nearly every ministry is controlled by a warlord with a proven record of human rights abuses.

And, finally, he should consult with the United Nations to learn how the United States could pay reparations for suffering caused in Afghanistan and develop a plan for swift withdrawal of U.S. troops and security contractors. Immediate plans should be undertaken to close the U.S. bases in Afghanistan, and President Obama should inform President Karzai that he will not sign an agreement to establish permanent bases there.


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