Spiritlife Newsletter:Jan.2000 Part 1
Isaac George
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Welcome to the next level! Sounds like a video game message, doesnít it? Well, we are in another level, another frequency of the game. As we got closer to the end of the year and Y2K, I found myself feeling less and less concerned about preparing for the transition, and more and more interested in my internal preparedness. So much was happening inside that I just could not focus on stocking up on water, or finally getting around to buying that camp stove I kept thinking I needed to get all year. My guidance just kept telling me not to focus on anything related to the media hype and chaos.

Turns out that what Ariel and St. Germain said last January was born out of Y2K was NOT the main event at all, at least not from the "worst scenario" perspective. Instead, we all saw or heard about the tremendous and amazing consciousness-raising that was going on throughout the arrival of 2000 in each time zone. How millions of us all came together as one in affirming the unity of life and the possibilities of creating anew for this time on the planet. Thatís the next level. As a group consciousness, we all cooperated in finding solutions to the Y2K bug, created contingencies for supporting the infrastructure, and generally prepared ourselves and our families the best we could for the potential unknowns. The result was glorious! Instead of fixing or averting disasters, we saw our world family draw a little closer together in harmony and love. This bodes well, for it means we will all be a setting a new example for facing future challenges of any type, as this Earth and all life upon her translate to a new consciousness; a consciousness called Love. Open your heart, anything can happen. I am looking forward to whatever the next level brings. Namaste!

Transmissions from Archangel Ariel & The Ascended Masters

"The Zero Point" December 31st, 1999

"Happy New Year, Ariel here! How be you? Welcome one and all to this gathering, on what you consider to be the ending of a century, ending of a millennium. It is that, and it is also something else. We, in our perspective, from our vantage point, from our "view" as you would say, have seen what has transpired according to your timeline, according to that which you consider your history and herstory. This is a phenomenal period of experience that is coming to closure, and it is also the beginning of manifestation of that which you can now create in every moment to come into your experience. What does this mean exactly? How should we say it to you? It is an opportunity now for you to really come into your own empowerment. This is not in the sense of an intellectual exercise, it is actually a co-creative pronouncement, a decree of reality.

What has been bandied in your media, in also what you call your timelines, by your astronomers, your calendars, by your astrologers, and everything having to do with the mathematics of time is saying, "The Millennium is here, it is now." That is like Yeshua saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is here, it is with you now." It has never been anything else. The millenniums of the past and the future stretch forward and backward in equal proportion to where you sit in this moment, right here. So it is , in a way, an illusion. It is also, in a way, a place of "locking" where you are. Understand, that it is a matter of splitting hairs to say "this is the Millennium, or "no, next year, the year 2001, that is the actual beginning of the Seventh Golden Age." Or, "No here it is!" or "No, here it begins!"

Where does it begin for you? When does heaven happen for you is a better question. When do you start to manifest the concepts, the beliefs, the opportunities, the strengths, the empowerment, the decree, the application of who you are as spiritual being in operation of fifth dimensional reality? Where do you begin that? Not so much when does the rest of humanity begin it? Or planet Earth; planet Earth is on her rise in dimensional framework. It is going through the necessary stages of evolution. There are many various events that are going to occur on this journey, the is explosion of consciousness. It is not just one thing or another. It is not going into a panic when you look at your predictions, your prophecies. Prophecies are the potential energies that can occur. Mandates, however, are something else all together. Divine Fiat is something else even yet. When you have been given a prophecy, you have been given a set of circumstances that can potentially effect your reality, experience and journey, as well as that of all other beings within your sphere of activity. And there is choice given to experience that or to change the consequence or the outcome of the choice by merely changing your minds, your hearts and your spirits. Then indeed, prophecy has a mutational or mutable factor to it.

However, when one speaks of a mandate, it is a situation or circumstance as part of the unfoldment of the Divine Plan that is not so mutable - it is a necessary component to the unfolding and evolution that you call Divine Creation. A Divine Fiat is that which is something that is from the Creator that is inserted into the matrix of reality in the Divine unfoldment of the Plan that will effect a change to adjust and alter what has previously become a mandate. Now, what does that mean in terms of you personally? What it means is that the same opportunities are now available to alter your personal realities within the context, within the framework, of the Divine matrix.

So, what is tonight? Tonight is zero-point transmission. Where you sit right now in terms of energies, within the last 12 days and going back even to the 12:12, you are in a mandated window of space between what has been and what now is unfolding. Think of it in this way, you are standing on the platform of a subway station. You have just left one train and you are waiting for the connection. Right now, on the subway platform is this time frame that you are currently in. While you are standing there you are noticing the other people standing there with you. There are people leaving, going up the stairs and new people arriving, coming down the stairs. Some are joining your group and some are leaving. Is this not the situation on your planet right now?

It is also a place in which you take stock of where you have been. Perhaps you are thumbing through a well worn paperback. Perhaps you are reading through a newspaper, catching up on current events. Perhaps you are thinking about someone who is a friend or lover or an acquaintance to you a long time ago. So, you have this waiting, this anticipatory time between the train you just got off and the train for which you are waiting. Now, any number of trains can come at any time, and you have a choice based on the schedule that is given. These are mandates, these are part of the Divine Plan, this is what you call in your time-space continuum, synchronicities. A merging, a melding of parallel realities. For there is in this mandate, not prophecy, in this mandated time frame, the equidistant point between the last twelve and a half years from the Harmonic Convergence and the next twelve and a half years to the end of your Mayan calendar. Now, we are not asking that you totally put your energies into the linear form of demarcation of mandates as shown in, for example, the Egyptian prophecies or the Mayan calendar. However, they are interesting and somewhat arbitrary markings of where you are on your ride on the subway. Therefore, they are worthwhile noticing because they provide a place in which you can take stock in where you are and where it is that you wish to go next within the context of the mandate.

A prophecy would be someone who has inadvertently flipped the switch on a siding on the train tracks and may divert one of these particular trains off to a siding and cause an incident that is not necessarily desirable. What would change that, is someone deciding that this is not healthy, this is adverse to everyoneís highest good and to the mandate of the planet, so it is appropriate for us to make a different decision. Then the switching is reversed and the train continues on its normal journey. That is prophecy. When everyone has a consensus change of heart, a consensus change of mind, then the prophecy is a averted. If a prophecy is not averted it becomes unsuccessful, a failure. For the warning was not heeded to change course in order to avoid a certain result and outcome.

With a mandate it is not so. A mandate is an aspect of the Divine Plan unfolding regardless of the energy of the individual components involved with it. Either one is in synchronicity with it or not. Thatís not a judgment , itís just natural law, thatís all.

So, there is a looking backward and looking forward and looking at where you are right now. When you have heard the term in the past, the merging of parallel realities - please understand that what that means in this time frame of standing on the subway platform, is that you are all incorporating and integrating thousands of potential realities. Some that you have spun into reality, or a potential reality, or what you would call thought forms many millennia ago. You and every soul on this planet has done this. That is why you have all this static here. For you are in a closed system in a way, that has allowed the perpetuation of all these different thought-forms and parallel realities. All these different realities have the potential of becoming manifest at any point in time or they can remain unmanifest. But at some point in the mandate they need to have something done with them. They either need to be unmade or be made manifest and therefore brought into fruition and then returned back to Source. Back to where the energy originally was birthed. Something needs to be done with them.

Sometimes when you are in a healing situation or having your stuff come up you may think, "There is no end to this." Well, that is because you have constantly been creating for ten - twelve billion plus years. You have been creating and creating and creating, consciously and unconsciously, and so has everyone else. All of these different thought-forms co-exist along different time-lines in different dimensional spaces until energy is withdrawn from them, and then they merge back into the whole fabric of life. They donít belong to anyone in particular, they are part of All That Is. However, any merging of any parallel that has not been consciously dealt with will continue to run its program on some level; and mirrors and shadows of it will exist in different parts of your experience. Now this sounds like a complex enterprise. And indeed, the fabric of creation is extremely complex if you wish to look at it from the empiricistís point of view, from the left brain or scientific view point. But if you approach it from the whole brain perspective, which is what we are recommending, then all of these "children" of yours are calling to go home. That is what is standing on the subway platform.

This is a mandated time. This is a time of zero-point. This is a time between what has been and what will be. And at this zero-point you have all the potential past and future with you simultaneously. What is the difference between this now and any other moment in your life? Here is where you get to consciously choose to discreate all the realities that no longer serve your being. Now mass consciousness and all beings on this planet have the same opportunity. Right here, right now. There are a great many choosing tonight to bond in brotherhood and sisterhood throughout the world to be in that space of unconditional love. And to be loving this planet to Light and loving themselves to Light and loving their brothers and sister and loving all those who choose to understand and experience a fuller and deeper expression of their own Christ-consciousness and Divine unconditional love.

Here is the trick. In this process tonight, the mandate is given to all souls from our perspective, from the eleventh dimensional, the Ain Soph, please welcome back into your experience and release back to Source all parallel realities, all parallel mergers, every thought both conscious or unconscious that you have ever given birth to that no longer serves your highest good or the highest good of all concerned.

So in your intention, standing here right now waiting for the next train, in your silence within, say to yourself:

"I hereby release and gift back to the God of my soul, all creations that no longer serve my evolution or the evolution of any other life form expression >from the past or from the future."

This includes old loves, old friends, people you have not seen for many, many millennia , people even recently that you have come into contact with and maybe had to let go of and those beings who you could potentially draw into your experience in the future but maybe would not serve your highest path. Love them and release them to their freedom and their path. We would recommend at this time that you silently, in compassion for yourself and for the God that you are, see each one of these children that you have created as needing a place of home and the best mother-father that they could have is the All That Is, and they will know in their wisdom what to do with these energies. You do not have to do anything. You do not have to process them. You do not have to figure out what they mean to you. You just make the intention right here, right now, to release all of these children back home. Standing here in the zero-point, it is easier to do so, because there is no attachment, there is nothing except the desire to create it from it new space, a new start, a new beginning. So take this moment and open your hands and let it all go back home, even your hopes for the future let them go back home. Feel only the unity for yourself and all life.

Slowly bring yourself back to the subway platform, now consider what is on your list. What is to be the next thing? Even though we call it zero-point it does not mean that it is a place of nothingness - it is a place of pure potentiality, a place of pure creation. So this very moment of now, inside the mandate of your own soul, what parallels do you wish to manifest? And rather than just creating parallels, consider how you are going to bring them into reality here. This does not mean that you have to be responsible for anything. It means that you have only the desire to create, to make all things new in your experience, rather than running the old programs anymore. Arenít you tired of them? Arenít you tired of all the processing? Arenít you tired of whatever the next layer of energy is that you have to move out of your field? We are going to give you something new to focus your energy with: let us introduce the idea that in some place in your evolution you must come to the decision from your soulís perspective, that even that which you call the process will become the illusion that will keep you from going to the next step in consciousness.

This may sound almost heretical to some, but it is indeed something to consider because it is indeed part of the path to self-mastery, to Christhood. To understand that at some point the place of pure beingness can only be attained when you have indeed relinquished your grip on all the things that you consider to be hindrances to that beingness. They serve you up to a point, then they themselves become the deceiver. The thing that will distract you, keep you busy.

So here you are, standing between what has been and what shall be. The next part of the equation is what shall be. What do you choose to write down on your list? What do you choose to manifest? The whole game of Ascension, and it is a game, is based on choosing to become the vehicle to manifest the next part of the mandate according to what is part of your blueprint, part of your Divine Mandate.

So when you choose, choose from a place of joy. What does that look like? What ever makes you feel good. And every time you go into judgment about what makes you feel good you are buying into the old process, you are buying into the old game, you living back on the old train. When you choose to become authentic it means dropping all the veils including the self-deception, the idea that there is something in you that is violated or broken. Something inside of you that some how has not gotten it right. Something that you point to within your psyche or emotional field that says, "Somehow I know Iím worthy but I just canít believe it."

Standing here on the platform in this place of zero-point, which means a place of no judgment, pure potentiality, pure love, you have a choice to make. You have a desire to fulfill. You have a Divine Mandate to live out. What do you choose to put on your list? What do you choose to play with? What fits? What feels right to you? How do you show up and become that? These are things that you have to just allow yourself to flow into. There is no one and no book that can show you how to do it. Part of it is getting past the need for staying where you have been. Perhaps because it is familiar territory - not a good reason. A good excuse perhaps, but not a good reason. Where do you wish to be taken to - what train do you want to board? You have the right to get on any train that comes into the station. You have the ticket in your pocket. You may wonder how it got there, but you do have it. Itís time to use it when the train comes in - the train of your choice. So how are you going to show up? How are you going to manifest it? Part of it is just getting back to ground zero of who you are. At core, you have created many thousands of parallel realities that are now merging. Part of what your experience has been is that merging. Part of your opportunity of standing on the platform right now is to release the need to process all of them. Send them back home just like you did a moment ago. Anytime they start clambering for your attention, as little children do, please gift them back, consciously, to the throne of your being. You may say, "Oh thatís so simple. Almost too simple." Why make it difficult? Why not just laugh at it?

We give to you an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. That is all. That is all we can do. We guide, we cajole, (as Saint Germain says) we spark enthusiasm for, manage in a very altruistic way the outcome of manís choices, of womanís choice to show them and reflect back to them where they are in alignment with who they are and where they have fallen short of alignment. That is our function. Our function is to provide a vehicle through which your consciousness can reflect back through itself and see where it is going and where it wishes to be and where it has come from. So right here and right now you are in that place - this window continues right up through January 6th 2000- and then it begins to move into another expression which is called doing.

This year coming up is referred to numerologically as a two year. A two year is not a new beginning, it is time to take action, to manifest, time to create. A greater portion of that which has been restriction on your world has been removed. What you would consider restrictive energies - the last dying gasps of them from that old train are happening right now. That is why so many of your old programs have been coming up and are in your face - not so fun. Happy holidays!

OK, so this is the fun part of the program, please understand that this is a disengaging from that which has been the old train ride. You know, the gum that has stuck to your shoe, the puddle of dried Coca-Cola that you sat in. So you are standing there waiting for the new train and the new train is to take action. Now taking action sometimes sounds inappropriate for spiritually oriented beings. We wish to encourage you in all truth, in all veracity, that action is where things happen. Taking action is part of the Divine flow. There is the time for going in and being still and then there is the doing. And then there is the being and then the doing. This coming year is the time to do, to manifest, to create. And so to do that effectively, you have to have the grocery list. So you sit and figure out, in reality what it is that is your strongest Divine Mandate.

Perhaps it is to change your career from real estate to that of a writer, or to serve in a different way to those who are in need, or to become a painter. It does not matter. What is your dream? Stop and really look at what you choose to manifest this year. Because this year is all about creating. It sets the foundational tone for the Seventh Golden Age. What you create in the coming twelve month cycle is going to determine the next twenty years of your experience. It is important to create children of your mind and heart and only those things that bring joy to that mind and heart will serve your Divine Mandate. We are not here to tell you what it is that you should do. It is not our job to do so as that would violate your freewill. You are in a freewill zone. You are in a freewill territory and you have that gift of freewill and choice. Because you are GOD. You are That!

So you have a grand opportunity to create. All of the governors are off. All of the brakes have been taken off the train. So, the next train that you board is going to go straight to where your heart is. So be sure you choose the train that really makes your heart sing. You donít want to sit in any more dried Coca-Cola; you donít want to step in anymore gum to slow you down.

So this is the exciting part, the mandates of the year 2000. This a year of creativity and unexpected things. The year of the grand alignment in May. We wish to speak to this alignment in a lucid and non-fear-based manner. This configuration does not have the gravitational pull necessary to cause havoc with your oceans and with your land masses. That is not what it is designed to do. It is part of the sychronicity of the Divine Mandate and as such it has a much subtler and even more powerful influence than changing the face of your topography. It changes the topography of the hearts of humanity. Thatís what it changes. And it will do so in various wondrous ways. What shall lead up to that point is massive solar activity. What shall lead up to that point is other solar storm activity. You will see various disruptions in what has been business as usual. But to go into a litany of what will occur becomes prophecy not mandate. The prophecy end of it we leave to you. We leave that to the choices you make. For indeed that is part of the crucible of the year 2000, the testing point of the year 2000. The verdicts are off. All of the restrictions have been withdrawn. All of your old parallel merger programs have been dissolved and returned to Source.

Now, what are you going to do? We are going to sit and watch. We are waiting to see what you are going to do with this earth and this creation. We are waiting to see what you are going to do as far as aligning and becoming your Divine Mandate and really being authentically who you are. We get to watch. We get to see how you do it. For it has never been done this way before. We get to cheer and assist you whenever you call upon us. But we do not interfere. Not this time. Not for the next twelve months. Intercession is entirely the creation of your own inner soul strength and knowing. This is the testing point. This is the zero-point for this planet, the next twelve months.

So, the May configuration is a planetary mandate that brings all of the qualities and characteristics of mankind and womankind and humanity into clarity and focus, grounded into Earth energy. It is all happening in the sign of Taurus, you canít get any closer to Earth than Mother. It means, make what you know in your soul real. No more airy fairy. No more sitting cross legged under the bodhi tree waiting for enlightenment. This stuff of Ascension can mean nothing unless you make it real on all layers and levels. This is the aspect of Christ in humanity. This is the aspect of God and man becoming One - God and woman becoming One - Goddess and man becoming One - Goddess and woman becoming One. It is the aspect of the reuniting of Heaven and Earth. And when that happens a great thunder shall roll across this entire world; lightning shall flash from the east to the west. And then you shall see the glory of the Son of man coming amidst the angels. Then you will see and know that the Seventh Golden Age has commenced; that the new millennium has arrived. So, what are you going to do? This is the time to decide. There will be no other more perfect time. Why? Because you all chose it to be this way. There will be another window for sorting things again at the end of next year. Some will decide to leave the platform and to go up the stairs and stay here, wherever here is in their consciousness; the place that theyíre used to. Others will decide to board the next train and theyíll go to a different place.