Just plain news, developments are happening fast and furious in the UFO disclosure field. Scientists have discovered a fairly large piece of "alien" technology with elements in it that are definitely not from this planet. It is definitely engineered and on the flat side it has a deviation of less than 0.000002 microns. A micron is a thousandth of an inch. So that amounts to 2 millionths of a thousandth or less than 2 billionths of an inch deviation from perfectly flat.

The object is 98 percent silicon (sand) with a layer of some metallic isotopes one molecule thick on it's outer surface. Theoretically it could only be manufactured in a perfect vacuum but with current earth technology it would still cost over 150 Billion dollars to produce just this single piece. It is very light yet when held in your hand and submerged in ice water it gets rapidly colder to the point where it actually burns your hand like dry ice. In other words it gets colder than the surrounding ice water which is a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In other words it does something which can not happen according to our current laws of physics. Laboratories at Lawrence Livermore, Cal Tech, and NASA have all examined it and can not identify it nor explain how it can have properties which it clearly has.

The man who owns it (for his own safety he remains anonymous) is also very wealthy and has collected over 50,000 pages of the original works of Nicholas Tesla. In case you do not remember whom he was, he was the brilliant scientist and philosopher at the turn of last century who conducted the infamous experiments in which allegedly an entire battle ship was made invisible to both radar and normal eye sight. All the sailors on board were permanently injured or went insane. Several died in the experiment. He was a genius with the study of electromagnetism and electrical fields. He claimed to have discovered a means of deriving unlimited energy from pure space. When he died the military and our government seized everything in his home and laboratory and either burned or destroyed all his writings because he was able to do things which could not be explained any other way. This "alien" artifact together with all the 50,000 documents are scheduled for release to the public at an upcoming unveiling this month. On the same day this happens out here on the west coast, Dr. Steven Greer of C.S.E.T..I. (Center for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) will be making an enormous presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. of the statements of a very large number of past and present government employees, military officers, scientists, and others who have been kept silent for nearly three quarters of a century by restrictions prohibiting them from telling the public what our government knows about extraterrestrial visitors and technology. They will all be violating their oaths (military and civilian) but the shear number and the public nature of their disclosures will protect all of them from any action by government agencies to silence them. For the first time the general public will be shown photographs of extra terrestrial beings both living and dead which our government has with held from the public. Other discoveries such as free energy and propulsion systems will be revealed.

This month may be the beginning of the end of secrecy by all governments and the release of information which can feed, transport, and serve the environmental needs of all life and nature on this planet.