Vision Of Awakening

In every age,
there are beings who come to share
the timeless and eternal truths of life.

The Grace of God
flows freely through those
who have surrendered their lives completely.

The saints, sages, and spiritual teachers
are the most natural, joyful,
and vibrant beings
that exist.

Their spirituality is not painted on;

they have realized
who they are.

Spiritual teachers
are here to inspire and guide us
as living examples
of our own potential...
helping us uncover
more and more of our true selves.

Real spiritual teachers
will guide us to reconnect with and trust
our inner guidance and our faith in God.

They desire only to release us
from all our illusions and bondage.

They give us the full freedom to explore
and become our true selves.

They inspire us all with the overflowing
of their blessings, their love, and their realization.

As our inner being is awakened,
our loving gratitude will be unending.

We always aspire to walk the path
that is perfect for us
at each stage of our evolution,
as we are being led closer and closer
to the heart of God.

There are many paths,
and each of us will find one
to walk, run, stumble, dance, or fly on.

Some paths will take us
all the way Home,
and some paths will take us
part of the way Home.

If we are sincere,

then we will always receive the lessons

that we are ready for:

we can follow our heart

and trust.

Ultimately the path disappears into itself.

The externals

that make our paths different

will fade into the background

as we see more and more

the essential unity in purpose

of all genuine spiritual paths

and respect the beauty

and uniqueness of each one.

Our path to freedom

should not be another trap

that keeps us in separation, judgement,

and isolation from others.

If we think that

ćour way is the only way,ä

then there is no doubt

that we have lost our way.

If we climb a mountain from one side
and someone else climbs from another side,
then when we reach the tops
of the foothills along the way,
what's the use of clinging to our differences
and keeping ourselves separate?

We can both sit down

and celebrate the beauty of the view


and then continue on our way.

Every soul is on a path to God.

The whole universe

is an ashram.

As our path becomes clear,
we will naturally share our blessings
with others who also inspired.

If we can keep a good perspective
and remember our ups and downs
and the challenges we endured,
we can be a valuable fellow traveler.

The friend we are inspiring
to take the next step
could easily be in the opposite role
at any time.

With gentle guidance, simple reminders,
and loving hints,
we can all support each other
in our journey of Awakening.

Walking the spiritual path
is the greatest responsibility.

We will discover everything
that is hidden in ourselves
and manifested externally in our lives.

We can keep every relationship sacred
and heal those in which
we have behaved less than lovingly.

We can take full responsibility
for all the reactions we have brought about
by our actions.

It may mean experiencing some of the pain
that we have tried to avoid
for our entire lives,
or releasing the pain
that we have been living in...

it may mean experiencing the happiness we have longed for,
but have been hiding from...

by walking along the "razorās edge,"

we can become clear and purposeful

in our journey.

We are happy and heartfully thankful
for every opportunity we have
to gather together in love...

to heal each other,
and our Mother Earth.

We give thanks
for the healing light and warmth
from our Father Sun.

The beauty we see in each other

fills our hearts

with joy and gratitude...

the miracle of love.

Many who are blessed
with higher vision and understanding
are coming together in sacred communities.

Deep healing and transformation
can happen easily in a safe haven.

Food, clothing, shelter,
healing, and love
are available in abundance
on this planet.

It is in sharing the gifts of the Earth
that we realize the natural prosperity of life;

it is only greed and fear
that keep us in the illusion of scarcity.

As soon as we open our hearts,

there will be absolute health and happiness

for all beings forever.

We are entering into a Golden Age
of Consciousness.

It is the fulfillment of an ancient promise...

a destiny that was etched in our hearts

a long, long time ago.

Everything we knew as children,
everything weāve always known
deep down inside ourselves...

A faint and forgotten memory,
like a fairy tale
about the way things are meant to be...

The simplicity and wholeness,
happiness and harmony
that is our birthright...

It has become the lore
of tales and legends,
the stuff that dreams are made of.

Now we are remembering
and reclaiming the joy and fulfillment
that we know in our hearts is real.

Many of us on Earth
have spent our entire lives
being different from those around us...
not fitting into the mold.

Many have had experiences of angels,
extraterrestrial visitations,
communications with other realms,
and a conscious memory in our hearts
of something beyond words.

Often the world that we were brought up in
did not acknowledge or appreciate
these experiences or this awareness,
and as we were going through
the lessons and experiences
of life on Earth,
we gradually let them fade
into a dim memory
in an ancient past.

Many of us
are now having these memories
rekindled and reawakened.

We have perceived our own innocence as a child,
and the feelings we experienced
as we found that our inner reality
was not accepted.

And now we can begin to feel that world again...

we can invite our unseen friends
to come and be with us again.

We can take those tender steps
back into the magical realm
where miracles of joy and love
happen every day.

We can envision ourselves stepping into a world
of limitless possibilities
and feel the uninhibited delight
of being back in an enchanted land...
as a child with fresh eyes
full of wonder, love and joy,
and the freedom
to move and dance
in any and every way
in this place that is our Home.

We are coming to realize
that Reality is an enchanted kingdom...
and we can enter through the gates
with the key of faith.

As we awaken to the truth,

we will know in our hearts

exactly what to do,

and begin to connect

with more and more brothers and sisters

who are also beginning to see and share

the Vision of Awakening.

We are complete in ourselves
when we become a conscious loving part
of the greater whole.

We each have our own unique colors and intensities,
and when we come together to serve the Center
we have it all.

Together we make a rainbow.

As we awaken
and open to our destiny
of full awareness of who we really are,
we are not going to lose our sense of individuality
or our uniqueness.
We will only lose our egotism÷not our ego.

We will never dissolve
like a drop in the ocean...
we will never merge
into non-being.

We will always have our individuality;
we will always have our free will.

Indeed, the awakening of the unique
and wonder-filled expression
of our full consciousness
is a natural flowering of our individuality...

like a bud into a rose,
or a caterpillar into a butterfly.

We are spreading our wings
and naturally rising
into the fullness of our eternal being
in perfect harmonic resonance and cooperation
with the loving creative Source
of all life.

It is only an illusion
that we must struggle
against an incomprehensibly enormous,
complex, and terrifying world
in order to live our lives.

It is only an illusion
that we must live in fear
and seal ourselves off from each other.

It is only an illusion
that we must hide our love
from each other.

We can come together

and surrender

to that which is Real.

It is what our hearts

have been yearning for forever.

We can shed our false egos and be free...

free in innocence and splendor eternally.

What a privilege it is to love!

The wonder of true Love
is that it is eternal.

It always was, always is,
and always will be.

It is only in the plane of illusion
that we fall in and out
of 'love.'

Love waits patiently for us,
greeting us with open arms
when we arrive,
and smiling compassionately when we leave.

Love knows we will return sooner or later,

because once we have had a taste of it,

nothing else will truly satisfy us.

It is only an illusion
that we can live happily
without Love.

Divine Love never "goes away."

It is always resting softly
in the center of our hearts.

The energy of Love
is soft and receptive,
strong and protective,
all-embracing and all-pervading.

It is the nucleus of our hearts;
it is our very selves.

A little awareness of our connection with the higher Reality,
and with laughter and tears
we will perceive all of our life's experiences
for what they truly are:
a search for Love.

Therefore we owe it to ourselves

to release from our hearts

all that is preventing us from truly loving.

We can take responsibility.

No one is holding us back.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

Now is the moment
that Love begins to happen.

Now is the moment
that healing begins to happen.

The only real change we can make
is within ourselves.

All external change will follow from this.

Everything we want to change externally
is merely an extension of what we intuitively know
needs to be changed within our own consciousness.

By taking responsibility

for the state of our own consciousness

and healing within,

we automatically find ourselves in a natural position

to share real healing on many levels

with many people.

Dare to imagine a world
where everywhere you go,
and in everyone you meet,
you find radiant health, joy, and harmony.

Dare to imagine a world
with an abundance of whole natural foods
being shared freely and prayerfully
between all.

Dare to imagine children
born into a world of love...
free to explore, create,
and share the light and teachings they've received
from the place they've come.

Dare to imagine our elders
living in happiness
and showered with respect and appreciation,
their deep wisdom and experience
blessing this Earth.

Dare to imagine families
interconnected with each other,
and the universal family of all beings
living peacefully and harmoniously.

Dare to imagine
the continuous unfolding
of love in your heart,
and creative healing energy
flowering within your consciousness
and your life.

Thoughts are creative.

What we focus our attention on

What we put out we get back.

What we say
we affirm as truth for us.

What we are thankful for
we receive more of.

The more we are grateful
for everything in our lives÷
our challenges and growing pains
as well as our joys and successes÷
the more we will find increasing wholeness
in being.

Everything we think, say, or do
has a ripple effect
throughout our life
and throughout all life.

We are creating our destiny in this way.

Whatever we dwell upon
will manifest in time.

Our choices are crucial.

That is how we exercise our free will.

What we choose at each moment
is shaping our present and future,
and is affecting the present and future
of innumerable living beings as well.

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